Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Cuddly Timmy

I love to lay with Dad every night after the chores are done I cuddle up against his leg. He says I am such a loving kitty. I don't like being picked up but who says you have to do that to be cuddly.

Timmy Tomcat

Cuddly Kitten (Cat) Day


Our favorite sport, cuddles.
Mom says she is cuddling her cuddly me.

Cuddly Kitten Day

 What a fun day to celebrate.................I of course was a cuddly kitten but was already 11 months old when I was adopted so I was never "tiny" here.   I was all grown up!     My Angel brother Sammy though was just a wee baby when Mom and Dad got him from the shelter.   He was a MAJOR CUDDLY guy and I've got photographic proof of it!    

I was cuddly too - but mostly I was interested in going outside for walks - cuddling was secondary to being in the great outdoors!

See?  I was already a big boy when I moved in with Mom and Dad.....and very squirmy.   Mom was surprised when she was able to get that photo of me in Dad's arms....I wasn't paying attention to that flashy box I guess!   

Hope everyone enjoys Cuddly Kitten Day..........................we were MADE for cuddling!

Hugs, Teddy

Cuddly Kitten Day


We love to cuddle!!!  Sometimes it ends up in a wrassling match!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy St Pats with Timmy & Fitz

Timmy O'Tomcat and Missy Fitz here wishing all our friends a Very Happy Saint Patrick's Day

We wanted you all to know how we feel about each and every one of you!

Timmy O'Tomcat
Missy Fitz

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone

Today we are all a little bit Irish.

My niece, Anya, and I wish all ye a very Happy St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Party 2021

Today we are all a little bit Irish so . . . .
let's head to Ireland!!
Raz, Teddy, and I have made travel plans.

Unlike the humans we do not have a travel ban.
 And we all will be safe from the virus.

Here are hats for everyone . . .

Here is some breakfast to start our day in Ireland
 You can have a "full Irish" breakfast if you're extra hungry
Some Irish hot chocolate.................. OR

A light breakfast with an Irish smoothie !

First stop the Blarney Stone
Teddy, Gracie & Raz

Kissing the Barney Stone will bring you good luck . . .

. . . Lunch on the Cliffs of Moher today . . .

Raz has the Food Truck ready to serve lunch.
We will rest for a little bit before we head out . . .

Sausage & Potatoes

Corned Beef & Cabbage


Let's head out and see Ireland.
Jump on the Hop on Hop off bus . . .

Dublin Castle
Teddy, Raz & Gracie

The Throne Room
Teddy, Gracie & Raz

Teddy, Gracie & Raz looking over gate

Feel free to visit other sites and meet up later for dinner . . .

Dinner tonight at Gus O'Connor's Pub

Selfie outside the pub: Teddy, Raz & Gracie

Raz, Gracie & Teddy



Drinks are on the house tonight!

While you enjoy your food and drink 
I will dance ye a gig . . . 

Here is an Irish Blessing for ye to take home . . . 


Happy St. Patrick's Day

 Ahhh.......since my Mom has a bit of the Irish in her, I've decided I will borrow some of that and be a little bit Irish too!    My Irish eyes are smiling - can you tell??????

AND of course before we leave we want to spread a little Irish cheer:

Hugs to each and every one of you from me - Teddy O'Kimmell !

Happy St Patrick's Day



Happy St Patrick's Day to all our friends.  We're all Irish today!!

Noelle and Raz