Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Derby!

Thanks for hosting Toctober Derby!
You bet Timmy, he did a fine job fur-sure!

Happy Birthday to Derby
Happy Birthday to Derby
Cause he is one fine Tabby Cat Club Member
Happy Birthday to Derby

Miss Fitz

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tock Tick Tock Tick...For You Derby!

Wasn't sure I would get here...but I can see there are some nommies left...yum!

I am here to share my most famous TOCK photo...and JUST for YOU MY MAN DERBY!

There are others of course, but none used as often as that one. But just to make sure you know I am ready to paw-tay!!

Here are a couple of others that just might fit the Tocks in TockTober' mean???

Playful tocks...

And the moment when all cats show off their tocks....

Tidy tocks...

Hope your birthday was pawsome Derby my pal.

Paw Pats, Savannah

Happy Tocktober Day!

One of my most favorite days of the year, Tocktober.
In honor of Derby's birthday he is hosting Tocktober.
Thanks Derby for hosting this fun event!
I must say I think the tabby kitties have the cutest tocks ever!

Scylla showing her Tocks

I has more Tocks on my Facebook Page. 

I am trying to show them here but sometimes they don't show up, but if you visit my Facebook Page you will see them. I pinned them to the top.

Scylla for ATCAD

Happy Birthday Derby!
~Socks & Scylla

Tock Time :)

My floofy tock´s and tail 

Gustav is almost showing his tock´s :)

Put my paws up in the air and 
celebrate Derby 

Hope you will have a pawsome birthday , my friend !

Tick tock time

Hi evfurry...we are showin our tocks to celebrate Derby's because we can MOL...

Our tocks is the sight the peeps see when we walk away an aren't they lucky..MOL...mines are super ginger MOL.....

Pickles tocks are teeny she won't let me show butts she has a little black heart shapes of furs there MOL....

Hey how 'bout the mum getz her tocks up MOL...YIKES!!
Have a great birthday Derby an thankz fur the invite to share our tocks this Tocktober..
Paw pats an loves Dinnermintz an Pickles xxx

Tock Time!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DERBY!   What a tremendously fun way to celebrate your birthday - letting us show off our "tockage" to the universe - we all know what wonderful views we provide to those watching us as we walk away from them......those tocks swaying, floof flying - it's a grand sight.

Today in your honor we "fly the floof" and say "YAY FOR TOCKS" and wish you a super fun birthday!


Tail of Two Tocks

Happy Birthday Derby and Happy Tocktober. Since I’m a demure lady cat, I don’t show my tocks to just any cat. This year, HHGutt and some stuffies will be filling in and proudly showing their tocks.

Click to biggify.

Tocktober is kind of an anniversary for me. Last year when I was filming and editing my Tail of Two Tocks video, I discovered the tabby stripes on my tail. Since then, they’ve become even more pronounced. I’m so glad to have those stripes or I’d have missed all the TCC fun this year. Here’s the video in case you didn’t see it. You can read the scary story behind the video as I told it last year.

Tocks in Tocktober

Tocks...what's up wiff dat? MOL Happy Meowday Derby!!!

Well heer it iz Tock day at da TCC. And weez'll beez awnezt, weez had noze idee what dat mint. Soz abter azkin' Raz too doo sum splaynin' weez jumpt on bored. And wiv awl da fotoz mommy snapz shurlee weez gawdid sum hinee bow shawtz rite? Hmmmmm weez notizt abter da fax dat ow ritin' duzn't show up soz good on diz bakgrownd, soz sorry 'bout da eye strayn, and weez gez jiz enjoy da fotoz. Weez chaynjd da ritin' to show up but itz a little blindin'.

Of course weez hav sum sissy, but mommy's not posed to shawe those. Hers weally posed to delete those wight away. MOL But alas, mommy has a hawd time fwoin' away ow fotos. So hope yous enjoy seein' fotos of ow behinds. And Happy Meowday to yous Derby. Hope yous day is pawsum and yous get lots and lots of tweats.

Okay sis Lexi dat's just not wight. Mommy had lots mowe fotos of meez behind than yours. What's up wiff dat? And da one she chooses just happens to be one dat shows off meez curly furs wight after hers cleaned meez bloomers. Meez not impurressed. 

Yep sweet Derby youz better git lawtz ob treetz and lubbin'. Happy Meowday to ya'.

Weez hope yous all hav a Blest Sunday!!!

Luv and Hugz and Kitty Kissez

Lexi and Dezi

Showing My Tocks for Derby's Purrday!

In honor of Derby's Purrday, I am going to do a little Manx tock for you all!
Baby Manx Tocks

Tree Climbing Tocks
Playing Tocks
And last Snuggly Tocks! 

Hope you have a great Birthday Derby! 

Tick Tock Toctober Time

We want to thank Derbyt so much for hosting Toctober this year and wish him a fine Happy Birthday tomorrow.
He really is the host with the most Miss Fitz, and what an event to show off your fine furry Tocks. Primo Tocks if I may be so Bold! 
Wow you are all fired up! May as well go furst Tim.
What? You mean I am not just announcing?
Nope. Come on Timmy you did this before and were dying to show your furry.
I had Nip in me and it was all a bit of a fog afterward. Oh me oh my what have I gotten into. Well... Here goes...

I feel a really bashful this Toctober Fitz. Showing your rear
to the world can make a cat jittery.

Alright Cats step right up and, hold it,
I have a cat-lick... There, Ready, Set,


*Timmy wipes his brow*
Whew, I am really embarrassed. Take it away Miss Fitz
Right Timmy, now Tabbies let me show you
what this Lady-Cat has to show!

Let me get some NIP to loosen me up...

Wow this is good Nip! Whee! Woo-Hoo! Yee-Haa!
Look all you want! Go on take a gander!

Whoop! Whoop! Hey Man-Cats check these Tocks out!

An hour later, after a nap, when the nip wears off.

I did what? Um... bye fur now Tabbies...

Thanks Derby. You are the Man-Cat!

Miss Fitz

Happy TockTober Birthday to Derby

Today is TockTober day here at the Tabby Cat Club and is hosted by our pal Derby.  It's extra special because tomorrow is  Derby's birthday!  Happy  Birthday Derby!!!

To celebrate Derby's birthday, I'm showing off the many "faces" of my tocks!!

Curious Tocks....

Curvy Tocks

Tocks with style...

Flirty Tocks....

Straight up Tocks...

 and, finally, Halloween Tocks!

Hope you enjoyed my Tocks!!  Thanks again to Derby for hosting this fun event and, once again, Happy  Birthday!!!

TockTober Sunday

Hi everyone and welcome to TockTober Sunday. Tomorrow is my purrthday, but let's get a head start here with the party. Party tomorrow at my blog, so feel free to stop by.

Now understand, 'tock pictures don't have to show all of your nether regions. They can be manly or discreet for the lady cats.  So feel free to show your tocks.
 Showing the muscular side of me.
 On the move!
 But my front side looks purrty good too! Rawrrrrr!
 My thoughtful arty picture too, just staring off into the air.

So I decided on a blue them for today, so lots of blue stuff to drink!

Some good noms, ham, turkey and fishes!