Monday, January 16, 2017

Fitz and Timmy Make Dad Laugh

Hi Tabbies. Miss Fitz and I love to make Dad smile and sometimes he lets loose a real belly busting laugh.
You bet Timmy. I really like when  we can do that. I also like when he gets that small smile when resting or going to sleep. That shows he is content and bringing contentment is the primary job of kitties.
You nailed that Fitz. When I see Dad like that I get a cat smile myself.
Lets see some of our antics that bring happiness!
Me Furst!

Dad Smiles when I insist on bagging it.
I have to admit it does the same for me

When I get Nippy Dad lets out a laugh
The family says I have a Problem.
No way! I can stop any time I want!

I really like clean feetz. Dad lets out a big loud laugh
when he sees me giving the deep clean. I dont know
whats so funny but... I am happy he likes it

Dad gets ready for sleepy-by when I get under the coversand cover up. He smiles as he drifts off and so do I.

Of course I like giving out The Look any time I want
to lighten up the room.

Timmy about that look... well, Thank Mew. Now let me strut my stuff.

Dad smiles a lot when I tell you Man-Cats to stop your kittenish behaviors. I smile too MOL

Dad laughs when I make double-cat sure that visitors don't have any sneaky plans when they visit. I intermewed Mewni-Corn and ended up inviting her to join the Family. Now she is a good friend of mine. It is soooo nice to have another girl in the family. Yes it is

What really gets Dad doubled over laughing are the positions I get into for my daily ablution's. He was kind enough to not show my more, ahem, exposed poses. You get the idea.

I get Dad smiling when I get in a nice Nappy.
The rest of the Family smiles too as I am not keeping a stern eye on what they are doing.

And to finish up my laughter routine I present The Look! This is how is Should be done! I know as it is my signature look!
Timmy, Timmy, Timmy.  Please do your own look.

Um, Fitz I am pretty sure you cannot make a look your own.
Au contraire brofur of mine. Let's see what our readers think:

Am I right and The Look is mine 
Am I, Timmy, right and The Look can be any kitty's

Let us know Tabbies

Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Sunday, January 15, 2017


My folks thinks I iz funny when I get the zoomies and climb the pole. Here is IZ being a koala bear.

Laughter Lounge

There are so many experiences I had with Mouse that made me laugh. I would often refer to her as the 'Comedy Kitty' as I was always telling people about the hilarity and hi-jinks she would get up to. Sometimes, the hilarity happened so quickly I wasn't able to catch it on camera. Here are some pics that I did manage to get. I know there is a lot, but what the hell - it's my event! 

Always keen to show her backside
 and clean her backside!
The nip toys, which I still have, 
would drive her berserk!
Her expressive face would sometimes mock me after she had run me ragged, with a knowing look in her eye.
Crashing out from exhaustion at 11am from doing...nothing!
What a vision to behold as I open my eyes first thing in the morning.
How considerate of her to drape her tail over my nose so I can't even see. I also get to inhale the greatness!
Blowing a raspberry at the dogs.

I think in this one I had told her a joke, and she was cracking up!

 We would spend hours and hours playing as I don't think her owners played with her all that much. She brought me so much happiness and I like to thing that I brought her some happiness...and laughter.

Laffs with Ducky and Angel Derby

Yeah, we all need laffs. Mum always saves the comics for last when she reads the newsy paper. Cheer herself up after all the doom and gloom.

Here a two of Derby, I think he was a bit nipped out here to tell you the truth. Rolling around showing off his underparts! Mum thinks he was cellybrating since she had taken off his collar.
Me, well, I am not so crazy I show off my under parts, but I do have fun anyway.
 Well, you can sort of see my under parts here. Not as full as Derbs! I was getting nipped out as this was when I first got my ham-mick and mum needed to put it together.
 Then, me, upside down and behind mum on the couch. I loves to sit there and play with her head!

Hope you enjoyed some laffs.


Don’t live life so seriously, always have time to laugh.
Laughter not only adds years to your life, but adds life to your years.
By Katie

I want to thank Rosie for hosting this fun event in honor of Angel Mousie.

My mom likes to dress me up. We have an agreement. I look terribly abused for about ten photos then I give her one good shot and when the photo sessions are over I get treats, hugs, and lots of kisses . . .

. . . do you like my attitude?

Holly cow!!!

Think I should BEEhave?

Thinking about those treats that are soon to be given to me.

NOTE: No Gracie was hurt or abused in anyway during these photos sessions. Do not and I repeat DO NOT call any animal protective service on my behalf. Thanks.

This disclaimer was not written under any duress.

Laughter for Angel Mousie

Today i am sharing some laughs for Angel Mousie..
Now before i totally shame myself i must disclose : Mum has lost her mind.
I really think that Mum laughin at ME is not funny...but..i guess i let Mum have fun..she needs a good laugh.
The fabulously funny hat i am modelling is ...yes made from MY furs...that's right..Mum brushed me...then got felting my fur...
Dad just looked at her like she was a nutter..i..well i love being brushed..but to hear that laughin...well i will show you all the outcome of Mums 'craft'...i am sure my TCC friends will not laugh at me..but your peeps might.....
Oh goes...paw pats Dinnermintz 

Happy Birthday sweet Gracie

Wishing Gracie a most wonderful birthday..
Hope you don't mind we kind of got carried away on chick-hen and pooped we are MOL...
Paw pats and loves Dinnermintz and Pickles xxx

Laughter in Honor of Mousie

Today we are celebrating laughter in honor of Angel Mousie.

I, Ralphie, do all kinds of silly things to make Mom's laughter ring through the house!

Well, I make Mom laugh by being so darn cute! It's a Manx thing!

Oh you keep thinking that little brother, MOL MOL, MOL!

Whatever brings laughter to your house, keep it going!

Laughter Is Good Medicine!

Laughing for Angel Mousie!
I used to make my parents laugh almost every single day - sometimes just the way I looked when I was sound asleep, or a sound I'd make, or the way I'd play with a toy........but one of the things that got to them EVERY SINGLE TIME, was when I'd play on the stairs.   I'd fly up and down as fast as my legs would take me then decide - SUDDENLY - to stop on a stair.   Sometimes as hard as I dug in my claw to keep from tumbling further down it didn't work and I'd slide down the stairs.   BUT most of the time, my claws would HOLD and I'd just lie there on the stair until Mom or Dad got a good giggle out of my antics!!   I did love to make them laugh!
You can tell by my face I'm ready to play!  
I did this silly stair thing for years and years - only when my arthritis caught up to me did I stop doing it.   I think it's pretty good to be able to say I made them laugh almost every day for practically 17 years before I went to the Rainbow Bridge.  
Maybe I'll show Angel Mousie how to do this up here at the's fun to make people giggle! 
Thank you Rosie for having this special LAUGHTER day in honor of Angel Mousie.....I was happy to pawticipate and may EVERYBODY keep their sense of humor because laughter truly is the BEST MEDICINE!
Love, Angel Sammy

Silly Chimera

We wanted to do something to make you laugh. Socks didn't feel up to participating, for those of you who don't know he has an abscess in his mouth, he went the 13 for dental x-rays. And Scylla was feeling shy so the duty of producing smiles fell to me the youngest Tabby. Hope you enjoy my movies. ~Chimera.

I Am a Hero

Cleaning Yang's Clock

I hope you found the movies I starred in suitably amusing. I am hoping the human will get a video of me singing to my red ball soon. 

Happy Birthday Gracie!!

Happy Birthday Gracie.....Love,  Raz

AND....from the Bridge....

I hope you have a purrrfectly PAWSOME day today!!!!