Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Too many Toesies

Mickey Mouser: "See my toesies, Tommie?"

Tommie: "Enough with your toesies, Mickey. Can a guy take a nap in peace around here?"


Hannah and Lucy said...

What big pawsies you have Mickey Mouser.
Luv Lucy xx

Cherry City Kitties said...

Whappy toes!

meowmeowmans said...

Poor Tommie! Mickey's toes are cut, but NOT when you're trying to take a nap, right?



Swami Zoe said...

Oh boys! You are handsome! Me-Ommmmm

Oui Oui said...

There sure are a lot of toesies in these pix! Poly toes are fascinating!

We had an orange mancat with lots of extra toes who put them to good use by opening all kinds of doors and cabinets.

Kjelle Bus said...

Ha Ha Ha :)
Lovely action toesies !


Bev Green said...

Mickey mouser themz whappin tootsies.....goodness me poor Tommie MOL MOL Paw Pats Dinnermintz xxx

Karen Jo said...

Lots of toesies. Micky has action toes Tommie has extra toes.


Timmy Tomcat said...

You can really swing those toesies Mickey