Tuesday, July 21, 2020

National Meow Day

Happy National Meow Day Everyone!
I am oh so tired so instead of meowing I think I will purr until I fall asleep.
Have a great Day. 

National Meow Day

I rarely meow, in fact my meow sounds almost like a chirp.  I have a teeny, tiny meow but I have a loud purr.
Love you all, Bunty

National Meow Day

Well I must say that National Meow Day is a bit of a problem for me.   See I don't meow.   I just don't.   I talk..........I say MAMA and OUT and I can YELL when I need to - but meow?   Nope - I don't do it.    SO, Mom said she remembered ONE TIME when I was a wee boy and had JUST came to live here that I let out what sounded more like a meow than any other sound I've made since...............we were playing..........with one of my all time favorite toys - the long piece of flannel stuff on a stick!

She said for a little cat she was very impressed with the SIZE of my meow.   But it is the only time since February 2017 that I've ever EVER meowed.   Too bad you can't hear this one - it was more fierce than it looks!!

Have a happy National Meow Day - I'm sure you can do better than I did meowing!

Hugs, Teddy

National Meow Day!


Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Self Isolation with Noelle and Raz

This is how we like to self-isolate.....watching the lizards and birds out the window!!

Self Isolation - Ducky Style.

I'm on the top of one chair. mum sits in the other. That is close enuf for now.  When I nap, only space for one as well.

Self Isolation

When it comes to self isolation, we kitties are masters.  Here are a couple of pics of me doing just that.

Self Isolation

Self Isolating?  Yep - I do that!

I guess these days humans are doing a lot more of what we cats have always done when we just want some peace and quiet - self-isolating!     True that they are doing it because of the virus......they don't get out and about as much and they are super careful to avoid crowds and being "out and about" as much as they usually are.     We cats self-isolate just for some alone time during the day.    Not that we don't love our humans - we just like our OWN time too!

Here are three examples of me isolating in my own way............

My old red "tent" (well I guess I'm half isolating in this photo huh??)

This is a great spot - behind Mom's computer screen - I'm the only one who can fit back there anyway!

This might be my favorite spot to isolate - top of my tree in my unfinished basement MAN CAVE.   

So in these weird times of isolating - I've got myself covered - got plenty of places to do that - Mom and Dad just stay home but I have lots of hangouts IN our home to isolate.   I'm SAFE!

Hugs, Teddy

Saturday, July 11, 2020

All American Pet Day

Me and Angel Derby doing what all cats do best NAP!

Happy All American Pet Day

Happy All American Pet Day Everyone!
Hope you are enjoying this great day doing what you want to do.

All American Pet Day

Happy All American Pet Day!

Well posting my favorite photo of ME is tough.........a couple of days after I was adopted and came to my forever home our next door neighbor who is a fabulous photographer came over and took a bunch of photos of me.   Of course I was trying my best to be adorable.    If I had to choose just ONE photo of me it would be one of those...............this one I suppose is my favorite - I had leaped onto Mom's hands and did a somersault!

Why do I like this photo so much - because Mom and I are looking right at each other and I'm having the time of my life.............I knew I was one lucky kitten!!!

Hugs, Teddy

All American Pet Photo Day

Here is a pic of me just being adorable.  Mommy loves me so much and thinks every picture of me is special.

All American Pet Photo Day

There are so many photos of us we didn't know what to share so we decided on one of us being snuggly together.

Friday, July 10, 2020


On the top is one of my very first photos. Our humans do not really know if I was feral, a stray or abandoned. I was about five months old when our housekeeper and treat lady, Chris, found me on Thanksgiving 2017. I was on the deck of the vacant house next to my now family's home. As soon as Dad Tom found out, he went next door and scooped me and brought me to my forever home. I was about five months old, and as you can see, not really a happy camper. I just turned three on July 1, and am very happy in my home, especially with my big brother, Cooper Murphy (below), who looks out for me. Purrs, Sawyer

Cooper Murphy here. That's me on the bottom. I was about 15 months old in my photo. Mom Janet and Dad Tom know I was abandoned, as I had already been neutered when I was rescued from a snowstorm in January 2017. I showed up at their friend, Cookie's, house. She lives just around the corner. As you can see, I was pretty skinny then. Cookie gave me tuna, so I stayed. But her doggies didn't want me to live with her. So she called my humans, and just like with Sawyer, Dad Tom came after me. He put me in a Sleepypod and trudged back home through the snow. I never looked back. I love my home, my humans and all my fursibs. Paw-pats, Cooper Murphy

Sawyer and I wish every kitten and cat can have wonderful, forever homes, just like the one we have.


Youngest Pic

I came to live with mum when I was about 18 month old, so no real kitten pictures. This is one of my earliest pics that mum got of me. I am about the same size and weight I was back then!

National Kitten Day

Posting pics of me as a kitten. These were taken within a couple weeks of me coming to my new home.  I've gotten so much bigger since then.  Mommy says I'm totally adorable.

National Kitten Day

Happy National Kitten Day Everyone!!

This is the first picture taken of me and my future dad.
He did not know it at the time but I decided to adopt him and mom.

This is the second photo taken of mom and me.
I knew when this photo was taken that she would be my mom. 
She knew it, I knew it, and I guess dad figured things out.

7 July  2009

National Kitten Day

National Kitten Day?

Yes - kittens are adorable and since I used to be one (haven't we all?) I'm celebrating the occasion with some flashback photos of ME when I first came to live with my Mom and Dad at 11 months old.

My first day in my new home......adopted from same shelter Mom and Dad had adopted Sammy 17 years before...............

 Learning to play - I didn't know what "toys" were but I learned quickly!!

THEN there were the Angel Sammy BABY days:
 "This sure is a big world Mom!"
Such a tiny boy up on Dad's footstool.

Kittens are always adorable...........and kittens who are "planned" and not born to ferals helpless in the wild have a much better chance at living long and healthy lives.   TNR programs help keep the unwanted kitten explosion every year under control but there are still thousands who need homes and help.    

National Kitten Day reminds us that every life is precious!

Hugs, Teddy

National Kitten Day

None of us were "kittens" when we became Florida Furkids but we're sharing the first photos Mom has of us.

This is my Petfinder photo that made Mom fall in love with me!!  I was a handsome guy right from the start!

Mom took this photo of Noelle the first day she came to our house.  She was still locked in the bathroom to let her get used to being here.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday to me!

Hi it's Bunty!  I am 1 year old today!  Mommy and I are going to celebrate quietly in the a/c today.  I will also be hanging out at Cat Scouts this afternoon and evening.
Posting a cute photo shopped pic of me.  Stop by and wish me a Happy Birthday here and on my blog or at Cat Scouts.  Hugs, Bunty

Happy 4th !

Happy 4th everyone! Love, Rosie

Happy Birthday America!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday

I have two items to help you all get through these nasty firework noises. Ear plugs and a nice stiff drink.

Your're Welcome

Happy 4th - Quietly!

Happy Independence Day USA!

Mom, Dad and I will be celebrating quietly today with a burger BBQ later and lots of time for ME to be outside in the yard snooping around all my favorite spots.    Now if that isn't a PURRRFECT way to celebrate, I sure don't know what is!

Please celebrate responsibly - masks and distancing if you'll be "out and about" but if you'll be home like me..........well.........you can just celebrate however you want to.

Long may she wave...............

Hugs, Teddy


Hi everyone and Happy July 4th. My friends and I and yes I include you as my friends. Mom Crystal, My "Sister" Daisy Mae" and I hope you all have a Happy 4th of July. Now for my 4th of July Post. ENJOY!!!!
Mom Crystal wrote a poem and we hope you like it.

Poem Written By: Crystal Stewart
Poem Written On: 6-29-2020

Thank You Veterans, Active Military,
First Responders And Families who all
Put their lives on the line to
Serve us and give us our Freedom
Which isn't free. You are our Heroes
And Heroines and because a lot of
The times we can't thank you 
Personally please know this, we
Can't thank you enough for all
You do.