How To Join The Club

If you are wanting to be a member of the Tabby Cat Club here is what you need to do.

1. You must be a tabby cat
2. You must have a blog
3. Your human must be 16 years of age
4. You will need to email me. The link is on the sidebar of the club blog
5. You will need to send in your email a full body photo of you
6. You will need to let me know what your name us so I can make you a TCC badge
7. Say if you are a boy or girl
8. You will need to send me your blog link
9. You will need to let me know your birthday date and gotcha day date
10. I will need the name of your human. This will be kept private. It helps the mom here know who is who.

After you have send me your information be on the lookout as you will be invited to be an author on the Tabby Cat Club blog and also your badge will be sent to you. If you don't hear from me in a couple of weeks please get back in touch with me as sometimes the mom here messes things up.

Looking forward to new tabby members and getting to know you.

Gracie    ^   ^
           = 0 o 0 =


pilch92 said...

My 2 tabbies want to join the club, but when I click on the square to join, it won't work because I don't have my email set up to do that. Can you please let me know the email address. Thank you.

ims 9291 said...
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