Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Late Yawn

Sassy here.

I know that it is W-A-Y late, but I finally let Mommie get a picture of me yawning.  It is kind of hard to see with all of my floof, but I told Mommie to take it or leave it, this is the best she is going to get!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Franky, My Dear

Dis is Franky. He was the foster kitteh of one of Mom's friends. Now he's in another foster home. Anyway, he's a tabby, or at least part of him is, and he must be pretty special 'cause look how brave he is with a doggie. (Mom's friend says Franky should go to a home without other cats, though. He must be a cat loner like me.) If you know anyone who might want to adopt Franky and is in da New Jersey area, you can see his Petfinder page here. Also, you can see Mom's friend's dog (and sometimes kitteh) foster blog here. It's really good stuff. She takes doggies who were gonna be all dead and helps them find homes. If you adopt him, you can join us in da tabby club!

Lazy & Late

Hello everyone! I am proud to be a new member of the Tabby Cat Club!

My person was not "on the ball" this week, or so she said, but better late than never right? So here I am "relaxing" (being a lazy kitty!)

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Art of Being Lazy - Missy Blue Eyes

Sweet Missy Blue Eyes naps in her very favorite spot...
on a pair of shoes purchased way over a year ago.
FYI, she is engaged to the handsome mancat in the last post!
(Captain Casper)

Mom said she hopes you don't mind an old picture of

me yawning. She took almost an hour to find

this picture, but it paid off. Mom says you can see

my tonsils. Whatever that is.


Wendell's Yawns

Also, here's a video Mom took a long long time ago in an apartment far away.

The Yawns of Yawns!

Yoko gives us her biggest yawn!

But Tabitha does her one better!

Just Hangin' Around

Hi Kids, mum sifted through hundreds of pics this weekend looking for a yawning shot of me and do you know what she found???  Bubkis!!!!!  However she did find these pictures of me lounging on the bed so we hope they will be okay :-)

your Tabby friend,

Sorry no yawns

Hi there Maggie here and I am having a most wonderful sleep but no yawns. Mom looked and looked for a yawning picture but couldn't find one. We will keep the camera ready just in case. Hope everyone has a really great week.

A thank you and a yawn

Hi efurrybuddy, Tamir here.  I wanted to thank you all for letting me join the Tabby Cat Club.

Here's my yawn.  It's not my biggest, but it shows my whiskers and my pawsome claws!!

Simba's Yawns

Here is a yawn just starting:

And this one has gone a little farther:

But THIS one could swallow you whole!

And if you go back to MY blog, you can see another BIG Yawn!

Kizzie's yawn

I was 11 weeks old when this was taken.  I have grown a bit since.

A Big Yawn

And Lucy says

it's time for bed

with apologies to Zebedee at the Magic Roundabout.


Grace ~ VERY relaxed!

Each of these photos was taken while trying to capture a yawn! No luck getting the yawns ... but Grace was VERY relaxed and ready to go back to her zzzzzzz's!!

Moosey - (Almost) showing a yawn

Dad and Mom tried to get a picture of me yawning, but I was too sleepy to even do that.  So we hope you enjoy this POST-yawn picture. :)

Have a great day, everybuddy!



A YAWN from Clementine

Mom found me yawning and it's a real big one!! 
She was using me to keep her feet warm! Silly Mom!! 
Have a wonderful day all my Tabby Cat Furiends!
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The Art Of Yawning

Goodness Gracie
I get lots of practice with the yawns. They come just before I snuggle down for my zzzzzs

Socks Lazin Around

 I can sleep on the floor,

 on a couch

 or on a bed.

Yep, I can sleep anywhere. ~Socks

No Yawns For Me Cause I'm Catching My Zzzzzzzs!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lazy-time in Action

Abby Normal: My Mum, Ms. C, says there are clearer pictures of me yawning that exist. But this one is the most recent! She caught me in mid-yawn this week, knowing about our event. My body is quivering as I stretch fully, so I look even fuzzier than usual:

I even have my claws digging in to her chair where I can reach!

Everyone have an awesome CATURDAY!! Meow!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Purrs for Captain Casper

He seems to be improving.
Missy Blue Eyes, his finacee, has not left his side.
Please send him lots of purrs and purrayers.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Grace - alone at last!

Thanks to everyone for the New Year wishes. We wish everycat and everybean in TabbyCatClub an absolutely wonderful 2012!!

Grace has been much happier lately since her sons have their own beds to snooze in - and not hog hers!! Doesn't she look happier?

Sunday, January 1, 2012