Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oscar Time 2015

TCC Oscar Party Today

Today is an exciting day as we get ready for the Oscar's tonight. 
Sammy, myself, and Raz are taking the trolley over to the Oscar Party tent.
Everyone is invited to come along.
Jeeves, Sammy butler, is waiting at the entrance to the Oscar food tent to seat you.

Just something a little something before you head over to the Oscar Dolby Theatre

Food and drinks provided for by Sammy's Catering
Now it's time to head over to the Dolby Theatre
Tubby, my boyfriend arrive and we walk the red carpet. We are both surprised when we see Sammy waiting to interview us.
Before I head into find my seat I meet up with a few of my west coats friends.
Time for the Oscars to start. Hope your favorites win!


Timmy Tomcat said...

Hi Gracie, Sammy, Tubby, Raz, Anya!
Wow what a happening! Amazing. Thanks so much for a great time.
Pssst... do you have advance info on the winners?
Miss Fitz

Simba said...

Looking gorgeous and handsome, all of you. And such fabulous food too!

Anonymous said...

What an AMAZING Evening!!!! Thanks for everything always!

Hugs, Sammy