Monday, February 8, 2016

Downton Abbey & SB 50

Grace and I laughed and laughed!!

We hope you all enjoy this, too!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 2016

Hi Tabby Cat Club members and others friends.  Welcome to our annual Super Bowl Party.  Gracie, Sammy and I are glad to see you here.   Have a beverage, grab some noms and get ready to enjoy the game on our HUGE TV!!!
Party hosted by Raz, Sammy & Gracie

Are you ready?
Here are your tickets for Super Bowl 50!
Go Teams!!!!

Are you ready!?
Sammy ready to cheer the Carolina Panthers on.
Cheerleader Gracie wanting a win for the Denver Broncos.
Raz all ready for a Panther win.
Put on your spirit gear and get ready to party.
You may take these items home with you when you leave.
Denver Bronco Spirit Wear
Purchased by Gracie
Carolina Panther Spirit Wear
Purchased by Gracie   

We have lots of goodies to enjoy....

There are tasty appetizers of chick-hen wings,  Nip pizza and a football shaped meatloaf...

Super spread by Raz

there's cheese and HAM on the buffet table...
Made by Raz

And lots of extra MEAT!
Delicious meat from Raz

Sam has fired up the Tabby Cat Club grill and made hot dogs and chili for anyone feeling the need of a Chili Dog with or without cole slaw!
Cooked by Chef Sammy

Or, if you prefer something lighter, we have  some PIG skins and other great foodables to snack on.

Snacks by Raz
We have an assortment of drinks to enjoy during game time. Cheers!!!
Popcorn from Sammy
Drinks from Gracie~Bottoms up

There is a great selection of sweets to eat. There is more in the kitchen so help yourself to seconds.

Desserts selected and made by Gracie

Gracie and Tubby and Raz and Madi are hanging out in the game room while they wait for the Big Game to start...

Graphic by Raz

Since we've all been eating a lot of nommy food at Cat Scouts, we thought a band to provide music would be a good idea.  We can dance our little paws off while we wait.

Graphic by Raz

When it's time for the game come into the big screen TV room.  Raz and Madi and Gracie and Tubby are already here....

Graphic by Raz

At half time be sure to have your photo taken of yourself with your favorite quarterback. Both quarter backplayers have agreed to have some photo time with us today.
#18 Peyton Manning Denver Quarterback aka. former Colts QB
Photo Opt.
Peyton Manning might be #18 but he will always be my #1 quarterback!!
Boy I sure wish the Colts had kept Manning in Indy.
Graphic by Gracie
#1 Cam Newton Carolina Quarter Back
Photo Opt.
Sammy, Raz, & Cam Newton
Graphic by Gracie
Sammy, Raz & Gracie watch the game with excitement
Graphic by Gracie
If the game is too tense and you want to relax grab a towel and watch from the spa.
If you would like to watch the game again we have it recorded. It's a great way to catch those special moments during the game that you want to see again. The recorded game is in the basement entertainment room.
Hope you had a super duper time at the TCC 2016 Super Bowl party!!
Stay as long as your like !!

ps: See other Super Bowl posts below.

Super Bowl 2016

Besides visiting the great party here at the TCC, Ralphie and I will be cheering our Denver Broncos on from our comfy Broncos blanket. There is lots of room for any kitty who cares to join us!

Thanks Sammy, Raz and Gracie for hosting such a great party here at the TCC!

Timmy and Fitz go for the Bowl Kitten Bowl that is

Me and miss Fitz went to the Kitten Bowl to support the little ones who need homes.
It was such fun and they were so cute Timmy I wish we could bring another kitty home.
You Betcha. Stop by the Hallmark Channels to see the highlights and make your own purrsonal players card.

Don't I look so very handsome

A little Timmy, a very little.
Now me  on the other paw...

Hope all our Tabby Cat Friends had a great night. The pawty was fantastic and a big thanks go out to Raz, Sammy and Gracie. Well done as always

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Grace and Marilynn

Grace and I will be watching the 6th season of Downton Abbey!!

We're not spoil-sports ... just interested in other things!


Why Do I "Have Carolina In My Mind?"


If you haven't seen my blog today, find out why this Detroit Lions AND Cleveland Browns fan is pulling for the PANTHERS! It has more to do with than just the fact that Panthers are FELINES!!

Have a SUPER fun day all!

Love, Cody 

Super~Duper Bowl SUNday!!!

I love Super Bowl SUNday when a favorite team of mine is playing!!!!
My football hero, Peyton Manning!!!
You might remember that Peyton Manning played for the Indianapolis Colts and was in the Super Bowl a few years ago. Well for some reason the Colts let him go and Manning has been playing for the Denver Broncos since. I will cheer whichever team he is playing on.  Good luck Broncos (it isn't that I don't like the Panther team it's just . . . well . . . Manning is my football man)
Oh don't forget the Kitten Bowl starting at noon too.
Here is my football trading card. I picked this team because I liked the color purple.
Wishing good a good, fair, and no problems like last year's game had. Be safe players.

Super Bowl Selfie

I'm ready to kick some butt! Release the hounds!

Just call me Cat Newton. I'm the Quartercat.

Whatever you do, don't miss my idol, Beyonce, on the halftime show.

Super Bowl and Kitten Bowl

I'm ready for the big game!

AND the Kitten Bowl which will be WAY more fun!

The TCC party is so much fun.......we Tabby Cats know how to PARTY!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

News Years Resolutions

Hi evfurry..last year Pickles and i resolved to love each other a little more..MOL

Not to hard as we already do..but we did it..we loved each other even more!

We spent more time snuggling and are happy to say 2015 was a good year for loves..Mol

This year we are going to try and help more critters that are not so lucky..we have already started..and we have been so busy we have gotten behind in our TCC events and our blogs!

So we also resolve to help Mum a bit more to get blogging!
Pickles and Marbles and Cleo have been making Mittens for Koalas burnt in the bad fires..
We have sent some already and are going to make some Roo pouches.
I guess we are already making a start on our helping resolution!
Happy New Year evfurry and we will be back real soon!
Loves Dinnermintz xx

 Marbles hard at work

Pickles hard at work
Marbles has worn out MOL

Where is that pouch pattern???

Timmy and Fitz Revisit Resolutions

Goodness I wonder how I did with my resolutions over the last year. I better check what it was I was going to do.

Me-Ow I surely kept mine. I have had a LOT of fun in 2015 with my blog friends, family and Cat Scouts while being a good kitty is always easy peasy!
How about you Miss Fitz?

Tone down the self congrats a bit Timmy. Let me check mine and...

I have kept up my resolution fur-sure.
Miss Fitz you still Whac...
Timmy, Shush! I meowed not to whack as much, not stop. 
You have to admit I am a bit better you silly kitty

Well... Err...
Do you want I should Whack you Timmy?
But your resolution?
Last years Tim!
Um, yes... I mean NO! No whacking... How about this year? 
That will take a bit of thought


Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Resolutions Revisited by Raz

Well it's that time of year when the humans make Resolutions.  Usually they last about one week and they are back to their usual behavior.

I did a post of Resolutions last January.  Click HERE to see them. Last year my resolutions were not to hork where Dad could step in it in the middle of the night.  Believe it or not, I was really good and did NOT hork in any spots that Dad could step in!  Mom, on the other paw, MIGHT have been the recipient of one or two of those precious gifts.  That doesn't count though, right?  Score 1 for Raz

The other resolution I made was to NOT tear into the treat bags...

OOOPS.....guess I didn't do very well on that one.....

FInally, I vowed not to complain when my sisfur Allie bites licks my head.  I've done pretty good with that one....

I'm doing really well with that I guess two out of three is pretty good, don't you agree?

How did you do with your Resolutions?