Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Wishing all my furriends a Happy Halloween!  Cat Scouts is holding a party and my patrol is the host patrol.  Here I am in costume

The Tabby Cat Club Halloween Party

Happy Halloween Tabby Cat Club members!  Welcome to my Halloween Party!!   I sure hope you're ready for a spooky but fun time!!

Don't mind these guys....they came WAY too early....

Help yourself to a niptini

 or some milk if you're still a kitten..

Head on over to the buffet table....

Grab a seat at the table...

Photo by Gracie

We have lots of ham and cheese....if you dare!

Here's a tuna dish you can really sink your teeth into.....

For dessert we have nip flavored cookies....

and, of course, Litter Box Cake.

When you've had your fill, there are lots of great games to play.

Mummy bowling is always a favorite...

THoE through the pumkins is a great way to work off some of those great noms. Gracie and I will go first to show you how...

  Don't forget to find out What your Halloween Name is!....
Game courtesy of Gracie
Pin the nose on the Pumpkin is fun too....

Stay as long as you'd like but before you leave grab a favor bag.....

and a black cat nip pop....

I hope you had fun at my Halloween Party!  Thanks for coming and Happy Halloween!

                              Hello Kitty-Happy halloween

Happy Meow-o-leen From Lola!

hope you all have a SPOOKTACULAR Meow-o-leen! 

Happy Halloween From Samantha, Clementine, & Maverick

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the 3 tabbies of 15andmeowing!

A Scary Halloween: Timmy & Fitz

Happy Halloween Friends!

We brought some special cupcakes. Our witch friend is jumping  with joy as she got  the purrfect
amount of Nip in the recipe.
Have one, they are To Die For!
Good one Miss Fitz
Thank Timmy 


Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Happy Halloween from Ducky

Mum is nice, she doesn't make me wear costumes or do stuff to me to scare me. So here is a pic of just little ol' me. Orich is the color of pumpkins!

Happy Halloween from Cats of Wildcat Woods

Tabitha is dressed as a Princess today.  We wanted to join in with you guys since we are not posting on our blog even tho we LOVE Halloween.  We lost our Minnie on Thursday and Mom wants the post to stay up as the main post for a few days.

So ...wishing y'all wonderful and spooky Halloween from all of us at Wildcat Woods!

Happy Halloween TCC!

Happy Halloween TCC!
We are here and ready to Party!

Marty: I am the White Rabbit this year, hope you can keep up with me!

Ralphie: I am the Mad Catter! But I have lost my tea pot! Have you seen it?

We brought some mouse cookies, please help yourself.

Anyone interested in a spot of nip tea?

Ralphie: Ha! There is my teapot!

Happy Halloween All! 
Thanks Raz for hosting this fantastic pawrty!!!!

Marty and Ralphie

Happy MEOWloween from Moosey!

Happy MEOWloween, Everybuddy! 

Gracie, Zoe and I, trick-or-treating

Fanks, Raz, for hosting this rocking Tabby Cat Club party! This is so much fun!
I get to be a LION this year! :)
My family and I hope you all have a happy and SAFE Halloween.

Hugs and headbonks, Moosey :)

Boooo! Happy Halloween!

Well, it's that time again........time for our humans to dress us up in ridiculous costumes (or photoshop us into them!) and HAVE SOME FUN!

This year Mom didn't DARE try to put clothes on me so we resorted to Pizap for this lovely creation....I look SCARY don't I ?
Actually I look hilarious but that's OK.   I don't mind.   If my Mom is entertained by seeing me like this then it's fine with me.............

I will do what I always do on Halloween.......when the doorbell rings I'll run for the basement stairs (which are close to the front door!) and sit on the very top stair and peek out the door at whoever is there........truthfully I enjoy seeing the little kids in their costumes getting treats from my Mom!   They don't scare me a bit.   I like that they enjoy seeing the "SAMMY" pumpkin my Dad carves every year and has on the front porch.  The kids always say "we're glad you have a cat pumpkin again" - OF COURSE WE DO - we do every single year !!

A Halloween without this tradition just wouldn't be a Halloween at all!

May you enjoy your Halloween safely INSIDE your house where you can watch all the fun without being in any danger.......we always worry about outside kitties this time of year...........and who knows - maybe you'll get a TREAT like the kids are getting (only not candy!).

Thanks for hosting this "tons of fun" Halloween party Raz!

Hugs, Sammy Scissorpaws

Happy Halloween

A big THANK YOU to Raz for hosting our 2015 Halloween Party.

Hope I didn't scare you too much
I was to dress up in a real costume but I didn't cooperate with the mom. Sooooo I dressed up as Wednesday, the little girls in the Addams family. Sammy, Raz, and Allie dressed up as the rest of the family so I wouldn't be alone in the haunted house.

Would anyone like to walk with me through the corn maze? I am sure there is nothing to be afraid of.

If the corn maze scares you I brought a bouncy haunted house to play in.

Having such a lovely time at Raz's Halloween party.

If you need some more Halloween treats I brought some to share.

Be careful out there tonight. You never know what could happen.

Socks & Scylla say Happy MeowOWeen

ATCAD wishes everyone a Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween

I sure hope you all enjoy the TCC party!  I'm glad that Mom made me a costume that is not only fun but TASTY!!

nom nom nom

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy National Cat Day

This is a belated Happy Cat Day due to that foolish hooman.
I furgive him since he got us nice Sleepy Balls.

It is great to be a cat and whiffie the wash to our hearts content

I love napping. Except when I have fun hi-jinx that is.

NIP! What a great gift cats have in that fine herb.

Yep, it is great to be a cat Timmy
Purrrrrr, sure is Fitz, sure is

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz