Wednesday, May 24, 2017

How Timmy and Fitz Got Named!

Fitz who should go furst?
You were here furst so why don't you start off Timmy
Thanks. Alright then, let me get going. 
I was just a small fuzz ball hiding under the chair in my foster Moms house which was next door to Dads house. My foster Mom would see Dad getting cat food out of his car and would talk to him about the kittys she had, me and my brofur. It took a bit of time for Dad to agree to me coming over to live with him. You see Inky was Dads kitty and he was 21. Dad did not want to get him upset or introduce a kitty who would play too much and bother Inky.  They agreed that if Dad needed to he could give the kitty back. Done deal. It actually worked out fur me as Dad was supposed to get my brofur but he hid really good so Mom brought me over. Mom was a Harry Potter fan and called me Potter. Ugh.

I went over to Dads and took over as Inky said he was retired. I was in charge of my new home and told Dad that Potter was not a name fitting a manly man cat. He agreed.
We kicked it around for a couple of hours and he said: "Tomcat, I just don't know what name will fit you best." I replied:  "I agree, this is tough. What in the world will go with my surname Tomcat? Tom is too common and what else can we... wait... how about Tim! Timmy Tomcat! What do you think Dad?" 
A huge smile came over his face.  "I think Timmy Tomcat is purrfect my little friend."

So that is the story of my name. Timmy Tomcat of the Tomcat Home. 

Alright already Timmy. Goodness you took the whole post up!
Did not!
Did too! MOL!
My name was pretty easy fur Dad to suggest.
Way back when Dad had us in the Foster Room I lived with Rocky Raccoon, Little Buddy and Inky. Out of the four of us guess who was the wild child and your first three guesses don't count MOL. ME! 

Check me out! I can catch anything!

I was full of energy and was ready to play every time Dad came to visit us. 

I would go wild and we all had such fun

I had been called Alice. Really? Alice? MOL
I talked with Dad and we had a hard time coming up
with a  new name until one day when something happened.

You see we were all playing and I mean PLAYING! We were flipping and jumping. Rolling and thumping. Little Buddy liked climbing the cat tree and reaching out to whap at things as they flew by. That Day he got really excited and when he reached out he... FELL! Guess who he fell next to? ME! I went HISSSSS. 
Dad said "Don't have a Hissy Fit Alice. Hey, how do you like Fitz you little hissy Fitz!" I was not happy at furst and let him know: "Oh Dad that sounds so... well... um..." Then after I rolled it off my cat lips a few times I meowed: "I like it! Yes! I do like it! My name is Fitz! Miss Fitz!"

Dad really nailed my name! 
Edgy but lady like at the same time: Miss Fitz! 

So there you have how we got our names. Hope you enjoyed it. 
We can't wait to see how you got your names Tabby Cat Friends
You Betcha!

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz
Dad Pete


Just Ducky said...

Miss Fitz? Hmmm, sort of like a misfit! Nice to know how you got your names.

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

I just love your names and cannot think of another name that would suit you two any better. Your folks did well in naming you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it makes purrrfect sense that you would be Miss Fitz! There's always a reason isn't there..........!!

Hugs, Teddy and Angel Sammy