Saturday, April 30, 2016

National Tabby Cat Day Celebration


A big THANK YOU to  Bideawee Organization in New York City for coming up with the fantastic idea.

Join today and celebrate being a tabby cat.
Raz, Sammy, and I have everything to get this party rolling.

Everyday is tabby cat day if you ask me but today makes it an official holiday!!

Jeeves is in the formal dining room and will be serving pre-dinner drinks along with appetizers.


Chicken & Bacon Kabobs


Crab Spinach Tart

~ Dinner is Served ~

~ Desserts ~

Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Poached Pears in Hot Chocolate Sauce 

Warm Oranges in Sake Cream with s
Sesame Brittle

~ After Dinner Drinks ~


Chocolate Expresso



Cheers to the Tabby Cats!!!

After dinner you can sit and listen to the music or take a spin around the dance floor!  It's a great way to work off the noms you just ate!

Happy National Tabby Cat Day to all of us tabbies!

Prancie is shy-

KaTwo is not shy

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Being a (Louche) Tabby means that with my innocent face...
I can get away with anything!

Ducky and Angel Derby

Happy Tabby Cat Day to all of my fellow tabby cats. Glad we have a spot where we can all get together and hang out to cellybrate our day.

 Angel Derby first, you can see his trips on his legs and below his M on his head.

 Me, doing the Monty, my subtle stripes along my whole body and my cute face with the M.
Happy Tabby Day!

Happy Tabby Cat Day!

Why do I love being a tabby?  Aside from being super cute and photogenic, I am almost 15 and am super duper spoiled.  Here are a few pics of me just being my cute self.  I hope you like them.

Oh Happy Tabby Day!

Purrs to everybody!

This is Tabby Cat Warren, and today is a day to celebrate us!

What I love about being a Tabby Cat is... 

1) Playing Cat-mouflage

2) Playing with my brothers

3) Meowing Out Loud! (MOL!)

4) Just being ME!

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National Tabby Cat Day

Grace is a lovely tabby cat, and she enjoys being the highest-ranking tabby in the house! 

Grace is now almost 11. We have birthday plans in the making!

And here's Grace with her favorite scratchers and toys!

Happy National Tabby Cat Day to everyone!!

Tabby Cat Day Celebration

~ Happy National Tabby Cat Day ~

Mom says every day at our house is tabby cat day but oh how fun to have a special National Day just for the tabby cats.

Defination: A tabby cat is any domestic cat that has a coat featuring distinctive stripes, dots, lines or swirling patterns, usually together with a mark resembling an "M" on it's forehead. The tabby pattern is found in many breeds, as well as among the general mixed-breed population. The tabby pattern is a naturally occuring feature that may be related to the coloration of the domestic cat's direct ancestor, the African wildcat.

What is best about being a tabby cat? To me it is all about our markings. We all have the same markings but they are different with each tabby. We are quite unique. Mom says she really likes my white toesies because in the night see can see where I am in the dark.

Happy National Tabby Cat Day everyone!!

National Tabby Cat Day

Happy National Tabby Cat Day!
There is nothing better than being a Tabby Cat!

Because we are all joined together, with our fabulous "M's"

Yet all gorgeously unique, with our individual and distinctive furs.

Whether you are a Mackerel Tabby like me Ralphie.

Or a Classic Tabby like me Marty.

There is nothing as pawsome as being a Tabby!

Your Tabby pawsomeness might even be immortalized in a quilt!

Please grab yourself a cupcake and enjoy our day!

For hosting our first annual Tabby Cat Day!

Luv Ya All!
Peace Out!
Marty and Ralphie

National Tabby Cat Day!

PAWSOME!    A special day set aside for us Tabbies!   We all know every day is special for Tabbies anyway but someone has decided April 30th is THE DAY.   

Who started it?   Well this is who!  Bideawee Organization in New York City, that's who!  

Check out their website - they are into a LOT of things to benefit animals that's for sure.   I think it's awesome though to be celebrating the first National Tabby Day with all of you!

What's my favorite thing about being a Tabby?  Gosh......I do love Tabby markings.....especially the "M" on my forehead!

But I also like my stripes and spots and the VARIETY we Tabbies have in our fur colorings.  

In honor of this new celebration, I designed a special tee shirt which I'm modeling in the poster below the photo.   Feel free to "copy" the t-shirt if you think you might like to wear one too!
I hope you like it -here's me in mine:
(if you'd like to copy this poster and use it on your blog to show your Tabby-ness, please do!)

Before you go, how about joining me in a bite to eat?  Some of us are putting out some goodies for a Tabby Cat Brunch!
Tabby Mimosas!
My special spinach, bacon and egg casserole
Lovely French pastries of all sorts

So my friends, here's to Tabbies - long may we rule!!! 
Gracie, Raz and I hope you have a SPECIAL DAY today..............

Hugs, Sammy