Friday, June 25, 2021

Cat World Domination Day

 Has there EVER been any doubt who runs the show?    Anyone who has a cat knows the situation and those of us who are the cats in charge never had any doubt!

Still, I have to admit, I dominate my household with love.    Without humans in my world I'd only have my cat toys to dominate and that's no fun!

Hugs, Teddy

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Happy Cat World Domination Day

 I like to think I rule the world and pretend I do.

One thing certain is that I rule my home, mom & dad say that's ok.

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Cat World Domination Day!


Cat World Domination day was started by Sparkle and has continued with Summer.

One way to show your Domination is to make sure you are cozy and cute sleeping on your Mom/Dad/Human's legs when they have to get up to use the human litter box.  They won't want to move you and will just suffer or do all kinds of weird gyrations to get out of bed and not disturb you!!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Father's Day from Rosie

 Happy Father's Day to my Dad and all the cat dads out there! 

Happy Fathers Day Dad

Dad we wanted to tell you we love you
You are the Best Cat Daddy

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Happy Father's Day

 Happy Father's Day to my dad & all dads today.

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Happy Father's Day!

 It's the day that we celebrate our Dads.........our human Dads, or our cat Dads if we know who they were, and in my case, it's my Human Dad.    Probably the only Dad I've known since I was a feral cat of 11 months when adopted.    My Dad is one of my two BESTEST friends (the other one is Mom of course!).

Happy Father's Day from Me and Angel Sammy too!

With Love From Your Boys........

Hugs, Teddy

Happy Father's Day

 Happy Father's Day to all the Cat Dads and Human Dads.  Noelle didn't know our Daddy but I did and miss him a lot.  Daddy and I used to spend a lot of quality time napping!

Saturday, June 19, 2021

International Box Day with Rosie


Penny, could I have first dibs on this box. I need it for The Tabby Cat Club. 


Happy International Box Day!


Small Boxes
Big Boxes
Boxes are the best of all!!

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International Box Day with Bunty

 I love boxes.  I love to get in them and I do like to sleep in them when I can.

International Box Day

 Hello Fellow Tabbies!    Today is a BIG day in the blogosphere - International Box Day celebrating how much kitties (most kitties that is) love a nice box to play or sleep in.

Know what?  I'm not one of those kind of kitties!     I have never hopped in a box - no matter what size or shape or nice smells might be inside.   My Mom says I must not have the "box gene".......I think the problem is I never got to appreciate boxes - as a feral I was just not exposed to the joys of a good box.   My Mom said she was so excited to introduce me to boxes when she and Dad adopted me at 11 months old from the shelter but.................nope - not interested.    The closest I've ever been to being a box fan is with Cat Scouts when we had to make a vehicle to have a Cardwood Derby competition......then Mom used a box for a "make a boat" competition with Cat Scouts.    Even then, I was forced (yes forced!) to hop in the box for a second - long enough for a quickie photo.

Sigh.   Well, I still am happy for all of you kitties who love a nice box - so I wish all of you a very happy International Box Day!

Hugs, Teddy

International Box Day with Noelle

Today is International Box Day.  All cats love boxes, right?   Nope!  Not me!  I had to be lured into this box with treats!!!

"Hey Mom, where are the rest of the treats?"

Sawyer, I would like this box better if you were here.

Do you like boxes?   Peekaboo from Rose is Rose does!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Flag Day

 Today is Flag Day.  Our little town has a special tradition that starts every year on Flag Day.  It's called the 21 Day Salute to the Flag.   Volunteers raise the flags every day starting on Flag Day and ending on Independence Day as 47 flags join the three permanently placed flags on the property to represent all 50 states.

At 7:30 each morning, volunteers raise all 47 flags of the salute and retire them at 5:30 p.m. This process takes about 15 minutes and at least six volunteers are involved. The first Flag Salute was conducted in 1987.  Here I am helping get the flags out at City Hall.

Flag Day

 Today is a special day - it's FLAG DAY!   Our flag is an important symbol and I found some interesting history online about our beautiful red/white and blue:

 When the American Revolution broke out in 1775, the colonists weren’t fighting united under a single flag. Instead, most regiments participating in the war for independence against the British fought under their own flags. In June of 1775, the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia to create the Continental Army—a unified colonial fighting force—with the hopes of more organized battle against its colonial oppressors. This led to the creation of what was, essentially, the first “American” flag, the Continental Colors.

For some, this flag, which was comprised of 13 red and white alternating stripes and a Union Jack in the corner, was too similar to that of the British. George Washington soon realized that flying a flag that was even remotely close to the British flag was not a great confidence-builder for the revolutionary effort, so he turned his efforts towards creating a new symbol of freedom for the soon-to-be fledgling nation.

On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress took a break from writing the Articles of Confederation and passed a resolution stating that “the flag of the United States be 13 stripes, alternate red and white,” and that “the union be 13 stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.”

Over 100 years later, in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson marked the anniversary of that decree by officially establishing June 14 as Flag Day.

At my house we have a special flag - it's the one that draped my Grandad's coffin when he was buried at Arlington Cemetery in 1992.   It's in a wooden case in my Mom's office.   

But ANY flag is special.   It's a symbol of freedom and everything our country stands for.

Happy Flag Day!
Hugs, Teddy

Friday, June 4, 2021

Hug Your Cat Day

 Mommy says I am not fond of being hugged.  I don't mind being petted but not a fan of hugs.

Mommy tried to get a picture of her hugging me quickly this morning and I moved so all there was on the camera was an orange blur.

Love you all, Bunty

We Hug our Daddy

Me and Dad like cuddling. Every night I lay on his leg and he gives me a head rub. Sometimes I climb up for a bit extra. This is the good life fur sure

Daddy is so nice to me I like to get in his lap. Shhh it's our secret that he likes me best.

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Hug Your Cat Day

 Happy International Hug Your Cat Day!

Mom says everyday is hug your cat day.

Just love these two folks.

Hug Your Cat Day!

 Time To Hug!

It's National Hug Your Cat Day

Even though it's a special day of hugs I must say that I purrrrrsonally am not a very "huggy" cat.   Mom says it's a shame I'm  not though because I LOOK very huggable.   However, when I was very first adopted into my wonderful home I was so happy to have humans in my life that I allowed some hugging!   So, for today's celebration I do a couple of flashbacks of "HUGS OF THE PAST"....

Mom giving me a SORT OF A hug.....and Dad down below giving me a SORT OF A hug.

I am a lucky boy and all of us who have forever homes are - but some of us just don't have the "HUG GENE" in us I guess.    If you can get some hugs today - GO FOR IT!

Hugs to you from me................Teddy

National Hug Your Cat Day


We're cats.....we're hugging!!  Are you????