Monday, June 3, 2013

A Tale of 2 Cities . .

. . . and one small town.  I live a a small cross roads town about half way between Washington DC and Baltimore.  There's a cornfield and milk processing plant straight ahead, to the right and around the corner are cows, down the street to the left is a horse farm.

Passing Iager's farm on the way to the vets.
(Biggify to see cows)
A horror to behold cause I know who I will be visiting!

As kids, the mom and her siblings laughed at the town, and asked who would want to live in Scaggsville?  As it turns out, the mom would, along with the Scaggs.  That name exists now only as a name on a sign along 95 as the post office has rolled Scaggsville into a larger town to the east, Laurel.

Unplanted cornfield to right, horse farm dead ahead.

Like everything in this area, the town has been built up over the years, but its still very rural.  In the 1940s, there were 15 families living here.  Now we have 2 small strip shopping centers and a half dozen neighborhoods.   We've hit the big time!

Our neighborhood this past winter.

But less than 30 minutes travelling either north or south are two large cities, and both completely different.  Its equally easy to visit Georgetown or The Mall with all its museums in DC as it is to visit Fell's Point or the National Aquarium in Baltimore.  What other small town can deliver these delights?  From high culture and white collar experiences to down home fun, we can have it all.  Do you feel like sailing on the Chesapeake Bay today?  There's even Annapolis, no farther away than the other two cities.  And in the summer, we like "go-en downy owe-shin"*, that is, visiting Ocean City.

Our mom grew up in the DC suburbs and The Girl went to school in Baltimore, so we claim both cities as our own, as well as our little town.  Sometimes its down right subjective and hard to predict which will be claimed as hometown in any particular circumstance.  Just keep 'em guessing!

So, what do I like about home?  Why the Bird Channel on the Kitty TV is always a favorite.  There's a special rodent channel that features chipmunk and squirrel antics too.  And my extra special treat is CRAB!  But do I ever have to fight the mom for some of that!  My silly mom even worries about them when hurricanes come to visit.  People around here tend to be a little crab crazy.  Even one of the local cat shows features a crab.  Go figure!

The Crab & Mallet Cat Club Logo
is a pretty crusty looking crustacean.

So, that is a little about my home town.  Not very big, not too exciting, but in the middle of everything!

Thanks to all the kitties who participated!
You are the bestest ever!

Oui Oui
Twinkletoe Tails

 You can't write about Maryland without at least one picture of a crab.

Or about Baltimore without a pink flamingo
(this is a picture of city hall).

*  localese for "going down the ocean"


Katz Tales said...

Brrrrrrr, looks cold! But we like that crab. Tasty!

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, you ARE right in the middle of things, Oui Oui! And that crab, and bird and kitty TV ... Holy Cat, that's great stuff. That's a funny story about how your mom ended up living in the town she and her siblings used to laugh about. MOL!



The Florida Furkids said...

Yum.....crab!!! Mom actually was a vendor at the Crab and Mallet show many times when she lived up north.

Thanks for sharing your Hometown with us!!

Raz and The Florida Furkids

Timmy Tomcat said...

Very neat little town. Dad has been to Baltimore and Fels Point by boat when he used to cruise the Delaware River to the C&D Canal going to the Inner Harbor.
We voted "most want to visit" a trip to chase... I mean look at those flamingos.
Thanks for hosting Oui Oui
You always make visits to the TCC feel special
Timmy T

TK and Pip said...

What a wonderfur review of the area we love! You caught it purrfectly.
Me finks the flamingos were purple and in support of the Ravines when they goes to the SuperBowl.
Your furend, TK

Julie Baugh said...

Love those flamingoes. Also the crab - unusual blue legs. Thanks for telling us about your town, and for hosting.

Kjelle Bus said...

My mom prefer small city´s even if she often goes to BIG city´s on her holiday trip´s :)
She say´s it´s always nice to come home to the small and quiet village we live in.
That Crab looks really jummy and it´s to funny that the cat club have a crab in their logo *mol*

Simba said...

OUi, OUi, what a great place to live! Mommy lived for some years in Maryland, and she and Daddy met at Georgetown U. How great to be able to visit DC and Baltimore equally easily - that aquarium sounds great. Our humans have told us about having crabs in Rehoboth, but they never gave us any.

Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

Yum - that's Mom muttering about how good the crabs are! She worked in Annapolis for a bit and loved the area - went to DC and Baltimore. Great place you call home.

cats of wildcat woods

The Musings Of A Crazy Cat Lady said...

Wow! Small towns are so neat. Oui Oui, you've got the best of both worlds - rural and urban, and you're so close to so many interesting places. :) Abbi Leala

Karen Jo said...

You live in a really neat place. We would like to come see the crabs. Bambino wants to pounce one. I tell him to watch out for the claws, but he just says that he has claws, too.