Saturday, February 29, 2020

March Newsletter

MARCH 2020
Hello Tabbies!   Our recruiting drive continues and so far we’ve had two new members and are hoping to add more to the list of new members to the Club.  We will extend our wanted tabby cats through March. Please be on the lookout for tabby cats and invite them to join. Remember if the tabby cat that you invite joins the club your name will go into a drawing for a prize.  We’re also continuing to get our email list cleaned and cleared up – if you are getting our newsletters and emails and wish to be removed, please let Gracie know.    We don’t want to load up your inbox with unwanted notices!     Also, if you aren’t interested in being in the TCC any longer but know a Tabby who might be – please have them visit the Club and let us know.
March Events
March 2 – “Dr. Seuss Day”
Dess up as your favorite Seuss Character
March 4  – “Caption This”
March 17 – “St Patrick’s Day Party &
The Wearing of the Green for St. Patrick’s Day”
March 25 – “Celebrating Spring” 
Post of photo of how you will celebrate spring
  (first day of official Spring is March 20!)

Featured Cat For March ~Teddy

Hi fellow Tabby Cat Club members!  You know me – I’m your Repurrrrter for this very newsletter and I have the honor of being your Featured Tabby this month.   Kind of cool for me because know what?   My 4th birthday is March 4th.    I’m so happy to be part of my family and here’s a little about how I came to be here.
Mom and Dad visited our local shelter about four months after my Angel brother, Sammy (who is an Angel TCC member) went to the Rainbow Bridge.   They were excited to see a little 11 month old ginger boy (ME) available for adoption and I charmed them into adopting me right then and there.    The shelter didn’t have any information on me other than someone had brought me in as a stray.    Mom has always thought that I might have been a barn cat baby – there are tons of horse farms in my area – I do absolutely LOVE to be outside so maybe that’s true.  The other funny thing about me when they got me home is that I would NOT drink water out of a bowl.   I insisted on drinking from the sink or faucet and all this time has passed and I still won’t drink from a bowl.    Mom bought some steps that go up to the bathroom sink so I can get up there myself for water and every morning she fills one of the two sinks in the bathroom with nice fresh water for ME! 
I go for walks on a harness/leash with either Mom or Dad and I love my yard – we have woods and trails and lots of leaves and downed trees.  Lots of stuff to explore.   We have bird feeders and see deer, squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, and even birds (!) using the feeders and I really love to watch all the activity. 
I’m a big boy – 23 lbs.  – my doctor says I’m a very BIG boned cat and while he has put me on a prescription weight maintenance food, it’s not a diet food because he doesn’t think I’m FAT – just BIG!   
I’m happy to be in the Club and I hope more kitties will join us – it’s fun to have special days for posting and we do a LOT of activities.   I encourage all tabbies who aren’t members to get in touch with Gracie at the link on the TCC website and GET STARTED with us!! 

New Members
Tigger, you can visit and welcome her at
Andy, you can visit and welcome him at the club.

Fun Facts About Dr. Seuss

He wrote under several different names. His real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel and he used several pennames, including: Theo LeSieg (“Geisel” spelled backwards), Rossetta Stone, Theophrastus Seuss, and (of course) Dr. Seuss.
· He was not a doctor. He added the title “doctor” before Seuss (his mother’s maiden name) while in college to lend credibility to his writings and characters, and in reaction to his father’s wish that his son would get a doctorate.
· He won several major awards, including: two Academy Awards, two Emmy Awards, the Pulitzer Price, the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award and a Peabody Award.
· He wrote Green Eggs and Ham on a dare. Ted Geisel’s publisher bet that Geisel couldn’t write a book using only 50 different words. In an effort to make learning to read more exciting for kids, he wrote a silly tale about a picky eater (a common complaint of many parents) and a fellow who won’t take “No” for an answer. The result? Green Eggs and Ham.
· Many of his stories touch on complex social and political themes, some of which were controversial in their day, long before that was the “in” thing to do in children’s books.

As I mentioned, we continue to work on getting the mailing list updated but need your help to do that.    Please send a note to Gracie if you want off the list. 
We’re always looking for suggestions (and hosts!) for events every  month too – want to host something FUN for all of us to attend?   Let Gracie know – we love celebrating and we love fun so if you have an idea and want to run with it – we want to hear about it OK?

See you in April!

Teddy, Your TCC Repurrrrter…………….

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Looking Forward by Tigger


Laser Eyes by Tigger

LASER EYES TIGGER on my bed with a White stuffed Cat named Snow Puff, A White Polar Bear and a Teddy Bear on a Red Heart. TIGGER'S saying, I'm using my LASER EYES so I can see you better.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Timmy and Fitz's Laser Eyes

Where is that silly Timmy? I better turn on the lasers. Nope still missing.

I ate the last of the Treats so Miss Fitz is looking to give me a Meowing too.
Oh gosh I have to turn off my Lase.....
THERE you are!

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Gracie's Laser Eyes

 I command . . . 
 . . . winter be gone!!

Teddy's Lasers!

I Love My Lasers!

I have my lasers on almost every time Mom gets the flashy box out to take my photo.    Sometimes they are brighter than other times but Mom says they look just a little bit SPOOKY! 

See what I mean?   Those lasers are always on (unless I'm sound asleep of course).

Love, Teddy

Laser Eyes: Cooper Murphy

This is the only photo of me with Lasers on that Mom could find. She could not find one of my brofur, Sawyer. So it's just me joining you today.

Purrs, Cooper Murphy

Noelle's Lasers!

Lasers...I've got 'em!

Raz has lasers!

I like to put on my lasers when I ride my turtle!!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine's Day Party 2020

Raz, Teddy and Gracie would like to welcome you to the Tabby Cat Club Valentine's Day  Party.

We have lots of Valentines Day drinks....
Drinks by Raz
As well as non-alcholic ones for the kittens...
Drinks for minors
Grab a plate...
Plates by Raz
And enjoy some noms...

. . .  little Heart to Heart brunch.  

Brunch by Teddy


Snacks by Teddy

Sweets for the sweet?? 

Desserts by Gracie
Chocolate Fountain by Teddy

Don't forget to take a party favor home with you....
Party Favors From Raz & Gracie
There are red roses for all the ladies - don't forget to take one or two with you!

For those of you who would like something romantic and more private Teddy, Gracie and Raz  have done a little research to help you.

You could go for a balloon ride
Graphic by Gracie

Or take a nice snooze in front of the fireplace...

Graphic by Raz

Or head to the beach
Graphic by Gracie 

Don't go yet......we have a great way to end this party!  Raz, Teddy and Gracie have chartered a luxury liner for a Valentines Day sunset cruise.  Hop on (feel free to bring your drinks) and enjoy the ride!!

Remember how much fun we had last time we did this?   Here's a photo of our last Valentines Day Sunset cruise!
Graphic by Raz

We hope you enjoyed the party!  Stay as long as you like, the noms and drinks will be flowing until the last tabby leaves!

Before you go, please make sure and take a copy of our special Valentine's Pawticipation Badge so you can show it off on your blog or Facebook, etc.    You want the world to know you were here at the TCC to celebrate right? 

Participation Badge by Teddy


See below for other Valentine's posts.

Happy Valentine's Day

From my house to yours, wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day.

Love these folks sooooooooo much. 

Valentine's Day with Mum

Here is me with mum. You can't see her face but she says that is OK. Pic is from yesterday while I was getting lots and lots of love from mum on my Gotcha Day.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Go purr on those you love.

Valentine's Day With Family

Happy Valentine's Day!

As always, I spend Valentine's Day with my Mom and Dad

My Dad and I go out for a walk in my front yard often - this photo is of me when I was a lot younger (and smaller).    Dad and I like to walk around the whole yard together and that's a lot of walking!

I'm a lot bigger in this photo and trust me - Mom had to sort of "force" me to sit in her lap because while I adore my Mom, I am not and never have been a lap kitty.   I will let her pick me up and hold me for about two minutes max (!) so this was a rare moment indeed!

I can't imagine anything more wonderful than being a member of this family.  My Mom and Dad play with me every day, I follow them around everywhere they go but also like my own space.    We are a close family and THEY are my forever Valentines !!


Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines from Timmy, Fitz and Family

Dad tried taking another photo but...
Did he break the camera?
No, but close MOL
Happy Valentines Day Friends

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Happy Valentine's Day from Raz and Noelle

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Gotcha Day Party

Impromptu party starting right now! Why? My Gotcha Day. Me and mum have been together now for 10 years! Woohoo.

Join in for some foods and drinks!
 Here are the first two  pics mum took of me at the shelter. Me still in my compartment with bars between us and then me quietly resting on top of a play cube.
 Mum knew I was a bit quiet, but she felt I would be friendly. I wasn't hissing or pulling away from her. I let her touch me and her touch was gentle and kind.
So once I got home and was out of the carrier? I headed right UTB, but mum got down on the floor and just talked softly to me and I decided I didn't need to hide.
Before long I was posing nicely for pics, soaking up all the love that mum gives me. It has been a good 10 years. We have been through lots and lots of stuff together, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.