Thursday, October 31, 2013

Howl-o-ween Pawty Hopping!

Me-Mwahhhahhahha-Ommmmm! Hey Efurryone, the whole pack, Me, Apollo, Kuruk, and Nalle are having a pawesome time pawty hopping all over the bloggyworld! Tabby Cat Club is just one of our stops! Come on over to Brofur Ku's Bloggy to see efurrywhere we are trick or treating! Efurryone is invited!

a ghost story for Hallowe'en...

When headin' over to Sammy's Hallowe'en party, my brother Seville and I encountered a...  some...  uh... 

Well, you can read all about it in my blog post entitled "the Hallowe'en party" on Nerissa's Life.

In the meantime, enjoy a couple of pictures from the post.



Halloween Birthday Party

Happy Halloween!
Or maybe 
Unhappy Howl-O-Ween?

When you are done
having a fantastic time at Raz's party here,
please join us at TwinkletoeTails.
We are celebrating 
Sister Mica Minnie Moo's Birthday.

Gorge yourself silly,
and have a frighteningly fun time!

Don't miss story time.

And all the happy kitties decked out in their finest.

And thanks, Raz, for a superb party!
What a great spread
and a chillingly spooky time!

Oui Oui

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Tabby Cat Club members!  Welcome to my Halloween Party!!   I sure hope you're ready for a spooky but fun time!!

Don't mind these guys....they came WAY too early....

Help yourself to a niptini  or some milk if you're still a kitten..

Head on over to the buffet table....

Grab a seat at the table...
Photo by Gracie

We have lots of ham and cheese....if you dare!

Here's a tuna dish you can really sink your teeth into.....

For dessert we have nip flavored cookies....

and, of course, Litter Box Cake.

When you've had your fill, there are lots of great games to play.

Mummy bowing is always a favorite...

THoE through the pumkins is a great way to work off some of those great noms. Gracie and I will go first to show you how...

  Don't forget to find out What you Halloween Name is!....
Game courtesy of Gracie
Pin the nose on the Pumpkin is fun too....

Stay as long as you'd like but before you leave grab a favor bag.....

and a black cat nip pop....

I hope you had fun at my Halloween Party!  Thanks for coming and Happy Halloween!

                              Hello Kitty-Happy halloween

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sweet Innocent Clementine By Day-Vampire Kitty By Night

Awww!! Your Never Know What To Expect On 
Halloween Night!! So Stop By And See Me!!
Vampire Kitty!!! 
From Life From A Cat's Perspective

From peaceful Yogicat to....AHHHHHHHHH!

The sweet and peaceful great Swami Zoe has been taken over by a Hungry Ghost and is now a possessed Zombie Zoe! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thanks Gracie for hosting! p.s. Did you see? Did you see? Zombie Zoe Me is up in the left-hand corner of the blog! Me-mwahhh-ha-ha-ha-Ommmmmmm!

Crepes, Rocky, and MomFOD from CatInTheFridge

You guys!  She got us! She dressed us up at the Halloween party! LOOK:

I've been Pumpkin Jestered

And Rocky wore a bat costume all night. With wings.

And then you know what she did? She dared to dress herself up as us!!!!
MomFOD WISHES she was a cat.




Timmy and Miss Fitz say Boo fur Halloween

Hi Furends:

Thanks for hosting Gracie!

I had wanted Miss Fitz to play dress up but she said she had a much better halloween idea. I think she is quite Scary!
Fare Ye well Tabbies!
Lay my feather toy on my
cold still chest

I am playing Pumpkin. Can you see me?
Need help?

Ha... Bet you could not find me. I was the Pumpkin on the right. MOL

Buddy runs up: Timmer! Iz Fitz allraght?

Yes Buddy. It's Halloween

Fitz: Oh Buddy. You are so kyoot!

Have a Safe and Fun Halloween Tabbies! Hope you come visit the Tomcat Home! We may just have a Halloween Party!

Timmy Tomcat

Mickey Mouser

Hi, Tommie's little brother Mickey Mouser here wishing you a Happy Halloween! This my first post as a new member of the Tabby Cat Club. Could Mom have made me a blood thirsty pirate or at least the little devil that she's always calling me? No. This is an embarrassing costume...

Halloween Dress Up Day

It's Halloween Dress Up Day and I must say this isn't what I had in mind . . .

. . . you see I was thinking I would be a princess, or a fairy, a beautiful bride, or even a movie star . . . but as you can see the mom here dresses me up as a COW! Sorry for yelling but . . . oh you know . . . 

. . . I mean this is embarrassing . . . I even have utters . . . 

. . . I could see that there was no way around this photo shoot but I decided that I would not cooperate . . . I wouldn't look at the camera no matter what . . . 

. . . with the look in my eyes I would show the world that underneath this stupid cow hat I have airplane ears . . . 

. . . with the photo shoot well under it's way I decided I would not wear the cow hat . . .

. . . Mom finally got the hint and took the cow costumn off of me. Phew I thought it would never ever end. I will say that the only good things about this photo session was the many treats that she gave me when we were done.

Anyway, thanks for participating in this year's dress up day and hope your human didn't bother you too much about it.

Happy MEOW-loween from Moosey (and my sisfurs)!

Hi Everybuddy!  It's me, Moosey (and my sisfurs Gracie and Zoe)!

We're super excited to participate in Halloween Dress Up Day here at the Tabby Cat Club!  Thank you, Gracie, for hosting such a fun event.  We hope you like our costumes, and can hardly wait to see how all our TCC pals are decked out!

Happy MEOW-loween!

Hugs and  headbonks,

Engineer Moosey, Hello Kitty Zoe and Queen Gracie :)

Unhappy Howl-O-ween

I am a most unhappy kitty this Halloween!

 I can't stand the thought of anyone seeing me this way!

My tail is swishing at top speed! 

I am forced to look up. 

How udderly ridiculous!

Happy Halloween to all
And a Unhappy Howl-O-Ween to some.

Thanks, Gracie, for hosting this event!

Oui Oui

Boldly Going Where No Cat Has Gone Before

Captain Socks from ATCAD

Purrchance To Scream

Tabby Cat Clubbers Sonora and Chili from Purrchance To Dream are all decked-out for Halloween fun!  Sonora is bewitchingly cute, isn't she?
  And Chili just wants to nom nom nom on your braaaaains....

Halloween Dress Up Day

Thanks to Gracie for hosting this fun event.  This is my very first Halloween with The Florida Furkids, so I didn't know what to expect.

In the past, Tabby Cat Club member Tamir, hated wearing stoopid costumes really loved dressing up.  You can see how much he enjoyed it in these pictures...

Please get this off of me....

pfffffftttt....that's what I think of dressing up.

Needless to stay, I was unlucky lucky enough to get to wear costumes too.  

I have 3 different costumes this year.....

I've decided to show you two today.  First, here's my camo outfit...
You probably can't see me because I'm wearing camo...
Second is my Pumpkin shirt. anyone going to believe I'm a pumpkin???

Were you tortured by wearing a costume lucky enough to wear a costume?  I can't wait to see what all the other TCC members post today!

Thank you Gracie for hosting this fun event!

Happy Meow-lloween!

Meowlo to all my furry friends! Honey Delite here. I hear that something called "Meowlloween" is coming up this week. The humans pass out treats to the little humans who dress up like monsters and princesses. If these Meowlloween treats have chicken or fish in them, I want in! And if those humans don't pass out treats to cats, this costume is sure to scare the treats out of them!

What do you think? Scary enough? 

I also have an announcement to make. I have decided to hide from my humans right now. They have not seen me in almost a week. Usually, I am out every morning for breakfast and then I like to follow and meow at that male human while he is working outside. But for the past week I have not been doing that. I am sure that human lady is worried about me. 

Howdy Pawdners!!

Ok, I am a kitty who DOES NOT get into dressing up for Halloween, so this is the BEST you're gonna get!!!

Now where is my horse or woofie, I'm outta here!!!

Love, Cody