Friday, July 18, 2014

Fifties Flashback Drive-In Movie Nite!

Graphic by Sammy

Welcome to the movies!!!
Gracie, Raz, and I hope you're ready for some good old-fashioned fun tonight as we flash back to the days of drive-in movies, snack bars with questionable food, and driving a "hot" car to impress your date; meeting all your friends there to brag about stuff and hang out together.
The price is right too - the TCC is picking up the price of your ticket AND the snackables at the snack bar are even free so sit back and relax - enjoy the show!
First we'll all meet at the diner for a soda or float - whatever you want.....Raz, Gracie and I are there with some other friends - feel free to join us for a pre-movie snack.
Graphic by Gracie

Then off we go to the movies!  The feature film tonight is "Puss N Boots" (what else?) which is a favorite and there's always cartoons before the main event!  First though you have to find a great parking spot....

Graphic by Raz

Graphic by Raz

Make sure that speaker works!!!
Now settle in for a cartoon before the feature film......

Red Car: Tubby & Gracie (Tubby Gracie's Boyfriend
Corvette: Anya (Gracie's niece)
Love those Looney Tunes - especially with Porky we have a little break before the movie - maybe time to visit the snack bar??   Better hurry!
Wow - they've got all kinds of stuff here - better not fill up - there's always intermission for more food.......
l-r: Gracie, Tubby, & Anya
Graphic by Gracie

Whew!  Back to the car just in time for the show!!
Oh goodie - time for know what that means - more food!!!
How about some popcorn?   Say - that's Sammy serving up the popcorn isn't it???!!

Graphic by Gracie

Don't you just love the old signs for food at the drive-in??
When the movie's over - some of us will go hang out at the soda shop because we don't want the night to end..........we sure know how to have a good time at the TCC don't we? 
Graphic by Gracie

Why not post a photo of YOU at the drive-in or arriving in your car or having fun in your fifties flashback outfit?  C'mon - join in the fun!

Thanks for coming along tonight - Gracie, Raz and I (Sammy) hope you had a good carefully now - you hear?

Movie Night ~ Socks & Scylla

Scylla & Brian are double dating with Socks & Samantha and they are all ready to watch Puss-n-Boots.~Socks & Scylla reporting for ATCAD

Drive In Movie Time

Thanks to Sammy for hosting our Drive In Movie!
This is going to be a super fun event at the TCC for sure! Tubby,  my boyfriend, and I are heading into the drive-in to watch one of our favorite movies Puss n Boots.
Before the movie starts Tubby and Anya, my niece, and I head into the concession stand to have some munchies while we watch the movie . . .
l-r: Allie, Raz's sister; Sundae, Sammy's date, Madi, Raz's date; Anya, & Gracie
. . . great movie so far and now with intermission it is time for a little girl time outside of the concession stand.
Time to hurry back to the car and watch the second part of Puss n Boots. Hope you are having a fun time. Again, thanks Sammy for this fun event!

Movie night at the TCC

My gal Madi drove us to the Drive In.  She's a pawsome driver.

We had a super spot for viewing Puss n Boots.

At intermission we headed for the concession stand....doesn't Madi look gorgeous??

Headed home after a fun night!!

Sammy, Gracie and I hope you're all having a fun time at the Drive-in!  I can't wait to see all the other posts.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oui Oui's Big Tabby Cat Club Adventure!

Did you see this?
Moosey's dad made this cool poster for me!
Do you remember the movie Pee Wee's Big Adventure?
Well, this is Oui Oui's Big Adventure!

Guess how much money we raised for my Gotcha Day!
There were 30 posts at here at the TCC.
We had 64 comments at Twinkletoetails
(a couple kitties had problems leaving a comment
but we counted them anyway)
at 25 cents each, so the grand total was $46.
Then we threw in a bonus for the comments left at our post here,
bringing the grand total to $54!
Everyone worked so hard, but I hope you all had fun too.

Now, here is my surprise:
Recognize this handsome kitty?
Of course, we all do!
Brian came forward and offered to match what we raised!
He is one of the most caring, kindest kitties
and his good deeds are known by all.
Thank you, Brian,
you are one in a million!

So we Twinkletoe kitties have been talking and decided
we are going to chip all our allowances in
and give the full $100 to the PAWS kitties
for the Catification Project, The Habitat for Cats,
because we really want the PAWS kitties to have a great place to hang out.

Thanks, PAWS kitties!
Next year I hope all of you will be celebrating your Gotcha Day too.
Moosey, Gracie & Zoe, I see you in there!

And a big thanks to all the Tabby Cat Club kitties!
You are truly pawsome!

Now I am off to my big adventure!

Oui Oui

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day, Oui Oui!

Welcome to my Gotcha Day Post-A-Thon!
At our house we are celebrating TWO Gotcha Days today!
Of course, it's my big day,
but it's also Sister Mica Minnie Moo's too.

8 years ago, I was the last of my litter, the little kitten
no one else wanted, crying and ignored
until the mom picked me up and decided to take me home.

4 years ago, Mica Moo was my new playmate
when The Girl went off to collich.

I see Mica Moo for the first time.

We are so glad you stopped by to join us,
come help us celebrate! 
We hope you have fun,
we have all our favorite things out!

 We've got a box, just for you!
And there's paper inside to make it comfy.

Help yourself to a delightful drink.

And we have plenty of snacks.

Some we even made ourselves!

Little egg peeps.

We "borrowed" a quiche the mom made
with bacon and cheese.
You'll hafta pick out the mushrooms.
(Our apologies.)

And plenty of nip!

Leave room for the cake!

We've collected all our favorite toys
for you to play with.

You don't mind if we get this party started, do you?

We want to thank all the wonderful tabbies who took the time to write a post so that our Post-A-Thon is successful.  You are all truly amazing and selfless.  We just can't say enough how great the online cat blogging community is!

Today, we are also having a Comment-A-Thon at our blog, TwinkletoeTails, so don't forget to stop by and leave a comment.  Not only you will raise a $1 for your post here but we will donate an additional 25 cents to PAWS for your comment at our home blog, up to $100.  We hope this helps the kitties have an exciting, fun place to live while they wait for their families to find them.

Thank you so much for your help!  And thanks for sharing in our fun and joy!  We hope you enjoyed yourself!

Oui Oui
Mica Minnie Moo

Happy Celebration Day for Oui Oui and the shelter cats at PAWS!

Happy Gotcha Day, Oui Oui! We pestered Mom all morning long to get our post up to help Oui Oui to make a donation to the new PAWS kitty enrichment program called, "The Catification Project." Anything we can do to bring a little sunshine into the lives of shelter cats brings sunshine into our lives too.

And we thought we'd share a little of how one of us has grown so happy since being adopted into our family not that long ago.

It's our own Zuzu! Playing with her poof ball, Zuzu spends an hour a day doing what she probably hadn't done since she was a kitten herself. Too soon came a scary life outdoors and kittens. Finally, she was captured and brought to a shelter only to have more kittens six weeks later.

We know how well that turned out for all involved! Just a little thing, a small donation, or an hour of volunteered time can go such a long way toward a better, well-adjusted life toward that ultimate goal of finding a forever home. We hope you can help by leaving a post or a comment or even a small donation to PAWS at

Thank you, Oui Oui and Mica Minnie Moo of Twinkletoe Tails for sponsoring this Comment-A-Thon! Zuzu thanks you! We thank you!

Happy Gotcha Day, Oui Oui!

Spyro: All of us kitties at Herman's Hideaway want to wish Oui Oui a very Happy Gotcha Day!  We are really glad that we got our oh-so-lazy Mom to post this for us.  We will all certainly enjoy the party and we even brought along our non-Tabby kittens.

Brody and Cissy:  Hey! We aren't kittens any more.  We will be one on Thursday.  We all hope that Oui Oui will have many more Gotcha Days to celebrate.  Lots of love from: Spyro, Oja, Rocio, Bambino, Horus, Julius, Brody and Cissy.  And even Karen Jo.

Happy Gotcha Day to Oui Oui and A Post-A-Thon for PAWS

It is Oui Oui's Gotcha Day today and to celebrate, she has organized a Post-A-Thon that will benefit PAWS for every post up on the Tabby Cat Club. The proceeds from the Post-A-Thon will be used to help jump start the "Habitat for Cats", which is the creation of an attractive, and stimulating free roaming environment for the kitties at PAWS. Isn't that just pawsome?

We're so happy to be able join in the celebrations!

Cosmo : What better way to celebrate than with a cigar?
Ling : I hope the "Habitat for Cats" will include a pawsome toy rack for the kitties to select their favorite toys. We LOVE ours!

Happy Day to OuiOui

We are over at the TCC to honor our furiend and fellow TCC member OuiOui on his Gotcha Day.

We are helping out with the post-a-thon to help raise green papers and awareness for the kitties at PAWS.

Well done OuiOui