Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Party!

Welcome to our Tabby Cat Club New Year's Eve Party!   

Grab an edible, nip covered, favor on the way in...

Photo Courtesy of Gracie
 Doesn't the table look pawsome?
Photo Courtesy of Gracie
 No party would be complete without New Years Eve Drinks...there are even milk ones for the youngsters.

Photo Courtesy of Gracie
 That whipped cream looks delicious...

Photo Courtesy of Raz

Take a pair of New Years 2014 glasses....
Photo Courtesy of Gracie
Enjoy the good noms....  There's a shrimp and salmon appetizer...
Photo Courtesy of Raz
    Bacon Pops - a favorite of our pal Sammy...
Photo Courtesy of Raz
And lots more on the buffet table...

Photo Courtesy of Raz
Doesn't the fish cake look nommy?  You can see the nip is generously sprinkled on top....

Photo Courtesy of Raz

Gracie and Raz are already at the table....
Photo by Gracie

The Band is starting....

Photo Courtesy of Raz

Cat Nip Juice sure makes everyone want to sing in the New Year....

Photo Courtesy of Raz

This Tabby's been working hard to purrfect his rendition of Auld Lang Syne

Remember to drink responsibly though....you don't want to end up like these Hooligans...

Photo Courtesy of Raz

If you do have too much to drink or a bit too much nip, please use the teleporter to go home..

Photo by Raz
Don't forget to take a cupcake on the way home.....

We hope you had a super New Year's Eve and that 2014 will be a healthy and happy year, filled with treats and love and happiness.

Gracie and Raz

"Cat"-a-gore-ically-" Purrfect New Year's Advice for my Tabby Cat Pals


Just wanted to share some of my pearls of wisdom for the coming year!!!


Love, Cody

Monday, December 30, 2013

Wishing our Tabby Freinds a purrfect Mew Year

Pickles and I wish ev-furryone a wonderfuls Mew Year..

New Years Eve Party

Hi TCC members.....don't forget that tomorrow is our BIG New Year's Eve party!  Gracie and I hope to see you all here.  Come as you are, enjoy the party and stay as long as you'd like.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmouse from Derby and Ducky

Merry Christmas Kitties~

Hey Guys!

It's a Silver Christmas, get it? hehe

silver christmas


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas to the Tabby Cat Club

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful friends here at the Tabby Cat Club.  I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted...treats...toys....good noms.

Please click to biggify

Did you know I got a job as a sign spinner to earn green papers for Christmas????  Please be patient, the video takes a few seconds to load....

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from Moosey (and my sisfurs) :)

Merry Christmas to the entire Tabby Cat Club! :)

Thank you for being such great friends, and for always making me feel so welcome here.

Big hugs, and wishes for the happiest of holidays,

Moosey (and my sisfurs Gracie and Zoe, and Mom Tracey and Dad Kevin, too)

Twas the Tabbies before Christmas...

...and all through the house, mom and dad were stirring, and baking, and wrapping, and... well you get the idea.

Since mom had a moment this morning, we thought we would send our special Holiday wishes to all our friends and loved ones in the club, the blogosphere and everywhere in the world.  We consider our best gifts this year are the gifts of fun, laughter, family (honorary ones too!) and love (especially the cute ginger tabby kind.... *Dexter, hush, I'm being sentimental here... geesh*).  ANYWAY...

So whatever you celebrate, wherever you celebrate and however you celebrate (remember, Axial Tilt is the REAL reason for the season! MOL!)  we send the best and brightest wishes to you and yours.

All our love...


and Dexter

Meowy Catmas Eve

Meowy Catmas Eve from Sonora & Chili Pepper, and all the Purries of Purrchance To Dream.
No one should be alone on Christmas Eve, so our own Little Isis is helping to host the Hot(M)BC  8th Annual Catmas Eve Chatzy Party.  It is from 3pm EST to 3am EST.
Everyone is invited, and Little Isis will be hosting from 6pm EST to midnight, so we hope you can pop in to Chatzy and say Hello and Merry Christmas!

Please join my brother, Seville, and me in a Christmas adventure!

Come along to the North Pole with us in "home in time for Christmas" on Nerissa's Life.  It promises to be a fun time for all.


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  And to all, a good night.  purrs

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Happy Holidays! Me-Ommmmm

Me-Ommmmm Efurryone! Thank you efurryone who pawticipated in the Yoga Purrrfections Event. It was pawesome fun! If you missed out, do scroll down to learn so many excellent yoga and meditation practices to help you through the winter!

Only ten days left until Christmas Eve and Yule Celebrations! As my our gift to our Secretary Clicky-fingers Mama, Me and Brofur Ku at Haiku By Ku will be taking a bloggy break. In the meantime I am going to work on new Yoga Asanas furr all of you!

Have a lovely and blissful Christmas, Yuletide, and Holiday Season all my wonderful bloggy furriends and and yoga devotees! Me-Ommmmm

First Big Snow

Today is the first measurable snowfall of year at my place.
You can see that I am taking advantage of our snow day by hang out and catching some much needed zzzzs. I am laying on my really soft blankie right next to mom's chair. Oh it gets better than this . . .

. . . you see my blankie is placed over the heat register that is on the floor. The mom here knows just how to take such good care of me. I am going to really enjoy this weekend as I have heard that the folks are going no where today and tomorrow. Yeah! I say bring o the snow.

Have a safe and restful weekend.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Charlie Rascal do the Yoga

This is the Yoga position 
is called Collapsed Cat :)

and this Yoga position is called 
Fluffy Tummy Exposure

and this Yoga position is called 
Leave me alone Mom !! *mol*

Thank´s Swami Zoe for hosting this 
FUN event !

Yoga Kitty

I can never remember the names of all the poses,
but I love to show my Buddha Belly!

Here I have a little help from The Girl.

My favorite Buddha pose
with leg and toe stretch.

Downward Kitty On Dirty Laundry.

Box Balasana?

A little more help . . .
   . . . and a Skyward Ananda Balasana?

Now for the best pose of all!

Thanks to Swarmi Zoe 
for such an enlightening event!

Oui Oui 

Yoga Purrfections with Gracie

A bit THANK YOU to Swami Zoe for hosting this fun event! I feel so at peace today from the yoga lessons I have learned to practice.
Love and peace be with you today.

Moosey's Yoga Purrfections! :)

Hi everybuddy! It's me, Moosey! Fanks to my buddy Swami Zoe for holding this really awesome and relaxing event.  You know, I learned lots about yoga from my angel brother Sammy.  I sure do miss him (and so do Mom and Dad).

Here are Angel Sammy and me, practicing partner meditation and Parsvashavasana (side corpse pose).  And in a sunpuddle, too! :)

And here I am, more recently, in the Balasana (kitten pose).

Ahhhhhhh. I'm feeling warm and refreshed now. And ready to check out all my Tabby Cat Club friends' yoga practices!  As Swami Zoe would say, "Me-Ommmmm," everybuddy!

Hugs and headbonks,