Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not So Baby Love!

We were both over one year old when we came to live with mum. She is our second and much loved mum!

So our firsted pictures EVER taken by mum? Here you go.

 Derby's shelter mug shot above and my first place I hung out, the kitch-hen window below.
 Ducky, mum swearsies that she took pictures of me at the shelter before she brought me home, but can't find them on the puter. Oh well, here are some early ones once I arrived.
 Above, hanging on with mum, laying on her bed. We spent a lot of time together just hanging out. Even super fun toys to play with as well.
We have like all of your pictures, we sure were a cute bunch!

Baby Love from the PDX pride

Thank you to Sammy for organizing this "baby love" day!  It's been wonderful seeing the baby piccies of our fellow tabby kittens and friends!  This is our first post as members of the TCC, so we'd like to introduce ourselves.  Tabby is 9 years old, Rori is almost 8 years old, Little Bit is 7 years old, Starla is around 8 years old, and Tigress is 3 years old.  Rori and Little Bit are half-sisters on their dad's side, and Starla is Little Bit's cousin.  We're all very excited to be part of this club!  If you want, please come visit us at our blog:  Furry Tails of the PDX pride.

Now, on to those baby piccies!  :)

Tabby at 4 weeks old with brother Carbon (5 weeks old), a few days after we came to our forever home.
Rori at 4 weeks old with Mommy Erin, just minutes after Mommy Karen pulled her out of the middle of an old tire in the neighbor's yard.  Mommy Erin had seen me and my brother running across the street!
Little Bit as a baby, probably about 9 weeks old, eating from the feral cats' food bowl on our back porch. At this point, I "belonged" to the neighbors.
Little Bit's sister Baby Chiba (now an angel kitten) and our cousin Starla (whom we adopted) at the same time as the picture of Little Bit was taken. We came from the same "home" as Little Bit. Starla was about 7 months old at this time.
From left to right: Hemming (adopted to a new home), tabby & white boy kitten (went missing as a kitten), Mama Leopard, Miss Marble (now an angel) and Tigress. This photo was taken on July 22, 2011, when the babies were about 9 weeks old. Leopard was about 2 years old.
Little Bit's baby boys, all grown mancats now and adopted to other homes:  Kai (off exploring already), Little Guy/Tiger, Squishy, and Cloud.  This photo was taken when they were three weeks old and came to live with us to be fostered.

Baby Wally

Hey everybuddy!  It's me...Wally!

Can you believe I was ever this itty-bitty?
Check out those feets!

And this is me when I first came to the Island to live.
Which, by the way, will be 11 years ago tomorrow.
Happy Gotcha Day to me!

Baby picture day- "Sweet" William

Hey all, I couldn't pass up on posting some of my totally adorbz baby pics.
Here I am after a long day of meeting my new peepul and waiting for all of the adoption paperwork to get processed before we could drive home. (May 23, 2008)  This is the fancy box that I got brought home in: 

 It didn't take me long to get comfy and settled in. I don't fit in laps like this anymore, I can stretch all the way down Mum's leg and spill out over the edges.
This is the face of a happy kitten.

Baby Love Day at the TCC, almost to late!

Hi all! It's Me Marty! I haven't quite got the hang of checking the calendar and all that important stuff, so I almost missed this wonderful day!  I figure better late than not at all!
Here are some of my first pictures when I came to live with Mom and Ralphie.
Ralphie was the best big brother!

I wanted to do everything he could do!

Mom says I was just the cutest little stinker!

Mom says sorry we don't have any earlier pictures of Ralphie, she had to leave those behind when she Ralphie and Mazie left their not very nice before home.

Hope you all have had as much fun looking at everyone'e pictures as I have!
Thanks Sammy!

Baby Nibbler ~~ Baby Love

Hiya everyone.. this is my first post to the club so i hope i am doing this right. Here is baby nibbler when she was just a couple months old. When she was this little she lived up to her name and bite anything she could. She also started her love of walmart plastic bags at this age LOL

Baby, oh Babies!

We hear it's Baby Day at the TCC today and boy, oh boy, have we got pictures! Thanks for Sammy for hosting today's Baby Love!

We promise not to flood you all with everyone's baby photo but how could we resist these few?

It's little Pia Bean! She sure was a thoughtful, pensive little poof back then. Come to think of it, she's a thoughtful, pensive big poof now! Sorry, boys. She's taken!

We can't forget Quint who was all ears and lanky feet. His favorite fetching ball looks so big here. He still plays fetch, we think, to keep his painting paws in shape!

Here's wild boy Maxx just moments after wandering out from under the backyard bushes and before a smelly can of food lured him into a carrier and off to an indoor life of luxury. Can you believe he had been de-clawed AND dumped at four months old? Good thing our gardening mom had her kitten antenna out and on full tilt that day!

Lastly, who could forget these little scamps last year? The Niblets, Illy, Viola, Robbie, and Russell. All are living it up in their forever homes, including Viola who, along with her mama Zuzu, became wonderful additions to the Colehaus Cats crew!

All rescued, all very loved. Thank you for reminiscing with us, and thanks again, Sammy!

It's Waffles!!!

Hi everybuddy, Waffles here!

I heard we were all showing off our baby pictures here at the Tabby Club today, so I had Glogirly pick out some of my favorites. These were all taken on my very first day in my new forever townhouse. I was locked up in the kitten room on account of the Boss (Katie) didn't want to catch any kitten cooties. 

This is my *seriouslies* look. Glogirly said I was going to really need this look once I met the Boss.

And this is one of those looks that gets me stuff. Treats, toys, pretty much anything I want.

Did you know that I just might get my picture on the new mike's HARDER cans??? Now that I'm all grown up I'm allowed to enter contests and stuff. I'm in the top 6 with both of my cans and voting ends tomorrow! Thank you SO much to everybuddy who's already voted for me! If you haven't and you'd like to see what it's all about, here's the deets - 

Psssst! When you're voting, be sure to slide the "voting slider" all the way over for the maximum number of votes!

Kitties: It's Waffles Wednesday on GLOGIRLY! There's more waffly goodness HERE.

Baby Love with Sonora & Chili

Sonora Pepper & Chili Pepper joined the Purrchance To Dream family in 2013.  One day, while Not The Mama was volunteering with The Way Home at Petco, someone walked into the store with a shoe box, handed it to the cashier and walked out.  Inside were three tiny kittens.  Not The Mama agreed to take on the kittens as bottle babies fosters, and nursed them into strong playful kitties.  You can see Sonora and Chili's third sibling, their grey sister Tamale, above in the picture.  Tamale was adopted but Sonora had won over Not The Mama after a health scare when she got dehydrated, and he knew he had to adopt her.  
At adoption days at Petco, Chili kept getting overlooked - she is a lovely tabby, but people wanted fluffy kittens or siamese-looking kittens or whatever.  Finally, one day Chili came up to Not The Mama on the couch, put her paws on his chest and looked him in the eye.  That was it.  We're very happy that Tamale got adopted into another home, but we cannot imagine our lives now without Sonora and Chili in them.
Sonora has always been the smaller of the two tabby girls, and her is a picture of her as a baby:

And here is Chili in mid-2013:

And here are the girls today:

Baby Mickey Mouser

Now do you understand why Mickey Mouser was a failed foster?

Thanks Sammy- it's fun to see everyone's sweet pictures. Unfortunately Tommie was born before digital cameras. Mom hasn't had a chance to dig out and scan any of his kitten photographs.

Baby Love with Cosmo and Ling

Thank you Sammy, for hosting this fun squee worthy event!

Cosmo : Whisky and Mommy were walking around the playground behind the house when they heard tiny mews coming from the drain. The both of us were in the drain, tired from the mewing and dehydrated from the heat (we were too small to get out of the drain on our own). Mommy picked us up immediately and brought us home. This is one of the first photos of us (August 2, 2008)
Ling : For some reason, Cosmo found it comforting to sit on the *hot water bottle*.  MOL!
Ling : We were quite terrified of Mommy and Daddy and Whisky at first. We would hiss and hide from them so Mommy decided to just sit in the bathroom (our *room*) and read so we could get used to her. It took several weeks before we could relax in her presence
Cosmo : And then we learned to play  :)
Cosmo : Ling escaped from the room one night and Mommy couldn't find her for hours! So that is why we wear collars with those big noisy bells!
Cosmo : By now, we were allowed to venture out of our room and were quite attached to Mommy and Daddy. We also learned that Whisky was a kind, loving woofie sisfur and we warmed up to her too!
Ling learning all about the World Wide Web
Ling : Did I mention that the reason we were allowed to stay was because of me? I HISSED at Daddy the first time he saw me and he fell in love instantly (he had told Mommy he didn't want cats when she told him about finding us). MOL MOL MOL! I love my Daddy!
Cosmo : I am more of a Mommy's boy and love to make biscuits on her.  :)
 We hope you enjoyed our baby photos! These photos were taken in the first two months of us joining the Whisppy Family.

The Lucy….Baby Love

Hi There!!!

Anyone remember me???? Anyone?  It's okay if you don't… Well it isn't okay… But it isn't your fault I have been among the missing… It is my moms!  She has been a F-A-I-L-U-R-E when it comes to my blogging. In fact she almost couldn't figure out how to log in here… Good thing I am smarter than her and I remembered… UGH  I am so angry! Her slacking is causing me not to connect with my friends. But you know what? I am not going to take it anymore. I am joining in today!!!

That was me when I was only a few weeks old - the other cuties are my siblings.  We were in foster care after being rescued from a kill shelter…

My foster mom was funny… she liked to dress me up… Good thing I nipped that in the butt when I found my forever home!
that is me with my first mommy…. She is so pretty, and orange.  I miss her but she found a forever home too!

This is the first picture ever with my mommy…. This is moments after her and daddy picked ME!!!  The story of my finding my forever home is here….

Baby Love~Gracie

Thanks to Sammy for hosting Baby Love today at the TCC.

The first photos taken of me was the day of my unofficial Gotcha Day.

For those that do not know my story I will fill you in with the quick version. When I was a little kitten about 5-8 months old I think I might have been taken to the country and dropped off or I was a barn kitten that wandered away from my family. I was really struggling to make it in this big world.

First photo taken of me.
When I was wandering around the country side I heard a lot of laughing and talking so I followed the sounds. I found myself in a yard that would be my new home. The dad of the house noticed right away that my little ribs were sticking out and felt so sorry and sad that I was starving. He went inside and brought me food and water! I gobbled up all the food, it made my tummy full which had been a long time that I had a good meal.

First photo of me and my soon to be new mommie.
I started working my magic and the soon to be folks were putty in my paws. It was love at first sight all the way around . . . look closely and you can see me smiling with my almost mom . . .

First photo of me and my soon to be daddie.
. . . I felt like I knew this family all of my life. So happy that my almost daddie fed me and we have even today this special bond. I decided that day to adopt them. So happy that I found them.