Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas from Raz

Merry Christmas to all of my friends here at the Tabby Cat Club!  I hope Santa brought you all loads of presents and that you have a great day with your families!!

My sisfurs Ellie and Allie and my woofie brofur Cubby wish you all a Merry Christmas too!!



Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Meowmy CATmas to you too !


Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

Wishing you a wondrous and peaceful holiday!

Cats of wildcat woods

Cathy Keisha said...

Wishing you a Merry New York Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Raz, I have that SAME Christmas scarf! We're twins! Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. We sure did!

Love, Sammy