Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter from Raz and The Florida Furkids

Happy Easter to all of my friends!!!  I hope the Bunny brought you lots of treats in your basket!!

Ellie, Allie, Cousin Trooper, Clifford, Cubby and Angels Tamir and Sniffie wish you a happy Easter too!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter & Happy Spring

What's outside? With spring slowly making it's presence known there are many changes in the happenings around the house. First of all we are on daylight savings time and that means there are hours of wake up sunlight time. Yeah! Second there are birdies returning from their long vacation south this winter . . .

. . . do you see them? Not one but two. Do you believe the size of those two birdies? Mom said they are geese. Here let me show you a close up . . .

. . . plenty of action outside now. These geese will make a nest and lay eggs. Wonder how many little geesies they will have?

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter and Happy Spring. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter EggSederGanza with Spyro and Rocio

Spyro:  Mom got out our Easter toys and Rocio and I got all excited and wanted to play with them.  Mom sprinkles the bunny with nip sometimes, otherwise we ignore it.  Its the fevver-butt birdie that we like the best.  We used to have two of those blue eggs.  They come apart and Mom puts treats in them.  One of us found out how to open the other egg, ate the treats and hid half of the egg.  Mom still hasn't found it.  Happy Easter EggSederGanza!


Wendell's Easter Eggsederganza Error

Guys, I'm sorry. I was misinformed.
When I heard the word "eggs," I thought, "Let's make a really nice Kalamata olive, sun-dried tomato, and goat cheese omelet. 

But for the omelet, I promise I used Easter eggs. Uncolored Easter eggs that I found during an Easter egg hunt. In the refrigerator.

Happy Easter!

Happy EggSederGanza from Moosey :)

Today is our pal Kizzie's Easter EggSederGanza event here at the Tabby Cat Club.  Thank you, Kizzie ... this is so much fun!  I hope you all find lots of treat-filled eggs, and have a pawsome time celebrating with your families.  Happy Easter and Chag Pesach Sameach (Happy Passover), everybuddy!

Hugs and headbonks,


Easter Eggsederganza

Hi everybody - just a reminder that it's Easter Eggsederganza today.  Feel free to visit my blog at and leave your link, or link or post here if you prefer.
Have a great Easter or Passover y'all.

It's EggSederGanza time with Raz

Today our buddy Kizzie is hosting Easter EggSederGanza!!

Mom brought out these (very tempting) Easter Eggs to photograph me with..

Don't I look cute?

How about this pose???

My more serious pose....

Okay....enough of that....let the WHAPPING begin!!!

Thanks again to Kizzie for hosting.  Remember, any Tabby Cat Club Member can host an event.  All you need to do is email me.  As Events Coordinator, I will take care of the rest!!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Socks's Spring Fling

It is with great pleasure that I welcome SPRING!!!!! I am so glad to see all the flowers again. ~Socks of Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs

Spring Fling with Raz

Today is the Spring Fling hosted by our buddy Socks.

I'm sure ready for Spring.

Thanks to Socks for hosting this fun event!!  We really DO need Spring!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Big News!


I have big news!  Huge, in fact. 

I, Nerissa, a tabby cat, made it to the finals for Best Blog Writing in the 2013 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards.  I'm so excited.  I just had to share.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

We wish you a Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to All! Today the Tomcat Family is
Going Green!

Timmy McTomcat

And may Kitty Kops keep da Tip O'da Shillelagh off'n yer head when ya hav'a wee bit too much O'da Nip! 

Have a wonderfur Day!


Timmy McTomcat


HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!   Hope everyone's havin' a great day. 

Just look at the neat picture my BFF, Herman, made for me.  It's really helpin' me get into the spirit of things, you know.

Plus...  I published a post today on Nerissa's Life that has a St. Paddy's Day theme.  It's called "adventures with Nissy" and I think it's kind of fun.  Seville joined me on this adventure, too.


Happy St Patrick's Day - Raz throws a party

Hi TCC members and other friends. Raz here!  I wanted to wish you all a Happy St Patrick's Day.  Everycat is Irish today!!!

I'm throwing a little impromptu party here at the TCC.....

Grab a green nip beer

or a Green Niptini

Help yourself to the buffet....

Don't miss out on the nip cupcakes...

and have a piece of this tuna flavored cake...

Please  join me in singing some Irish Drinking Songs for Cats!  This Tabby is into the Mother's Milk already!!!


We're going to play St Patrick's Day Trivia....

I'm so happy that Gracie took some time away from her nursing duties for her Mom to join me on the Tabby Cat Club Float....hop on...the parade is about to begin!!!

Grab a St Patrick's Day duckie on the way home....they're fun to whap!!

I hope you had fun at my party!!!  Happy St Patrick's Day!!!!



Friday, March 15, 2013

Beware Ides - A Tomcat Purrduction

*****The Fall of Rumpus O Realius*****

Awakened I was by wraiths whirling in my sleeping mind! "Timmy! Timmy Tomcat!" they cried out. "Give the land peace! End the rule of the Tyrant". I awoke with paws damp!
Clear it was that the time was nigh for a listen to the  Kitties of the Realm and their Cries Fur Justice! The Rumpus has too long held sway! His stealing of the Treats, Whacking of the heads, and, worst of all, blockage of Snuggling with the Dad had to end!
Although I held fear a call went out to Tobirus! "Come away from Gladiatorial Training Cat. We would need your sort to bolster our ranks and help cast out this scourge to the land." He did so agree! 
Such a resemblance to the Scape-Goat was uncanny. It cemented our resolve. We would CAST HIM OUT!
Et-Tu Buddy-Bud! Then Fall the Rumpus-Bump! 


Thanks fur coming to our grand purrduction!  We have a memento fur all our friends. 

Love Ya!
Timmy Tomcat

Sock's Sinister Strategy

Well first off the Mexican Jumping Bean known as Who annoyed me so I was plotting to end his reign of terror, but my machinations came to naught as Mommy stepped on him and broke his leg. Now he is confined to his crate. I likes him crated.

Then I was plotting to takes over Youngest Boy Bean's room but he came home for Spring Break so now I am sharing his room with him.

I do not seem to be very good at plotting, but I always seem to get what I want so maybe I just leads a charmed life. ~Socks

Et TU Felis?

Kittehs! It is the Day to Beware! Today IS teh KittIDES of March!

That sneaky, double-crossing day when a certain Mr. Caesar scoffed at advice to stay home, preferable Under Teh Bed.  And look where it got him. One minute; calmly going about his Dictatorial Duties, ruling with his blissfully ignorant iron fist.  The next; WHAMMO! 60 of his best homies taking him out.  23 times.
I gotta say, I am a sucker for this kind of dastardly planning.  So in honor of teh day, will share wif you my upcoming plots and schemes to deal with my many Enemies of the State and the Repressive Regimes that try to keep Sparky Spitfire down.  But not for long my friends.  Not for long...
First up - I deal wif teh Goggie Next Door.Mr. Yappy in his natural habitat I will start teh day by sauntering along the top of the fence line, close enuff to work Mr. Yaptastic into a lather of dog spit and bark-osity.  then, i will leap onto his trash cans and pretend to break my leg, or somefing.  when he lunges (as much as stubby little legs can lunge) for my throat, I shall bounce, effortlessly, off his fluffy head, knocking over all the trash cans.  Then, while he's distracted by the opportunity to trash pick,  I will prance around his yard and  look for my missing cat nip mousie. I'm pretty sure I buried it in the sand box a while ago.  
Score: Sparky - 1 catnip mousie.  Mr. Yappy - 1 "bad dog! don't eat the trash!" scolding
Next up - the Doors.  Why, on earf, would anyone build a house wif doors that shut on the wrong side of me?  Honestly.  It's like a conspiracy. Today, I will scratch a Sparky sized hole in each and every door.  Kitchen cabinets too.  I'm pretty sure I figured out the portable circular saw.  pffffftttt. If Mr. Whatsisname can get it to works, so can I. 
Score: Sparky - Ultimate Unlimited Unrestricted Roaming Privileges.  Mr. Whatsisname - clean up.
Next - The Evil Squirrel Cabal.  Why, you little...I swear to COD I'm going to get you one of these days.  Look at them - screeching at me, the little fur pigeons.  I especially hate that one that moons me from the branch directly across from the bedroom window.  Hey! I can climb trees too, you know! Oh! No you didn't! You didn't just throw that nut at me, did you? you flea-bag gangsta, just you wait...dang. They move fast. 
Score: tie.
finally - the biggest Opressor of them all - Mrs.  Whatsername, Dictator Perpetuo.  Were you aware that I am no longer allowed outside at night? At all?  And that she sleeps soundly through all my polite and subtle hints that the party is just getting started at 3:00 am?  did you know? well.  there is only so much a kitteh can take.
That is why, tonight, I will sharpen my clawsies as I watch her closely...waiting for just the right moment - that interval of teh sleep cycle when she drifts off on a puffy cloud to dream land wif someone called Johnnie thanks to Temple of Cats for the picture! (not, let me repeat, NOT Mr. Whatsisname) and then CRASH! Oh. I'm sorry.  Did you need that mirror?  well, mebbe not.  mebbe i did you a favor.  frankly, you are not aging quite as nicely as Mr. Deep, you knows. 21 Jump street is sooooooo last century, woman, and so are you. Oh! how's that? you are tired of all my lip? fine. let me out.   
score: Sparky - 1 mighty blow for truth and justice.  Mrs. Whatsername: 1 cold sobering splash of reality
Okay, Kittehs! as you can see, I have another bizy day.  WHAT will you be doing today, my Co-Conspirators?  What eva it is, make sure it's a good and fiendish.  Vive La Revolution!

The Kittides of March

I am ashamed to show you this 

but it is my biggest enemy.

Mum loves her Dyson and praises it as 
 it noisily steals all my furs and eats them.

She tells me I am a silly girl but I'm scared
it will want my whiskers too or even worse

my tail!

Beware the Ides!

I want to thank our great furriend Sparky for this wonderful IDEa!  I love messing with the mom's mind, and now I have a reason to do it every month.

Recently I started taking the mom's spot whenever she gets up from her seat or her place in bed.  If she's gone long enough for me to jump up, then its fair game!  I look her straight in the eye with an innocent expression for that special touch.  Of course, I love rejecting food I ate yesterday and giving her spasms trying to figure out what to feed me.

My all time favorite is messing up her "photography",
such as it is.  
Here I'm chillaxing on my favorite scratchers
in a mess of my own making, next to my food dish.

 Drat that woman!
Usually I turn my head and refuse to look at the flashy box,
but today I'll show her how happy I am.

I'm purring and rubbing up a storm, just for her!

The language! 
It doesn't bother me 
you had to delete 4 pictures in a row
cause they were so bad.
I'll just wait patiently while you delete 
then start rubbing for you again when you are ready. 

Did you just tell me to stop rolling around like a SLUG?

  Hee, hee, hee!

Have I had enough of this little game yet?

Yup, time to enjoy the sun.

I can't wait to see all the IDEas
you kitties have for irritating your parents
and putting a few in practice.

Head bonks & kitty kisses,
Oui Oui
Twinkletoe Tails