Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Purrs for Moosey

Dear little Moosey from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life is in need of our purrs and our prayers as he is not doing well, please stop by to send some loving hugs!  Thank you!
(UPDATE 11/25/14 8:11 PM)
Hi everyone. Moosey did very well during today's all-day vet visit. He's such a sweet-natured cat, and all the doctors and staff there love him. For now, they have Moosey on a very low dose of insulin twice daily, which will gradually be adjusted over a period of weeks to try to get him regulated. He is home, and seems to be feeling pretty good. Thank you everyone, for your continued care, concern, purrs and prayers. We love and appreciate you all.
UPDATE (Monday, 11/24/14, 8:57 PM): Moosey will begin his insulin shots tomorrow, during an all-day trip to the vet. During our conversation this afternoon, Dr. Z said they'll be trying Moosey at a very low dose, and monitor him throughout the day. As much as we hate leaving him at the vet for the day, Tracey and I feel better knowing that Moosey will be monitored so closely to make sure he's okay.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thankful Thursday with Samantha & Clementine (in Memory)

Mom & Me will always miss Clementine!
She did not like to be held,
 but Mom Got Her To Pose For Her!
Samantha & Clementine

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday sliding in at the last minute!

Thank you Gracie for hosting Thankful Thursday today. We have a lot to be thankful for here at our house.

We are thankful kitties that we have a wonderful warm house (even when Ralphie is silly enough to go out and see what that white stuff is!)
And we are very thankful that our woofie sister Mazie's tumors came back benign/not cancer this week!
This is a very Thankful Thursday for us!
Marty and Ralphie

Charlie Rascal - Thankful Thursday

I´m thankful that my mom-person 
went to the opening of the new petstore in town 
today :)

even if it means I have to work for the treats :)

Then I´m very thankful for all my furiends 
all over the world every day of the week :)

Our First Thankful Thursday Post

This is the first Thankful Thursday Post we’ve done, ever.  We hope we don’t mess it up!

Duchess is thankful for her comfy basket to curl up in and be warm.Duchess Snug in Basket


Piewhackits is thankful for her brofur, Sneaky Pie, and great warm cuddles only family can give.Pie Pie n LSP Couch Nap

We are all thankful for our family and our home, and for all of our wonderful friends.

Thank you!


~Thankful Thursday~Gracie

~So many blessings~
Dad & Mom
Princess Gracie
The Good Life!
There are so many blessing in my life if I were to list them all it would be a mile long. The most important is when I found my family and adopted them. My mom and dad treat me like a princess and always make sure I am safe and loved every minute of every day. I knew what I was doing when I heard them outside on that July day back in 2009. Also, the many friends is tops too. I won't list them all because I would not want to miss anyone. All the joys and blessings in my life come from my wonderful forever home.
I am such a fortunate kittie for sure!

Thankful Thursday with Raz

I'm thankful for so many things.  The Rescue that saved me and brought me up to Central
Florida so my Mom and Dad could find me and give me my loving forever home,

A warm sunspot to snooze in

Being born a tabby so I could join the Tabby Cat Club...

Being a Cat Scout....
stinky goodness....

and BEST OF ALL - all of my pawsome friends in the Blogosphere.

Thanks to Gracie for hosting this fun event.  I'm THANKFUL that she started the Tabby Cat Club!!

Thankful Thursday

It's a Fankful Fursday

Lexi: Well weez wuld never miss an awpurrtoonitee too pozt bowt bein' faynkfull. Weez jiz gawdid da emayl soz weez hope weez duin' diz rite. weez habz soz much in ow life too beez faynfull fur dat weez kuldn't eeben begin too lizt dem awl, soz weez jiz gunna lizt a foo fingz.

Dezi: Dat's wight sissy. Weez awe so very blest. Just in da past kupple of mumffs we got a new chair fur mommy and a new dwy mattress, and yous new steps, dat we boff use. But mowe than dat, weez got so many furiends to be fankful fur. Each and evewyone of you awe so very special to us. 

Lexi: Yep Dezi we shur arr blezt. And weez soz fankful fur owr mommy. Boff of us shulda and wulda died ibin nawt fur her. Weez relee hit da jackpawt when mommy fownd us. And youz noze what? Eeben doe weez beez poor weez habz soz much. Az weez goze intoo deez hawlidaze weez hope eberpawdee memberz too stawp and gibz faynkz fur awl day habz.

Dezi: Yep cuz no matter how poor they be Lexi ifin they be wakin' up dat day then they hav dat bweaff to be fankful fur. Weez not elebwate like most peeps cuz weez not hav da munny too, but weez giv fanks dat weez togedder and hav anudder day to enjoy each udder. there's always sumfin' to be fankful fur ifin yous just look wound. Sure yous might hav to look at yous situation wiff diffewent eyes, but you do hav sumfin' to be fankful fur. So fanks Gracie fur hostin' a Fankful fursday. We awe fankful to be here to post and to be members of da Tabby Cat Club.

Lexi: Yep Dezi we arr purrowd too beez Tabby Cat Club memberz. And youz arr a grayt Cat Scout. Weez habz a suck sessfull blog and facebook payj. And weez lernin' awl da udder soshul meedia sitez too. soz tooday and eberday weez jiz faynkfull too beez heer.

Till da next time................Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugz and Kitty kissez

Lexi and Dezi

Grace is thankful, even for her boys!

Grace is thankful for comfy snoozin' spots. 

She's even thankful for her boys 
(who were helping her check out these decorations a couple of years ago)! 

And Marilynn is thankful for beautiful Grace, who lives up to her name every single day!

Thankful Thursday

FULL OF THANKS.................that's me!

One week from today, many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our furrramilies and friends.  We're thankful all year round for what we have of course but on "THE DAY", we feel it more than ever.

It's a day of good food, telling stories, remembering what Thanksgiving is REALLY all about and how we came to celebrate that day by feasting with friends.  It also marks the coming of one of MY favorite holidays - CHRISTMAS - which will be just four short weeks away from Thanksgiving!

I have so many things to be thankful for............a safe home, good food to eat, my medication is working to keep me healthy, many wonderful friends in blogville, parents who adore me and give me everything a cat could pawsibly want or need........I am blessed.  

So today is Thankful Thursday but every day is a day that I'm thankful for.........I'll be turning fifteen in January and one of my MOST thankful things is that I'll be here to celebrate it!

HAPPY THANKFUL THURSDAY TCC FRIENDS and thanks to YOU, Dear Gracie, for hosting today for all of us!


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Talk to the Tail in memory of sweet Clementine

Hi !
It´s me Charlie Rascal wagging my tail :)
Thank´s Samantha for hosting Talk to the Tail in Memory of Clementine.
I (((purr))) for that she is OK somewhere out there and that she 
one day will walk in your door as nothing ever happend.

Talk to the Tail in memory of sweet Clementine

Hey, it's me, Quint, showing my curly tail when I'm an extra love bug... which is all the time because I'm a ginger lover boy that way. Thank you, Samantha, for hosting Talk to the Tail in Memory of Clementine. My brother and sisters and I hope you are leading the happy life somewhere warm and safe. We miss you and hope you can come back home someday and show everyone your extra love bug side too. Purrs....

Love always,
Quint of Colehaus Cats.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Moosey's Talk to the Tail, in Memory of Clementine

Hi Everybuddy. It's me, Moosey! Here's a picture of what Mom and Dad call my "lemur tail." They say I'm good at talking with it, especially when I want hugs and pets.

I'm so glad that Samantha is holding this wonderful event to honor Clementine. Like all of you, I miss Clemmie lots, and hope she's safe and happy somewhere. But I also purr and pray she finds her way home one day to Samantha and her family. Wouldn't that be nice?

Hugs and headbonks!


For Clementine Talk to The Tail ~ATCAD

First off Clemmie I misses you and I hopes that one day you find your way home, and that wherever you are you are safe and loved. Samantha thanks you for hosting this event in her memory.

This is my I don't hear you Mommy, I don't care what you has to say pose. Not only am I telling her to TALK TO THE TAIL, I am giving her the back of disrespect. She will have to curry favor before I acknowledge her presence.

Any mention of tails reminds of Artemisia and her glorious tail.

Socks' tail talks to us. His TAIL ask lots of questions.

~Scylla for ATCAD

Talk to the Tail for Samantha: In Memory of Clementine

 Today I am joining in on Talk to the Tail in Memory of Clementine.

This is my "I don't hear you" tail. 

This is my "I am bird watching leave me alone" tail 

This one, my "I mean business!" tail 
Thanks so much for hosting Samantha!
Sweet Clementine we hope you know we are all thinking about you!
Marty the Manx

Talk To the Tail

Talk to the Tail in memory of Clementine

Lexi: Well weez nawt tawk wiff owr tayl much rownd owr house, soz weez nawt habz many fotoz to show owr purrsun-aliteez or rekweztz. Soz weez jiz gunna show ya' owr tailz.

Dezi: Yep, neevew one of us talks wiff ow tails do wees sissy. Maybe it's cuz we wuz waised by a hooman kitty and she dusn't hav a tail. But me has a floofy long tail and sis Lexi has a slick ringed tail. Enjoy da fotos.

Luv and Hugz and Kitty Kisses

Lexi and Dezi

Join us at Deziz World fur ow series on UTI's written in hooman speak.

Miss Fitz and Timmy Talk to the Tail in Memory of Clementine

Thanks for hosting Samantha. Talk to the Tail is a great way to honor the Memory of Dear Clementine. I bet she is having a great time right now thinking of all of us too.

When I have a serious talk with Dad or the family I keep
the tail on the straight and narrow.

When I may be stretching the truth a bit I let
my tail give it away. Don't tell  now!

Timmy we know all about that kink so don't bother hiding it! Thanks Samantha for this great opportunity to post in memory of your wonderful sister Clementine.

I don't go in for the kinky stuff like Timmy.
I said...
Shush! If my tail is up I am happy and ready for Fun.

If it's down maybe you better...

Have a great weekend Tabby's

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Talk To The Tail - In Memory of Clementine

First of all thanks to Samantha for hosting this event in honor of dear Clementine.............she is missed by everyone!

I am very expressive with my tail..................this was me LAST Christmas after Mom made me suffer the indignity of wearing a shiny red bow around my neck - I gave her "the tail of insult" in return.  Do I have to say that shortly after taking this photo Mom removed the ribbon?   I think my message was received don't you???

Most of us know how to use our tails for making a point..............after all, it's there for a reason - we should use it right?

Thanks again Samantha - it's fun to SHOW OUR tails................We're sending warm hugs to Clementine, wherever she may be.


In Memory of Sweet Clementine~Talk to the Tail

Thanks to Samantha for hosting Talk to the Tail in memory of Clementine
I miss you so much sweet Clementine. I hope you are happy and living in another home.
I don't usually have mom take photos of my tail but she did get this one with me watching tv. I guess I was watching tv because she was not working for me on the computer.

Talk to the Tail in Memory of Clementine

Thanks to Samantha for hosting this event in honor of TCC member Clementine!

Angel Tamir had a very expressive tail.....he could let you know when he wanted to be left alone to snooze....

 Here's my Happy Tail.....you can see I'm happy with my wand toy!!

Sweet Clementine, we hope you're living a happy life somewhere with a loving family.  We sure miss you and wish you were here with us and with your family.

Talk To The Tail With Samantha & In Memory Of Clementine

Please Take A Badge With You!!

Talk To The Tail Is Our Way Of 
Getting The Mom's & Dad's
Attention When They Are Ignoring US!! 
Flip That Tail And Ignore Them!!
Thanks & Have Lots Of Fun!

PS: It works great on Siblings, too!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our Blest Doesn't Get Any Better

Some might say we are spoiled; some might say we are coddled; those who truly know us, and our rescue stories will say "they are so blest".

And we are triple dipple double bubble blest to have all our social media pals to count as a wonderful supportive virtual village.  Blessing on all of you and especially those we know who have been ill...

Thank you Dezi, Lexi and Mom Audra for hosting this TCC Event.


Yeah, we is blessed. We both found a wonderful second home. 
Yep, we lived with other people before we ended up with mum.

We is blessed for having a warm and safe place to live. 

We is blessed for having full tummies. 

We is blessed for getting loves every day.

We is blessed for all the neato furiends we have here at the TCC and beyond.

We is blessed for big windows to watch outside but not having to live outside.

We is blessed to be able to watch fevvers and sqwerls. 

We is blessed with toys and treats.

We is blessed to have each other, even if we don't always get along.

We is blessed, yes, we ARE BLESSED.

Marty and Ralphie's Blessed Sunday

Today we are celebrating Blessed Sunday with Dezi and Lexi here at the TCC.

First we are blessed for our wonderful family!

And we are blessed for our wonderful life

But we are ESPECIALLY blessed for all of you!
Our friends that we have met in the Blogosphere and  the TCC because you have make our lives full and fun and we thank each and everyone of you!
Peace out!
Marty and Ralphie