Wednesday, August 27, 2014

TCC Riverboat Adventure~Day I

Ready For An Adventure??

Today is the day we have long waited for and the three of us; Gracie, Raz, and Sammy hope you will have a fun time. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

Gracie, Raz and Sammy - "Welcome Aboard!"

We've been waiting for all of you to get here - this is going to be a ton of fun so grab your boarding pass and join us on the Carolina Queen out of Vicksburg, Mississippi on our way down to New Orleans.
Gracie passing out the boarding tickets

Gracie will be handing you your ticket so you will be able to board. Boarding will be in about one half hour from now. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause but the cabins are getting their final check.
Gracie, Captain Raz, & Sammy

You are free to board the Carolina Queen now. Gracie, Captain Raz, and Sammy are at the front of the riverboat and will be greeting each of you as you board.


On your way to finding your room be sure to go past the grand staircase because Gracie is there with a gift for everyone.

While Captain Raz gets the Carolina Queen away from the dock Sammy will be in the halls to help you find your room if you are having problems finding it.

If you want something to do before dinner tonight, why not visit the pool and spa on board? 

Gracie & Sammy

There will be a cocktail party in the bar lounge.  It's an open bar. Please just let Gracie and Sammy know what you would like and they'll whip it up for you!

Gracie, Captain Raz, & Sammy

Welcome to the River View Dining room. Gracie will show you to your table and present you with a menu. Dinner will be served in about a half an hour. If you would like to sit at the Captain's table there are still seats available, Sammy is already there.

After dinner you might enjoy a game of cards?  A little riverboat gambling might be just the thing to round out your evening of fun!
Raz the Riverboat Gambler, Gracie the Southern Belle, and Sammy the Scaliwag!

An evening stroll around the deck of the Carolina Queen is a nice way to end a busy day.
Captain Raz, Gracie, & Sammy

Captain Raz and Sammy are ready to call it a night.....

Rest well, tomorrow will come early.

Marty and Ralphie's Riverboat Adventure

Day 1 River Boat Trip

Marty: Ralphie and I are so excited to join the trip to the bayou with the TCC.! We are riding on the Carolina Queen. It was all decorated, welcoming us aboard.

Of course the first thing we had to do was check out the spa!
It was so neat, we had fun lounging by the hot tub.

Then we got all dressed up and headed down to the dining room to enjoy the wonderful food.
We couldn't wait to try out all the great seafood.

After a great meal and hanging out with everyone, we are so tired, we are heading back to our room so we can relaxed for awhile before turning off the lights for a good nights rest.

Tomorrow is going to be so exciting! Please join us for the day in the bayou!

Moosey, Ready for Some Riverboat Fun :)

Hi, Everybuddy! It's me, Moosey (just in case you didn't recognize me with my riverboat gambler outfit and moustache ... tee hee)! 

I'm really looking forward to the TCC Riverboat Adventure.  Fanks Sammy, Gracie and Raz for organizing this ... what fun we'll have!

See you all on board!

Hugs and headbonks, Moosey

WooHoo A Trip to da Bayou

Lexi:  Well I'z wuz juzt a teenee bit jelluz when sis Dezi gawdid to goze down da river on a big ole boat.     So how egzsitin' dat weez get to go here at da TCC.  I'z get too weyr a bootyfull suddern bell drezz too.    Weez pact up in matchin' bagz wiff owr naymz on 'em.  And I'z noze frum da stowreez frum sis Dezi'z trip too beez kayrful cuz derz sum big eet youz alibe wild libe heer.   Diz iz gunna beez soz much fun!!!!

Dezi:  OMC  meez so 'cited to be goin' down to da bayou again.  This time sis Lexi gets to come wiff me.  It's gunna be gweat.  Meez has so much to show and tell hers and weez gunna shawe a room and evewyfin' just like at home.    

 Dezi: Weez awe so weady to go. 

 Dezi: Sissy yous look vewy bootyful. Andy's
gunna meet us here fur dinner. Yous know
hims flyin' in just to escowt us.
Lexi: Soz doo youz sissyfur. Datz berry 
sweet ob Andy. 

Dezi: Oh Andy meez so glad yous kuld meet
us here. You's look so handsum.
Andy: Thanks Dezi. You and Lexi look beautiful.
Dezi: Fank yous Andy.  
Lexi: Iz good to seez youz Andy. Fankz

 Lexi: What a day. Diz habz bin soz much fun.
Dezi: Yep it suwe has. Me be so tired now.
Lexi: Jiz wayt til toomarero Dezi. 

Lexi: I'z tellin' ya' dat Sammy, Gracie and Raz 
shur are good plannerz.

 Lexi: Youz noze sissyfur eeben doe diz playz 
beez a little kreepee, it shur iz purretty.
Dezi:  Yep it suwe is sissy. Wunnew
ifin weez gunna tell scary storys?. 
Lexi: I'z don't noze Dezi, but I'z nawt want youz 
too habz bad dreemz.
Dezi: Meez won't sissy. But even ifin me did
youz gunna be here wiff me so meez knows
evewyfin' is gunna be alwight.

Lexi: Diz playz shur lookz rund down Dezi. 
Dezi: Meez knows Lexi, but it's amazin' once
yous get inside. 
Lexi: It better beez or I'z gunna beez da wun
habbin bad dreemz. 

Lexi: Well Dezi youz wuz rite, diz playz iz amazin'.
Dezi: Meez wuz fwaid at first too Lexi but once weez
came inside all me fears wuz gone. And da peeps
dat run this place be so nice. 
Lexi: I'z notizt dat when weez chekt in Dezi. Deyz
wuz azkin' ibin weez needed anyfin' elz and toldid
us too kawl 'em ibin weez furgawdid sumfin' cuz 
deyz kuld git it fur us. Letz kawl mommy afur 
weez goze too sleep, whadya' say?
Dezi: Dat sounds wunnewful Lexi.

Dezi: Lexi? Meez luvs yous. Sweet Dweams and good night. 

Lexi: Fankz Dezi. I'z luv youz too.    Sweet dreemz sis.  Sammy Gracie and Raz youz awl are da bawm!!!  Diz trip habz bin soz much fun.  Dezi an me reelee had a grayt time.  Fankz soz much fur plannin' it.  Nite eberpawdy.    

Luv and Hugz and Kitty Kissez    

Lexi and Dezi

Timmy and Fitz Riverboat Trip I

Come on Timmy! Will you get a move on. 
Hold your kittens Miss Fitz there are things a Tomcat has to do!

You just don't understand all of my duties
Yes I do, eat, sleep, play, repeat!

It's only two days Timmy!
I will miss them, sniff, sniff...
Oh My Cat

Lets see now, my Gator Blankie, my souvenir 
glass, oh look, they left mousies for each of us.
Lets go to dinner before you unload more stuff

Gracie the fish-oh-a-stick is purrfect.
The bug garnish is a nice touch.
Can I borrow your phone to call home Gracie
Good Grief. We're on Vacation 

Wonder what the other Tabby Cats are up too? 
I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.
Me too Timmy. And Thanks to our great hosts Sammy, Raz and Gracie.
You Bet. Bye for now furends

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TCC Riverboat Adventure

Another fun adventure at the TCC
Hosted by Sammy, Raz, & Gracie

AUGUST 27~28

Dust off your suitcase because the TCC members are invited to a fun river boat trip down the mighty Mississippi ending up in the bayou.

Below are photos for you to copy and take with you so you will be ready when we head out. See you soon.

Riverboat Suite

Riverboat Spa
Riverboat Dining Room

Bayou Guides Raz & Sammy
Getting ready to head into the swamp
Swamp Bayou Hotel
Swamp Bayou Hotel Room
Evening in the Bayou
Take any photo with you and put yourself in the action. Also, any background photo you find and want to use is great too. Might want to bring a flash light as it gets pretty dark in the swamp at night . . . and scary too.
ps: Go to the google place and check out the fine riverboat gambler outfits, pretty dresses for the girls, and hiking clothes for the bayou.