Saturday, August 29, 2015

The tabbies from 15andmeowing here- KaChoo was Mom's first kitty and she loved her very
much. She had her from 1994- 2010. We all miss her very much. She would have been in the tabby cat club with us.

Rainbow Bridge Rememberance day at the TCC

Hello evfurry..we are sorry we are late with our post ..again..
Today we want to remember those furries that we have said goodbye to in the many years since Mum and Dad have been on this earth..they are super they have sadly said goodbye to many special friends..
Thankyou to Miss Ann from Zoolatry for this lovely badge..

Mums first pet was a Galah called Cliffy..this is Mum and Cliffy..she also had a Cockatoo which she has gone totally blank on and cannot remember his name.
Dad's first doggie was an Airedale Terrier called Tess..she looks super sweet!
Mum's first doggie was a Cockerspaniel called Tammy...even though he was a boy MOL..Mum could not find his picture and got super nuts looking for it...he was her best friend in the whole world

This is Dad with Teddy the Airedale..Dad loved Teddy and Mum knew Teddy too..he was super sweet..Dad cannot remember the kittens name..he was always bringing kittens home MOL...his Mum was not to impressed..

This is Charlie..he was Mum and Dad's first Kitty together..he had a cool collection of xmas baubles and milk rings behind the couch..Mum and Dad lost him when he got out and was hit by a car..
When Mum was pregnant with her first baby her and Dad had Choko..he was a super guy! a typical panther and a real good detector of earthquakes!
They also had Shaggy as well..she was very sweet but a terrible escape artist...
Mum and Dad had to rehome them with Dads brother when they moved as they were not allowed any pets..we still do not know where they went as they escaped and were not found again..Mum and Dad were heart broken.

Fast forward many years and Mum and Dad finally decided they could have more pets and keep them.
On the left is Roxy..she was a beautiful ginger girl who they found pregnant..she gave birth to one kitten..on the right is Squash her kitten ..another ginger they are with one of Mums twins Chris..he is now 28..boy..
Roxy also escaped and was killed by a car..Mum was shattered..and so was Dad..
Squash lived to be 16 years old..

Simba was a beautiful boy ..he was a real character but he was shot and killed and Mum and Dad were so upset they sold the house and moved to where we are now!

Sweet girl Squash before she left for the bridge..she was a bit cranky and not too smoochy unless it was on her terms.
This is Basil..he broke Mums heart when dogs killed him and his Mum Rosemary had to be put to sleep because of the doggies too..
Basil and his Mum Rosemary..

This is Merlin McTavish..Mum's heart kitty..he died from FIV at the age of 8...Mum lost her best friend when he left.

This is Eich ..he was a lovely smoochy Rottweiler..he was very funny..he cocked his leg on a police radar one day..Mum was very he is with our human brothers and sister many years ago...Mum and Dad lost him to Liver failure at the age of was a year or so later that Doc entered the family..
We miss them all and include as well a budgie called Pete..some tropical fishes...hermit crabs..and a bunny Mum once had a little girl.
Merlin Mc Tavish teaching Marbles all about gentle..
Thankyou for letting us share our special friends here and gentle hugs to everyone ..paw pats Dinnermintz and Pickles xxx

Friday, August 28, 2015

Remembering Derby

 Fall flowers and warm sun while sitting in the windows. Gingerness all around.
Doing his best Sarah Palin impression. Did you know he ran for Vice President with Chey way back in 2008! Yep he did.

Miss you Derby. Love you always.

We Remember …

Nicky, Autumn, Faith and Byg Tyn aka Chizzy today and always.

We also remember the Calico family: Gertrude, Tippy, Hope, Fred, and Rusty. We won’t forget Scruffy and her family Syssiknife and Wendell C. They are all part of our extended family.

Always in our hearts.

TW just remembered that Nicky went to the RB almost to this date 10 years ago and the keyboard is all wet. He’ll always be her heart cat. 

Love Lives Furever

Well today we cided to join da blogosphere in memberin’ those who came afur and awe now lost. We don’t believe in da rainbow bwidge, but we do believe in God and heaven. Now in meez showrt 5 and a half years meez lost many furiends dat weez met here but me duns’t know loss like mommy and sissy. So today sis Lexi’s gunna be tellin’ ‘bout da luv dat da world no longer knows.


Faynkz Dezi. Weez not like to dwell on da loss as it’s very draynin’ and negative, so stead weez gunna commemorayt da lives of those dat held a place in our hearts. I’z lost 3 brofurs in minez 16 yearz. And weez told ya’ a little ‘bout ‘em in udder posteez. But we never talk ‘bout da sisfur I’z lost. See I’z was born one of a litter of 3. I’z had a brofur and sisfur littermayt. Mommy took us awl in and lubbed us very much. But as you know ifin youz read our blog or followed us on facebook, our birthz were anyfin’ but normal. Minez brofur was froewn onto da grass and I’z was froewn into da wooden fence. Our littermate sisfur was froewn onto da cement patio of da yard we was born at. By da age of 2 weeks it waz evident dat she had brayn damage. Mommy fawt so hard to keep her alive but at 3 weeks old minez littermayt gave up and didunt wanna fight anymore. So mommy took her to da VET and sent her off too heaven. Now I’z’ll be honezt and tell ya’ I’z didunt really know her and so I’z not miss her, but mommy finkz of herz offen.


And of course there’z da furzt Service Cat mommy had, Shad. I’z idunt know her neeber, but she iz a grayt inspirayshun fur those of us dat came after her. She only lived a very short 5 years, but she lubbed and waz lubbed a lifetime afur she left this world. She left her mark on mommys heart and in hers life. And then there’s my brofur, Devon. Himz took me in and taught me everyfin’ himz knew. When himz got da brayn tumor and had to go to heaven I’z really missed him. I’z didunt understand why himz had to go away. But I’z will awlwayz member himz lub and acceptance.


And then there was minez brofur Lucky. Only 28 dayz older than me, we kulda been littermaytz. We grew up togedder and learned to be service cats togedder and changed homez many timez wiff mommy togedder. Oh how I’z missed minez brofur Lucky when himz went to heaven a short 5 yearz after our birthz. Fur many yearz Christmas was nebber da saym. But time healz da broken heart and knowin’ himz wazn’t hurtin’ or sufferin’ anymore mayd lozin’ him eazier to bear. Himz luv lives on fru mommy and me.


Lastly I’z lozt sweet Ransom. He waz such a sweet boy and his life was far too short. But in himz short life he knew da luv of da agez frum mommy and me. Himz waz smart az a whip and charmed awl da peepz who met him. Himz fierce fightin’ spirit will live on furever az long az we member.


I habz known a lot of loss in minez yearz here, but I’z also known a lot of lubz. Those who came afur and have gone on to our mansion in heaven will a;ways be missed. But their lives and luv left a never endin’ mark on all those they touched. We will nebber furget them. Their legacies live on in me and in Deztinee and all those dat will come after us. I’z lubz minez mommy berry much and Dezi too. I’z nebber wanna leave them. But I’z habz a feelin’ I’z won’t know anymore loss, but stead sis Dezi will have to help mommy fru it. Minez body iz getting’ old and fingz don’t alwayz work rite anymore. But I’z left minez mark and will keep rite on duin’ it till God callz me to heaven to join all those I’z sed goodbye to. I’z not eaten in da lazt 2 dayz again, and so mommy of course iz worried. any purrayerz you kuld spare wuld fur shur be purreshayted. Youz know mommy dusn’t habz much money, but she givez ebberfin’ she haz to us. Epic, unconditional, unending luv iz what mayd each of us choose mommy az our very own. 1 day or 100 yearz wiff mommy feelz like a lifetime. I’z been very blezt to habz da life I’z have and so were all those we celebrate today. I’z wuldn’t change minez life fur anyfin’ in da world and I’z know da udderz wuld say da same. Love Lives on Furever!!!


Fank you sissy, but don’t you be finkin’ ‘bout goin’ anywhere, mommy and me need you too much. And yous so wight, weez awe very blest to have da lives we do. Purrlease just member dat luv knows no bounds and will as sissy sez, liv on furever and ever.


Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


 Dezi and Lexi

Rainbow Remembrance Day 2015


My family
Opus, Roscoe, & Anya (nephews & niece)
Muffett & Sassy (my sisters before me)

So many we have loved family and and friends that have run off to the bridge. They changed our life for knowing them and are forever close to us in our hearts and thoughts.

Run free dear ones. You are free of pain and the hurts that you have here. Until we meet again. <3
I will never forget or stop loving you.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day 2015

We are joining today in Remembrance Day here at the TCC

Oskar the Samoyed is He who came before all of us. He was Mom's Heart Dog.

Oskar came into Mom's life in Colorado when he was a baby.

He was a part of everything the family did. He and Mom were always together.

He was a happy boy even into his twilight years. It has been 6 years, but Mom still misses him every day.
Hope you are getting lots of "num nums" while you are waiting at the Bridge!

Sending you Love from The Gang
Marty and Ralphie

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Thank you Miss Ann from Zoolatry for this beautiful event badge!

My Mom has had many fur children in her life but not a lot of photos of them as cameras weren't always handy and people weren't as "in to" taking pictures of their pets as they are these days.

But before there was ME in her life, there was a cat named Eddy.   Eddy was a stray who lived in my Mom and Dad's old neighborhood and he'd been a "neighborhood cat" since his family just abandoned him when they moved away.   This happens WAY TOO often we know, and it happened to him.  But he was fed by a lot of people in the neighborhood - including my Mom.   He had a decent life but no home.   He'd stop by for a visit frequently and loved to be petted.   Soon he was at Mom and Dad's house almost ALL THE TIME and would come inside to sleep.   That's when Mom knew that Eddy (which was what she'd always called him) was HERS.

Eddy was about 8 years old when Mom first took him to the vet to get a checkup.  So he was already older when Mom adopted him.    My Mom and Dad built a home out in the country and Eddy would go with them every weekend to check on the progress of the builders......and soon they all moved into the house where I live now.   Eddy had four more years of home sweet home before he became very sick and left for the Bridge.............but I really do wish I'd known him.   Mom says he was a very sweet cat - like me - but Eddy was lucky enough to actually be a character in my Mom's mystery novel "The Mystery of David's Bridge" and unless Mom writes a sequel and puts ME in it, I'll never be the STAR that Eddy was...............

Mom and Dad still miss Eddy..........and one day when it's my turn to go to the Bridge, I'm going to get to meet him myself - something tells me we will be VERY good friends......and we can share stories of "life with Mom and Dad" !!!!  
I'm not ready to go yet though!!!! 

Today we all will remember the furry critters from our lives who we have loved and lived with until their names were called out at the Bridge gate..........we know it's a beautiful place but our hearts ache for just one last day we'll get the chance for that and more.

Thanks to Zee and Zoey for starting this remembrance day and for having a Facebook page for memories as well:

Please don't leave before you take your pawticipation badge for posting here at the TCC today!

Love to all,

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

I really appreciate we can remember our Angels here at the Tabby Cat Club Timmy
Me too Miss Fitz. It really helps us when they visit us in our dreams and teach us to be better cats. We love them all!

Ming the Malevolent was named after the character from Flash Gordon. She was Dads first heart kitty and simply appeared at his parents home when he was 16. She was a great hunter and my kind of cat

Pee Girl was Dads next heart kitty. She loved siting  on Dad when he was home relaxing or laying on him while he slept. She loved having babies (before we all knew better) and was not happy without kit. Purrs Sweet Girl. RB 11/99

Big Head Stinker was Dads Finance's cat. He was not neutered until 10 years old and it took Dad saying how he would then stop spraying. He would patrol the around the property every two hours like a full time job. Dad loved that big guy. He passed in Dads arms the day before the 4th of July, 2006

Amber was Dad's Mom and sisters cat.  What a smile she had. She lived outside and would meet Dad every time he came home to the top apartment that was built onto Moms home. Dad took her inside and cared for her during her last months and he felt that was a great reward RB 06/07

Coco was Dad's mothers cat. He was an outside/inside kitty of his own design. He would sneak out the back, come around the front and ask to be let back in. After Dad's Mom passed Coco moved inside with Dad and had great fun playing with Timmy Toby and Inky. Love you buddy.
RB 7/09

Inky, Inky Dink, Inky was with Dad for 22 wonderful years. We called him the self-petting cat as he would run up close and when you reached to pet him he would rub against something like crazy right out of reach. Timmy and Toby and Dad kept a vigil with Inky and he passed quietly. We love you little guy RB 12/07

Thanks for taking the time to meet our Angels. They are forever loved and in our hearts.
Right Miss Fitz. Please stop by our blog to read a bit more on each of these wonderful, special cats. Tomcat Commentary by Tim

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Rainbow Bridge Remberance Day August 28th

Mr. Tigger & Ariel!
Mom's First Kitties!
Clementine Was Mom's 
First Orange Kitty Girl!
We Miss Her Lots!
Mr. Maverick
He Was The Best Puppy Ever!
He is Truly Missed! 

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance day

We want to remember sweet Angel Tamir since he was a Tabby Cat Club member long before I came around.

Angel Tamir was one of the first 100 members of the TCC.  Angel Tamir and Gracie had a special relationship and Tamir was definitely head over heels over Gracie.  Their first date was the Debutante Ball....

There was a fun trip to Australia....

And they enjoyed being pirates...

They really were a special couple.  A relationship you find once in a blue moon.

We really miss the Big guy.

To see our other Angels, please click HERE to visit our blog.