Saturday, September 19, 2015

Captain Ducky

Ahoy Matey

Meowin' Like a Pirate

Ahoy and welkum abored minez ship. Minez ko-kaptin Dezi will show youz rownd. Arrrrrrr ya' reddee?

Weez wanna faynk ya' fur kummin' by and sharin' youz booty wiv us and Faynk Raz fur hoztin' diz pawzum eebent. 

Till da next time.............Be Blezt!!!

Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez

Lexi and Dezi

Meow Like A Pirate

Ahoy Mateys!
It is I Mighty Marty the Tailess with my brother Ralphie the Grey Ghost here to celebrate Meow Like a Pirate here at the TCC.!

Thank you Raz the Magnificent for hosting this fun event!
Arrrggg! Now where is the nip?!!!

Marty the Manx

Ahoy Mates! Mom was ready to make us all walk the plank after this photo shoot- we weren't very cooperative.

Meoooooooow Like A Pirate

Happy Pirate's Day!!
Thanks to Raz for hosting this fun event.
I like being a pirate but so was thinking mom would have photos shopped me as one . . .

. . . but oh no we had to do a live photo shoot with treasure chests . . .
. . . I told mom I would let her get two good photos of me then I would not cooperate anymore.
 Now it's time to party.

Hot Dogs

Cake Pops
Oh what a fun day!! 

Pirate Day!

Oh this is one of my favorite days to celebrate at the TCC and EVERYWHERE!   I get to wear a costume and be a pirate - who hasn't DREAMED of being a pirate.......?   Nobody that's who!


Alright you Scaliwags - don't forget to take your PAWTICIPATION Badge
 when you leave the pirate ship!    
Pirate Sam

May you have smooth sailing on the seas today and always my fellow Pirates!
Sammy (aka Gingerbeard the Pirate!)

Moosey Meowing Like a Pirate :)

Ahoy, ye Olde Tabby Cat mateys! It's me, Moosey! :)

Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day from me and and my sisfurs, Zoe and Gracie! We be setting sail on a quest to find forever homes for our PAWS kitty buckos.  Our ship is merry and filled with provisions. Ye are all welcome to join us on our journey!

Hugs and headbonks!



Once again I have invited my little sister, The Kid Sage, to join me in Talk Like A Pirate Day at the Tabby Cat Club.

Please forgive that she has no stripes...



Timmy and Fitz Meow Like Pirates

Arrr...  Fierce Fitz tis the Meow Like a Pirate Day here at The Scalawag Tabbies Club!
Yarrr me Tabbies! Captain Terrible Tim and me be thanking that black-heart Pirate Raz fur hosting this here event. 

We Arrrrrr hopin yee all come by ta see the family on the high seas and our great cat-ch of booty
So Come by fur a tall Flagon of Nip and enjoy our spoils me Tabby Buccaneers!

Capt'n Terrible Tim
Fierce Fitz

Meow Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy Tabby cats, today be meow like a pirate day 'n I be celebratin' wit' ye AND at our tale

Mom found my pirate's pretty embarrassing if you ask me......

Cap'n Diego Poopdeck

I brought some nice pirate themed grub.  help yourself t' a plate 'n enjoy th' Tabby Cat Club Pirate day posts

Ahoy Mateys!

Ahoy! I hope everyone is enjoying Pirate Day.  Lexy and I are all dressed for the occasion! We're also celebrating over at our blog. 

Our Costumes were made by our good friend Prince Pippin over at Facebook.  


Friday, September 18, 2015

Meow Like A Pirate

Arrrrrrrrrr, tomorrow be Pirate's Day

Meow like a pirate TCC

Avast ye matey's and scurvvy mutts...
Hopin you find yeself not stuck up a mast with some scurvvvvy birds today..
We be thankin the TCC for lettin us scurvy blowhards and rapscallions get stuck into the rum and noms..Arrrrr it be good to get the wind in ye sails...

Be havin a rippin time matey's an arrrrrrr get us out of this mess we are in..
Pirate Dinnermintz Hornswoggler and Pirate Pickles me gutz on rum xxx

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Snoozing with my Hooman

Here I am curled up on the bed with a catnip toy and my hooman is on the bed next to me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Snuggling with Mum

Hi evfurry sorry we missed yesterday and Raz's great event..but woo hoo he has made it last another day...which as a finickity Gingerbread lady i say is great..for Mum...
See i am not a huge lap cat..i prefer to sidle up to know realy close..but on the lap is rare she has to capture the event everytime no matter how bad the shot no matter if it is on her phone...
Do i look happy...

I mean really

Woman...make the most of it..

Ok ..maybe i like this..

Ok this had Mum all teary..about 5 times in my 8 years has this happened
Pickles on the other hand is a real snuggler...

Want a massage while we snuggle Mum

Boy i really love these massage sessions Mum..

I am a real Mum's girl

But then i also enjoy a post snuggle chomp MOL MOL
Thankyou Raz for hosting this fun event..and we will pop around and see the snugglesfest here at the TCC 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

LazyBoy, Dad, & Me

I sleep at night with the folks but during the day this is my to go spot.
Oh life if great!!
Thanks Raz for hosting this fun event and to Sammy for the fun Participation Award.

Snoozing With My Human!

Oh this is a fun day to celebrate at the Tabby Cat Club - brilliant idea Raz!   My favorite all time place to have a snooze is ON/BY/NEAR my Mom.   What about Dad you ask?  Well, when I was a BABY I'd snooze with him but only for about the first year - he never stayed as STILL as my Mom did when I was snoozing with her..........I like STILL !!

Me on Dad's lap a looooong time ago......

Mom is more cooperative................

There's no place like a lap for a nap!!
Enjoy some snoozes with your humans - they're better than a heating pad and there's no safer place in the world to be.................
Hugs, Sammy
Thanks Raz for sponsoring this FUN blog post
Everyone who pawticipates today, PLEASE help yourself to a PAWTICIPATION BADGE from the TCC!!!

Timmy and Fitz Nap with Dad

Me and Fitz would like to thank Raz for hosting this great event: Napping with Mom/Dad.
You have that right Timmy. There is nothing better for a cat than taking a Nap and when you add in being with your Mom or Dad, well... heaven.
You bet Miss Fitz! The Best of things a Cat Loves. 

I nap with Dad after work on the Cat Lounger. Dad calls it his couch but we furs know better. I like laying against Dad's leg.
Tell them the rest Timmy!
Oh, alright Miss Fitz

If Someone takes too many of my pets,
the Airplane Ears come out!
MOL you are so funny Timmy.

Thankfully at night every kitty has their own spot
Yes that is nice Timmy.

I have two spots. One is under the covers
nice and cozy.

Of course there is always be a nice scritch from Dad included.
I really like this spot.

The other one is laying right against Dad.
Aahhh this is heaven. *Yawn*

Goodnight Tabbies... making biscuits... making biscuits...

I lay next to Dad on his right side as he reads us our
bedtime stories.

I am nice and secure back here. Comfort and
security is important to kitties.

And if I need a pet to help me sleep all I have to do is
reach out and... ask Dad. Goodnight Tabbies...

Napping Timmy Tomcat
Napping Miss Fitz