Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordy Wednesday with Raz

Hey furriends....don't forget next Monday is my special Event.  What's your Favorite Toy? 


I sure hope all my new pals participate.  This will be my first Christmas and I want to make sure I ask Santa for the most pawsome toys!!

By the it my imagination or is our clubhouse filling up?????


Kjelle Bus said...

Hi Raz !
I hope I`m not missing your monday event , I know my mom-person first is going to work all day and then she is just coming home for a shower and change clothes and then she is going on a swedish Julbord = she is going to eat a lot of Christmas food and dessert with memebers in the catclub Sydkatten.
I hope it´s OK if I give you my answer on tuesday and boy do I have a lot of Fun Toy tips :)

meowmeowmans said...

Hiya Raz! We are planning to participate in your pawsome event. I just have to keep on the dad to make sure he gets my post up. :)



Nerissa said...

Favourite toy? Catnip mice! I love 'em!!! I'm a tad addicted to the nip, you know. But... I understand that the peep was able to find a special toy that my great aunties used to love. I've never played with one of these Cat Dancer thingies before but apparently, they loved them. And I think the peep ordered a couple for under the tree. I sure do hope she did. From what I've heard 'bout them, they might become my new favourite. We'll see... purrs

Keisha said...

I like rope toys. They are fun to throw. :)

Katz Tales said...

Our box is first and then the feather duster!

Marilynn said...

Raz, you are a real darling! And we love your idea for a special bunch of posts on TCC! We're scheduling ours now!!

(and her secretary)

Sparky Spitfire said...

welcome Razz-a-ma-taz (you don't mind being nicknamed already, do you? hope not...) I can do a post 'bout my very special cat nip carrot, but I can't guarantee that it will look all that great, as it' has died many many times. devilish carrot - you can't get away from me like that...anyway, also, do moles count? cuz those are lots of fun too.
can't wait to see your toys!

Oui Oui said...

Welcome Raz! We will be there! You sure are a little sweetie with your white mittens and bib.