Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fly Free Dear Sammy

Dear Sammy, I learned so much from you about being a better kitty. This is so hard to write... You spread love, joy and compassion to everyone you met. You will always be my truely amazing friend!

Sammy my dear sweet Man-Cat. I have a bit of a rough edge that you, just by example, have caused to soften. This is something my Dad has seen more than my peers but, sniff, I wake daily in amazement, smile inwardly and pay homage to you my dear friend. Love you my dearest Man-Cat

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Friday, December 2, 2016

Until We Meet Again

Sammy I am so sad that you had to run off to the bridge today. I will miss you so much but know the moms will keep in touch as we will too. I know you are now free of hurt and pain and will forever be young and able to run and play with your friends that had been waiting at the bridge for you.

Breaking bread this last Thanksgiving.
l-r: Sammy, Raz & Gracie

Until we meet again dear friend. <3

Fly Free Sammy

Our hearts are breaking because our pal Sammy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Graphic by Zoolatry

Please visit One Spoiled Cat to leave your condolences.  We know Sammy's family will appreciate it.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sammy Need Prayers

Sammy needs your purrs . . .

Graphic by Mauricio

Sweet Sammy has been having some medical issues and seeing his vet.
Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanks for Everything!


Thanks to all our friends for the fun all year long!
Thank You to our admins Sammy, Gracie and Raz for all the wonderful events
that make blogging what it is!

Timmy Tomcat & Miss Fitz

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

~Wishing you and your family love and happiness~
From Gracie, Raz, & Sammy

So happy you are sharing your Thanksgiving Day with your fellow tabby cat friends.
The table is all set . . .

 but before you sit down help yourself to some appetizers.

. . . the turkey is ready to be carved . . .

. . . the side dishes are all set . . .
. . . rolls out of the oven . . .
. . . a fine selection of wine to choose from . . .

Who is ready for a nice latte and some dessert now?

A little entertainment after our delicious meal.

Raz, Sammy, and I hope you had a nice time at our annual Thanksgiving dinner. So glad you could stop by. We love you all so much and enjoyed seeing you today.

Stay as long as you like when you do decide to head for home don't forget to pick our gift from us to you and your family, a cornucopia.

~ Love to you and your family. ~

Timmy and Fitz are Thankful

I am really thankful for our home and sleeping with Dad how about you Miss Fitz?
I feel the same about Dad and hope we can share him

Share him?

When you have a bond with a friend you can
let them fly free and they will always come back.

Me and Dad are tight as can be. Remember I am the
first and top cat around here.
I totally agree. That said how about...

Timmy you are a sweetie giving me top spot.
I am thankful for you being my big brofur.

Back At-Cha Miss Fitz

And I love my other brofurs and our blog pals too!

We are thankful for our Tabby Cat Friends!
We sure are Timmy! And for all those who Rescue and Foster those who are in need. Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomca

Happy Thanksgiving from Raz

I am such a lucky tabby cat.  I have so much to be Thankful for.  I am Thankful for my Mom and Dad, for my sisfurs, for my safe and loving home and, of course, for all my Tabby Cat Club and blogging friends.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you all for your friendship.
XO Prancie, KaTwo and Joanie

Happy Thanksgiving

WE are thankful for each other and for all our friends here at the Tabby Cat Club. ~Socks, Scylla, Chimera & Family

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Grace, her boys, and her food lady/secretary send Happy Thanksgiving wishes to everyone in the TCC! 

Grace and Ruse (her favorite!)

Audace, the loner

Thankful Blessings

Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone!

Dad & Mom

So many things to be thankful for . . .

. . . and all my amazing friends.

Wishing love and the best to you and your family.


I'm So Thankful!
For my home......

 For my Mom and Dad.......

For my sun puddles........

For my friends........
For my long life........
Your Friend, Sammy