Friday, August 31, 2012

Neil Armstrong

Neil Alden Armstrong
August 5, 1930-August 25, 2012
Neil Armstrong, the first man that stepped on the face of the moon, will be put to rest this Friday. How appropriate that the Blue Moon will appear in the sky tonight. A Blue Moon is a rare occassion with the next one being July 2015.

I salute a brave pioneer in America's space program, you are a true hero may you rest in peace.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spyro's Dream Vacation

I've got my bag and I'm ready to go!  Due to the noisy workmen outside cluttering up the place and raising lots of dust, Mom couldn't get a clear shot of  the forest, but that's where I want to go.  We are surrounded by National Forest and I want to explore it.  Just Mom and I would go camping and she would leave my harness and leash behind and let me go free.  I would get to climb trees and chase bugs and sniff out critters and watch birds and explore to my heart's content.  Mom would dig out her fishing pole, or get another one and get her license and she would go fishing for trout, which we would both eat.

Dexter's Dream Vacation

So first I have to tell you that while I would like to imagine myself in these beautiful places, the Momma doesn't have Photo-shopping (sigh) so you'll just have to use your imagination.

(Yorkshire Travel)

The place I would want to go is  Yorkshire in England.  I fell in love with it's pretty green hills and cool old stone buildings.  I can imagine padding my way down the side streets or lying in a cool stone doorway, or strolling into a local pub (ooops, that's the Momma that wants to do that).  It looks like such a calm and peaceful place, and I could see us out walking I would strut my stuff along the top of those stone fences, or peer over the bridge and look for tasty fishes in the water.

(Nala Rewop)

I would also like to visit the sheep in the fields.  We had sheep on our farm when I was a tiny kitten, but they are gone now, and I miss watching them out the window.  The little lambies were so cute.  They ran around having races in the big grassy field. 

the Momma used to spin their woolies into yarn and made us toys with it sometimes.  I liked to lay in the basket, it was really warm.  I wonder if a sheep would let me lay on it ?

Anyway, after we were done visiting the sheeps, we would "tour the isle"  to visit all of our friends there.  We have lots of Ginger friends over there, and many other kitty (and woofie) friends too.  We would all like to buy you a "pint" (oh wait, that's the Momma again) ... I will stop by for tea (with milk) and bring some catnip biscuits (if they will let me bring them into Heathrow) and we'll all have a wonderful time.

I will go back to taking my nap now... dreaming it were all so.  See you in my dreams my friends!

Bora Bora

Goodness Gracie in Bora Bora

Where Would I Like To Go On Vacation?

I had so much fun in Bora Bora last year that I decided that I needed to go again. Considering that I am still WITHOUT MY COMPUTER THANKS TO MOM, sorry for yelling . . . anyway . . . I have teleported to wonderful, beautiful Bora Bora and I am not coming back home until the mom GEYD MY COMPUTER BACK! Sorry I am thinking that as I chill out my anger will get under control . . . one can only hope huh?

 There are still lots of huts left so if you want to join me come on down!

Moosey's dream vacation :)

Mommy and Daddy enjoyed Paris very much, and said they met some very nice cats there.  So if I could, I would take my brofur Sammy, Mommy and Daddy on a Paris vacation.  This would be us in front of the Eiffel Tower (and our dad would be taking the picture, of course)!

Have a great day, everybuddy!



Where Would I Like To Go On Vacation?

I would Love to go on Vacation in Hawaii with Ben at My side!!!

Where would you like to go on Vacation?

Hi furriends, Flat Tamir here.  This is the purrfect theme for me!  I just came home from a fun trip to Maine and Canada with Mom and Dad.  Please visit my blog to see more pictures. 

Here I am getting ready to leave.  Lexi is telling me what I should pack!!  Even Flat Tabby Cats can have fun traveling!!

Where would you go?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The O-Lympics are ending....

Tamir says he's sorry to see the O-Lympics end but will always cherish this special moment with the ladycat love of his life, Gracie.

Olympic Memories Socks

Well my family didn't do so hot in the competition, you might say we flopped badly but we had lots of fun competing. I was entered in Competitive Napping over @ Huffle's.

You might say I was sleeping on the job.

I also teamed up with Scylla to participate in Synchronized Snoozing at  The Island Cats.

Even though we didn't get any medals, we are fully committed to staying in shape and are back in training for the next Olympics.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Time Out

Taking a little time off to catch up on some zzzzzs. Be sure to check the event calendar so you don't miss out on the happenings at the TCC.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oui Oui's Grandma is at Peace

Oui Oui's Mom Paula lost her mother yesterday.  We know you will want to go by to leave Paula a message of comfort on her post, My Mom is at Peace.  

Gracie is out of town or she would be posting this.

World Cat Day 2012 ~ Socks

Just wanted to say Happy World Cat Day to everyone. ~Socks

Monday, August 6, 2012

Purrs For Oui Oui's Grandma Needed

Oui Oui's human grandmother is very sick with the end stages of leukemia and is having hospic care. Extra purrs and needed for her family and friends.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

An Olympic Medal!!

Goodness Gracie

OMC! I am beyond excited and happy to announce that I have been awarded a Bronze Medal for Olympic event The Best Nippy Face hosted by Sassy and Callie.

I want to thank everyone who supported and voted for me in this event! I couldn't have placed without you behind me pushing me to work harder in this competition. And it goes without saying a big thank you to Sassy and Callie for hosting this event!!!