Saturday, July 25, 2015

Most Embarrasing Thing ....

OK, here we go with some of the 
embarrising things that has happend to me

Caught with me head in mom´s 
Hello Kitty bag 

Caught with a candy bag over my head 

This one is the worst EVER !
Because this was not my choice
to get dressed up in a Duck suit !!

Hi, sorry we are a day late. This is Stinky, Prancie and KaTwo of 15andmeowing. Can you think of anything more embarrassing than a Red Sox cap? Poor Prancie.And Mom tried to dress me as Mork from Ork whoever that is.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Most Embarrasing Things Clementine and Me Have Been Caught Doing

Hugs To All My Furiends,

Embarrassing end to my exploration

If you have seen my blog today, you know that I posted a video with an embarrassing ending yesterday.  It seemed fitting to share it here on the day we are talking about times our folks catch us messin' around and doing unflattering things.

Oh So Horrible Embarrassing

Really . . . really mom . . . really . . .
I shall get even on July 31 when I post an embarrassing photo of you!!

Embarrassing? You Bet!

My Mom is always managing to do some crazy things with me when I'm participating in activities at Cat Scouts or fun things on my blog or other people's blogs.   Most of the time they're in the "CUTE" category, but sometimes she crosses the line and embarrasses me like CRAZY!

I can give you some great examples - are you ready?  Promise you'll never pass these disasters on to someone else - ever?  OK then.........

See what I  mean?   Terrible isn't it!!!   Well, I love my Mom to bits so I let her do some pretty crazy and embarrassing things to me - she's lucky I don't have a camera handy sometimes to catch HER in an embarrassing situation!
Thanks to Gracie for hosting this wacky look at our most embarrassing moments!
Hugs, Sammy the Embarrassed
To all of you who pawticipate in today's "Embarrassing" post, here is a pawticipation badge for you to put on your blog! 

Embarrassing Moments with Raz

Thanks to Gracie for hosting this event (um....I think)

Mom's taken quite a few embarrassing photos of me.  I figured I am ManCat enough to share these with you today.

Here are a couple of silly ones.....
Really Mom....a toy on my head?????

Yeah...I'm a goof
AND Most embarrassing of least she put a modesty flower on this one!!!

I can't wait to see everyone else's embarrassing photos!!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th Of July To All Our Tabby Cat Furiends with Samantha & Clementine (In Memory)

Happy 4th Of July To Our Tabby Cat Furiends!
Samantha & Clementine

Happy 4th of July


Graphic by Gracie

Raz, Gracie, and Sammy welcome you to the Tabby Cat Club's Annual July 4th picnic.
Graphic by Sammy & Raz

Sammy has set up the picnic area for us today. Find a spot and settle in for a fun day ahead. Be sure to stop by Pete and Raz's Food truck, the food there is beyond delicious!

Graphic by Sammy
l-r: Sammy, Allie (Raz's sister), Gracie, & Raz
If you would like a holiday hat help yourself. 
You may place your pot luck dish you brought over on the food table. Everything looks so delicious it will be hard to decide what to eat. You might even want to try a little bit of all that you see.

We have plates for you when your are ready to eat . . .

Don't forget to check out the many delicious desserts, I sure hope you saved room in your tummy.
Tonight we will have fireworks so to keep you busy we have some games if you would like to join in.
Graphic by Gracie
Corn Hole
Graphic by Sammy

Sack Race

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Graphic by Gracie

Graphic by Sammy

Tug of War


Gracie, Raz, & Sammy
Graphic by Gracie
Happy Birthday America!!!
Hope you enjoyed your day and evening at the TCC.
On your way home don't forget to pick up your party bag that we have for you. We think you will really like what it inside. How about your very own bag of cat nip? Oh yes!

*See below for other July 4th posts

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence day too youz awl. Weez purrowd too beez Americanz and libz in da land ov da furee. How bowt youz Dezi?

Meez too sissy. Meez purroud to be Amewican. happy Independence day everypawdy. Don't furget to check out our bloggy and ifin yous not folllowin' us, paw dat follow button. Weez got sum gweat fings comin' up fur ya' this mumff.

Till da next time..................Beez Blezt!!! 

Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez 

Lexi and Dezi

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th everyone from the tabbies of 15andmeowing- we brought the fireworks :)