Saturday, October 31, 2020

Halloween Party 2020

Raz, Teddy and I welcome you to the 2020 TCC Halloween Party.

What's your Halloween name?

Drinks and appetizers await you



Dinner is served



~Some songs the band will be playing~ Monster Mash, Heads Will Roll,
Down By The Spooky Bay, Stranger Things, Bury a Friend and many more.


Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!
Thanks for stopping by. 

Happy Halloween from Bunty

 Wishing all a safe and Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Rosie


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone


Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!!

Happy Halloween from Ted! BOO!


Won't you join me around the table for a Halloween snack or two or threeeeeee???

We've got treat bags full of goodies for you too!

Now - isn't it nice to have a full tummy?    You can take a treat bag full of goodies with you when you leave but please remember as you walk around the neighborhood........

If you see an EXTRA LARGE bat flying around - it might be ME!

Hugs, Teddy the Batman

Happy Halloween from Queen Fitz and Prince Timmy

OFF with their HEADS! It's just the troops Queen Fitz ready for inspection. Off. With. Their. Heads. But Queen I... Your Head, OFF!
Pardon me? I will not, Guilty!
Happy Halloween Friends!
Hope I didn't mess with your, HEADS!

Queen Fierce Fitz the First
Prince Timothy of Tomcat the Second

Happy Halloween from Noelle and Raz


Happy Halloween to the Tabby Cat Club!

We're giving you a treat today too - we made a puzzle!

preview120pieceTCC Raz and Noelle

 Raz is in Peaches and Paprika's 5th annual Meowleen Spooktacular slideshow too!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Happy National Cat Daddy Day Day

I love my daddy oh so much.

We share many snuggle times in his lazy boy chair watching television
and taking afternoon naps.

Happy National Daddy Day to all dads!!

Cat Daddy Day


Me and my Dad are great pals.   He takes me for walks around the yard, sits with me to enjoy fresh air on the front porch and is very patient with me when I take off after a squirrel or chipmunk and he has to run after me to bring me back!

I was just a little guy here - when I was first adopted and Dad was holding me as I looked around my new house!
This is an older photo of me too - I think this was my very first harness!    I got used to it very quickly!
Well, I recognize that harness - it's the next size up from the green one - I was a growing boy !!
Back to the green harness...........this might have been the first time my Dad showed me our front yard (and all those squirrels!).

So my Dad and I are buddies, pals and friends.     He and Mom take me outside all the time now and I don't even have to wear a harness!     I have pretty much learned where MY property is and where I am NOT supposed to visit (our neighbors!).      I love my Dad..............

HAPPY CAT DADDY DAY TO ALL YOU CAT DADDIES OUT THERE - you have an important job for sure.

Hugs, Teddy

Timmy & Fitz do Cat Daddy Day

This is me with my Daddy watching television. On this day I took Toby's spot for a change because it was a good movie. I love laying with Dad on the recliner or in bed reading. We are real close pals.

A girl loves her Daddy and here I am giving mine a few licks to let him know just how much. I like to lay with Daddy but not every night. A girl-cat has to be a little mysterious

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Cat Daddy Day

 Noelle never got to know our Daddy but I sure did.  Daddy and I were super good buddies.  I loved him and I know he loved me too.  

If I was sleeping in Dad's chair, he would pick me up and move me but try not to disturb me.

Dad always played with me.

Snoozing with Dad was fun!

I didn't even mind sharing with Angel Ellie

I sure miss my Daddy.  

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Tocktober With Tigger And Her Sister Daisy Mae

Since Mom Crystal was nice to me and didn't end up with any "tock" pictures. Whew, I'm glad she didn't. However, she was taking pictures of my "sister" Daisy Mae checking out the Christmas tree box and low and behold she accidentally got one of her HEE. So below is that picture. Enjoy.