Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday At The Tabby Cat Club with Samantha & Clementine (in memory)

Sunday Funday with Timmy and Fitz

Sunday a good Lady-Cat has to get the house in order. I put Dad's Our cards up by the tree.

Fitz, you should re-arrange the cards by size and...
Einstein... Shush! I have studied Fur-Shui.

Then I cuddle with Dad and he tells me how I
am the Best Kitty of All

I spend Sunday as Funday. Grrrr... Gotcha Blue Man!

I give him some licks to make up for the bitey.
Of course Sunday is always...

Bath Day. And I like to start with my...

TIMMY! Alright Tabby furends I think that is that for our Sunday. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah or Holiday you celebrate. Purrs from all at our home and please stop by to say hello and have a bit of nip.

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Sunny Sunday

Lexi:  Sunny Sunday, hmmmmm  Well it's far frum sunny heer diz Sunday.  Korz weez nawt had much sun at awl diz week. And weez shur doo miz it. Korz da sun when it beez owt duzn't akshulee shhine intoo owr howz. But weez habz doze daylite lampz soz weez git sum ob dat artifishull sun. MOL When weez wendid too da mowtell diz summer weez had lawtz ob sunshine fru da big window. And weez git too goze owt in da strowller when it beez warm and chek owt da fresh ayr and sunshine.

Dezi:  Yep Lexi even when da sun shines it dusn't make it into ow pawtment. But mommy takes us out in da stwoller so we can enjoy da fwesh air and warm sunshine. And check out everyfin'. ☺ So today we be postin' sum Sunny Sunday Stwoller pics. Hope yous all enjoyin' yous Sunday.

Till da nex time.............Beez Blezt!!!

Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kisses

Lexi and Dezi

visit ow blog at

and owr Facebook payj at:

Faynkz fur hoztin' Sunny Sunday Gracie. ☺

SUNday Calendar Time

My SUNday will be spent looking through my CB 2015 Calendar!
This calendar is purrrfect for the whole family. I can see many of my friends anytime I want, dad and I have time together as he helps me turn the pages, and mom can keep track of my busy blogging; facebook, and cat scout activities.

The opening of my CB calendar box.

Dad and I sharing time together while I see my friends photos.

OMC! This is my page! I am soooooo excited.
Thanks to Paula Gregg for organizing everything to make the CB Calendar available.

SUNday with Raz

SUNdays are always special.   Nothing like a warm Sun Puddle to help you relax....

I love the feeling of the warm SUN on my furs.....

 I also love to sit in the SUN by our front's a great place to keep an eye out for Santa!

Thanks to  Gracie and Sammy for co-hosting this fun and SUN filled event!!!

SUNday with Marty and Ralphie

Even though we haven't seen much of it here these last few weeks, Ralphie and I LOVE to spend our SUNday's Soaking up those rays!
Can you believe this is almost a MONTH ago??? See the frost on the window? We haven't seen Mr. Sun since November! We sure do miss him!

I can tell you this is how we would like to be enjoying our SUNday! With some SUNshine and good window whiffies!
Until then, this is where you will find us, snuggled up, trying to stay warm, and dreaming of a SUNny SUNday!
Peace Out

SUNday with Charlie Rascal

Hi efurrybody !
It´s Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal here :)

I sure LOVE to soak up the SUN 
on SUNday´s 

But since it´s wintertime and we don´t have 
much sun over here I go under cover 
and snoooze this SUNday away :)

Thank´s to Gracie , Raz and Sammy for hosting this
SUNday event !

SUNday with Sam

Oh what a glorious day it is when Mr. Sun manages to put on his happy face and make an appearance.  I'm always happy when enjoying a sun puddle!   

One of my favorite spots in the winter time is to go out on our front porch which gets sun early in the morning and lie there to soak up the rays!   YES it's cold out there but the sun makes it SO nice for a few minutes!

And in the summer time - my back deck gets sun in the afternoon and I'm THERE......keeping an eye on Mom's flower boxes AND lying in the sun until I get too warm then I go under the umbrella table for a few winks in the shade.

I do love the sun and it just feels great on my old bones...............almost like getting a Sun Sauna!  I hope everyone enjoys some sun for the holidays - I much prefer THAT to snow!!

Let a little SUN into your life....................SMILE!

Thanks Gracie and Raz for inviting me to help you host this TCC event for all our friends.......and again everyone - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Hugs, Sammy

SUNday with Piewhackits and Duchess

Thank you, Gracie, Sammy and Raz for hosting today’s SUNday fun.  Today being Winter Solstice day, we thought we’d spend it with our famfurly.  We found this really cool place where the SUN fits in this space between these big rocks on this day.  It’s almost like someone planned it that way.
IMG 0041
We’re glad Sneaky Pie made it back from the Cat Scout trip to the North Pole to be with us.  He had a lot of fun and is still telling us all about it.
Everyone, enjoy SUNday - and have a happy!
Piewhackits and Duchess for the Kwee Cats, to the Tabby Cat Club

SUNday with Moosey

Hi Everybuddy!  It's me, Moosey!

Fanks to Gracie, Raz and Sammy for hosting this sunny SUNday event.

We haven't been getting too much sun around here lately, so new SUN pictures are a little hard to come by. Dad *did* recently manage to catch this one of me in a sunpuddle...

And here are two of our (we held a family vote -- me, Mommy, Daddy, Gracie and Zoe all agreed) favorite "repeat" pictures of me doing the SUNday thing at our house...

Happy SUNday to you all, dear friends.  And happy first day of winter, too.

Love, hugs and headbonks!


SUNday with Grace

Grace loves Bird-TV -- whether it's on SUNday or any other day!

Yes, this was taken over a year ago, but she still does this whenever there are birdies to watch out there!!

SUNday with Fuzzy Tales

Thanks to Gracie, Raz and Sammy for hosting today's event!

With the exception of SUNday December 7th, we've had very little sun lately! However, one of us (Derry) did take full advantage of that sunshine.
Sunshine or no, the following snapshots show how we best like to spend our Sundays (or any other day).
 Derry hanging out at the top of the new cat tree.
Nicki on his favourite stool.
And sometimes we actually wake up for a bit of
mutual grooming and/or a tussle. :-)
However you like to spend your SUNdays, we hope you have fun!

A very happy Solstice to all. Here in the northern hemisphere it will mean the slow increase of daylight hours again, which definitely is something to celebrate!

Purrs and peace,
Nicki and Derry

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fun Photo's with Samantha & Clementine

Fun Photo with Piewhackits

When I heard about this, I knew immediately the time I wanted to share!
Mumsy and CatDaddy Jr. were cleaning out the washing room to get ready for the delivery of a new washing machine.  She had piled some stuff up in her rocking chair.  I was helping, and man was it ever fun!
2014 11 30 18 48 56
I think there are toys Mumsy has hidden so she’d have new ones to give us later…..I want them now!  So I gotta get a better look at this.
2014 11 30 18 48 57
Hey Everyone!  Has more fun everyday!

Crazy Fun with some Colehaus Girls

Thanks, sweetie Gracie, for hosting this Fun Fotos event today!  We have fun morning, noon, and night, especially when the Dad gets out our Neko mousie. Sometimes, some of us get all crazy-pants, while others who will not be named, didn't want anyone to see how much fun she was actually having.

She was having a blast. Trust us. Her whisker pouches might have been quivering and everything. Moving on...

Baby sister Viola, also known as the Squirt, loves the Neko mousie. You'll have to excuse her. Her fur costume zipper might be showing a wee bit here.

But the one who gets into fun the most is mama Zuzu, or Patrol Sergeant Zuzu to us. It's true! No one dared ask if she had a permit to go all crazy-pants on that Neko mousie, but we think because she tempers it with moments of calm, that's okay. Hey, anything to help burn off her patrolling energy, right?

Here's what we're talking about. We present the Calm Zuzu:

Followed by the Crazy-pants Zuzu:

Calm Zuzu:

Crazy-pants Zuzu:

You know we're having a fun time when she moves so fast, everything goes blurry! And to think this happens every evening! Hope your fun times are every bit as much of a blast as ours. Thanks again, Gracie! Thanks for letting us share our fun!

Colehaus Girls - Pia, Viola, and Zuzu

Fun Fotos

Fun Fotos Fwum Our House

Lexi:  Az uzull mommy furgawdid weez wuz pozt too mayk a poztee heer. But weez sed better layt den neber, soz heer weez arr habbin' a little fun. ☺ And o yeah, I'z lubz da nu hedder. Faynks fur puttin' me in it. I'z shur am purrowd too beez a member ob da Tabby Cat Club.

Dezi:  Yep sissy me dusn't know where mommys heads' been lately, but weez fur sure wanted to make a posty today. And by da way, weez sure do luv da new header. 

Till da nex time...............Be Blest!!!

Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez

Lexi and Dezi