Monday, September 25, 2017

Our Embarrassing Photos

This day had to come, I guess, Miss Fitz
I suppose Timmy I suppose. How about I go furst
No argument from me!

That Dad took this picture of my face had me hopping mad. I mean really Dad! I am your little girl and not
Funny Faces R-Us!

Again, what were you thinking behind that flashy box?

This one is acceptable

I wondered where Blue String went after cat-ching my claw on the cat pad. Very normal fur a cat
Go ahead Timmy I can't wait to see yours

Here I am wrestling with Buddy Budd

And here I... um... fell off the table...

I was going to complain that you only have one but that takes the cat food MOL
Oh right funny face
Anytime falling Tim Hee Hee
Truce, I cant wait to see our friends posts
Me too!

Miss Fitz 
Timmy Tomcat


Kitties Blue said...

I thought we were supposed to post embarrassing photos of our humans. Guess Dad Pete has never had an embarrassing photo taken of himself. Miss Fitz, I've got to admit that first one was pretty darn crazy. Hugs, Cooper Murphy

Anonymous said...

You all are TOOOOOO funny!!!!!! Love your embarrassing photos - I think we all have a pile of those HIDDEN on our computers and elsewhere......I'd say you are BRAVE to share! Tee Hee

Love, Teddy

Timmy Tomcat said...

We don't have any embarrassing of our Dad
Miss Fitz

The Adventures of The Bell Fur Zoo said...

MOL wuv these!!

Matilda (& Matt)