Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Answer Your Cats' Questions Day

 Karen Jo:  Today is the day for me to answer all those questions that you have been burning to ask.
Spyro and Horus:  Why can't we go outside by ourselves and pretend to be wild kitties?

Karen Jo:  It's cold and wet out there and it's dangerous, too.  There are cars and dogs and coyotes.

Spyro and Horus:  Aww, Mom!

Oja:  Why are you always saying, "Ouch!" when I make biscuits on your lap?

Karen Jo:  Because it hurts.  You poke your claws through my pants and my skin.

Oja:  Aww, Mom.

Rocio:  Why don't you just put the treats out in a big bowl instead of making us scratch for them?  You always give treats to every cat who comes over to the treat drawer anyway.

Karen Jo:  Because it gets you to scratch on the scratchers and not on the furniture all the time.

Rocio:  We still scratch on the furniture.

Karen Jo;  I noticed.

Bambino: Why won't you just pet me when I jump up on your chest at 0-dark-thirty?  You always go back to sleep.

Karen Jo:  Sorry, Bambino, but I need my sleep, same as you do.  You don't like it when I wake you up, do you?

Bambino:  I don't really mind.  I can always sleep later.

Julius:  Why are you always trying to touch me?  You know I'll run away.

Karen Jo:  Sometimes you let me pet you.  I really want you to get used to me, so I can pick you up and hold you and cut that band off your neck that the shelter put on.  I don't want it to get too tight as you grow.


Oui Oui said...

Hee, hee! We could have asked a lot of those questions too!

Kjelle Bus said...

Good questions !
I guess my mom-persons answers to this questions would been pretty much the same :)

Timmy Tomcat said...

They really dont give good answer do they... these peeps!