Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Blogosphere Event~Dr. Seuss Day

The Tabby Cat Club will be participating in the Blogosphere Event Dr. Seuss Day on March 2. Bring out that inner kittie cat in you and post your favorite Seuss character with you or dress up as one and post here. See you soon!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oscars With Sammy

Oscars 2015
Getting ready to head to the Oscar action. This year I am going to be interviewing the stars for NBC . . . .
. . . Meryl Streep gave me an exclusive interview . . .
. . . backstage with Neil Patrick Harris . . .
. . . today was not all about work. I had a chance to hang out with a few of my west coast friends and introduce Sundae, my girlfriend.
Hope your favorites won the Oscar.

The Oscars with Timmy and Fiz

We were really nervous befur we arrived and seeing Sammy was
doing our intermew helped us both relax.
It sure did Timmy. He was so handsome in his tuxedo!

After some noms, which by the way Sammy were excellent, we headed into the Dolby Theater for the action.
I was so very excited

My heart about skipped a beat when Eddie Redmayne
asked if he could have a photo with this pretty kitty.

I know what you mean Fitz. Julianne Moore asked me if she
could get a souvenir photo and said her friends would never believe all the cats in attendance. 

Imagine my surprise when Timmy snuck a photo of us up on the podium!
That really was fun Miss Fitz

Timmy what a great pawty. Thanks Gracie Sammy and Raz!
Now lets settle in and enjoy the evening!

Thanks Tabby Cat Club for an amazing time!

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

It's Party Time

It's Party Time at da Oscars

Lexi: Hay y'all weez heer. Lubbin' da red karpit. It beez fit fur kweenz and ov korz I'z beez da kween ov ow howz, and Dezi beez da purrinzess. Diz beez a pawzum partee and weez soz glad weez kuld joyn in.

Dezi: Oh sissy ain't this gweat? You look bootyful in youz gown. Fanks fur hostin' such a wunnewful pawty, weez so glad to be here. We don't know much 'bout this Oscar, but hey, any chance to get all spiffied up is alwight wiff us.

Hav fun and till da nex time...............Be Blest!!!

Lubz ad Hugz and Kitty Kisses  

Lexi and Dezi

Oscars party!

Wow, the TCC looks great all decked out for the Oscars!!!

 My gal Madi and I were so excited to be interviewed by repurrter Sammy.....

Madi looked so gorgeous that I made sure we got lots of photos....

The famous Oscar statue....

Meryl Streep asked if she could have a souvenir photo with us...

Madi is the only star I'm interested in!!

Madi and I are going to grab a drink and some noms....thanks to Gracie for hosting this fun party!!!

Oscar Time 2015

TCC Oscar Party Today

Today is an exciting day as we get ready for the Oscar's tonight. 
Sammy, myself, and Raz are taking the trolley over to the Oscar Party tent.
Everyone is invited to come along.
Jeeves, Sammy butler, is waiting at the entrance to the Oscar food tent to seat you.

Just something a little something before you head over to the Oscar Dolby Theatre

Food and drinks provided for by Sammy's Catering
Now it's time to head over to the Dolby Theatre
Tubby, my boyfriend arrive and we walk the red carpet. We are both surprised when we see Sammy waiting to interview us.
Before I head into find my seat I meet up with a few of my west coats friends.
Time for the Oscars to start. Hope your favorites win!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pre~Oscar Red Carpet Event Sunday

An interview with Sammy
An interview with Sammy

Julian Moore
Nomination Best Actress in a Leading Role
Still Alice

Meryl Streep
Nomination Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Into The Woods

Bradley Cooper
Nomination Best Actor in a Leading Role
American Sniper

Eddie Redmayne
Nomination Best Actor in a Leading Role
The Theory of Everything

Dust off your formalwear and we will see you on the Red Carpet this Sunday!

Mardi Gras with TImmy and Nibbler

Nibbler and I went too the House of Blues before
heading out to the parade!

I met up with the Cat Scouts from Wally's Warriors
and rode along in our grand float designed by Austin

Have fun kitties!

Timmy Tomcat

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fevvers and Beads for Ducky

Happy Fat Tuesday from Sweden

Here in Sweden we eat Semla 
on Fat Tuesday and I have 
to admit I have eaten to many today.
So no Mardi Gras celebration for me ;-)

HERE you can read all about The semla :)

Thank´s Sammy for hosting this event !

Happy Mardi Gras from Moosey!

Hi Everybuddy! It's me, Moosey.  Didja recognize me in my Mardi Gras mask?

Big Fanks to my pal Sammy for hosting this fun and festive event!

Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll)! 

Now ... who's up for getting some more beads and King Cake? :)

Hugs and headbonks,

Moosey :)