Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fisheye Faces

Today's Tabby Cat Club Event is Fisheye Faces hosted by Kizzy.

This is almost embarrassing.  My Mom tried twice to create a cool fisheye photo like Kizzy's post HERE.

 Here's what she started with.

And here are her two attempts.  My eyes look really weird in this one...

Hey, what happened to my ears???

Oh well, I guess I should give her credit for trying!!!


The Furries of Whisppy said...

Was your Mommy getting you ready for your walk on the moon, Tamir? MOL!
This is such a fun event, we can't stop laughing.

Alasandra, The Cats and A Dog said...

We thinks she got it right.

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

I would never think you looked silly my dear sweet wonderful and handsome boy friend!!! You look great no matter what. And I say your mommie did a great job. Well done!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yeah, my ears shrank too, but Percy's didn't. Your mom did good.