Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Newsletter

April, 2020
Hello Tabby Cat Club members………we are winding down the recruitment drive as we’ve not had much “action” in that arena but we did add a new member and you’ll hear about her below!  We are always looking for new members though so just because we aren’t having a concerted effort to recruit, doesn’t mean it’s not the PERFECT time for you to invite a tabby friend to come to the Club!   Our welcome mat is always out.
April 1 – April Fools Day
Post a photo of you tricking your humans or something you were caught doing that was bad
April 12 – EASTER celebration at the Club
An afternoon tea celebration starting at 2:00 est.
April 22 – Wordless Wednesday
April 22 – EARTH DAY
Post a photo of how you help keep our beautiful earth preserved

Tabby Cat Round Up Winner
Good news!!!   We added a new member to our Club this past month and we owe it all to our buddy and pal and fellow “Clubber” Timmy Tomcat!   He told his friend Dora whose blog “It’s a Wonderpurr Life” can be found at that we were looking to add some more tabbies to the Club and she has joined.    That means Timmy gets a special surprise for doing a good job of recruiting during the recruitment drive.     Since it’s a surprise package we can’t show you (or tell you) what’s in the surprise but we are sure Timmy will send in a photo or two of all the kitties he lives with when they take a peek at their package when it arrives.    THANK YOU TIMMY and WELCOME DORA !   

Featured Cat Hi everyone, my name is TIGGER and I'm a Grey Striped Tabby Cat. I was with my previous owner who had a lot of cats.  It was tough getting through each day as I was the runt of my litter and all the other cats pushed me out of the way so I didn't get much to eat. Fast forward to September 9, 1996, when my now Furever Mom and sister started working in Retail and quickly became friends.  After my Mom and sister lost her previous cat, she wasn't in a big hurry to get another cat but when Mom's Co-Worker and Friend got wind she might want another cat, she kept bugging Mom with stories about me. Finally, Mom decided to adopt/rescue me on September 15, 1996 and I was ever so glad she did! My new Mom and my sister had to work that day and I didn’t get to see her until that night when she arrive home. When she got home on my 1st day in my furever home, she automatically tried to find me.   She finally found me in her bedroom closet. She tried and tried to coax me out and even tried to pet me but I was way too scared and wouldn't let that happen. I eventually came out of her bedroom closet and became quick friends with Mom and the other lady in the house. Dad well... I was still leary of him. My new furever home was a lot better than my previous one and eventually Mom and her family took in and rescued/adopted a kitten. The kitten was named Daisy Mae. I was now a Senior Cat and surprisingly the kitten mellowed me and I came out to play more getting used to my now furever home.    
**Thanks for sharing the story of how Tigger came to live with you Mom Crystal!  
Tabbies don’t forget we’re always looking for new members so keep on telling your friends who are Tabbies about our Club.   Also, if you have anything special going on in your life or your family, let us know – write a little paragraph for the Newsletter if you’d like to share it.   Send it to Gracie and we’ll get it in an upcoming edition of the Newsletter.   THIS IS YOUR NEWSLETTTER remember so if you have something to say or share – this is the place to do it.
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Hugs, Teddy, Your Newsletter Repurrrrrrter


Timmy Tomcat said...

Well I do have to share that Miss Fitz helped with recruiting Dora to the TCC. Thanks so much friends. We are looking forward to seeing what wonderful goodies we get and in the mail. We will use them to help play with Dad to keep his spirits up.
Purrs TCCC
Miss Fitz

The Florida Furkids said...

ConCats to Timmy!! We've got some fun events coming up!!

Raz and Noelle

pilch92 said...

Great job reporting. And congrats to Timmy for recruiting a member.