Sunday, February 20, 2022

Love your Pet day

 Mommy says everyday is love your pet day at our place.

Love Your Pet Day

 Everyday was love your pet day at our house. 

Actually mom & dad has always said that they never had a pet but had several fur kids. 

My mom and dad really spoiled and loved me soooooo much.

Dad & Me

Mom & Me

Love Your Pet Day


Today is Love Your Pet Day!  We really think that is every day but here's a photo of us loving each other!!

Love Your Pet Day With Teddy

 Love Your Pet Day?   

Isn't that EVERY day???????

Both his Dad and I love this guy with all our hearts...and always will.

If you would like some totally unconditional love - visit your local shelter, rescue or SPCA to adopt some adorable unconditional love  !

Hugs, Mom of Ted

Sunday, February 13, 2022

LVI Super Bowl

 It's game day today!

This year I am supporting the Los Angeles Rams

I have some food and drinks to share with you. 

Great seeing you today.
 Hope your team wins.

Super Bowl LVI Party

Welcome to Super Bowl LVI!!

Grab your ticket

Hop on the bus....Teddy is driving today!

Kick off is at 6:00 pm est.
We can party all the day long.

Spend as much time with us today as you can.

Here are your spirit items.

LosAngeles Rams Fans...

Cincinnati Bengals Fans... 

These souvenirs are yours to take home with you when you leave.

Balloons for each team!


Let the party begin!!

Drinks & food await you.

Good Luck Teams



A chocolate fountain with fruit!

Ice cream sundae bar......yum!


Don't wear yourselves out cheering for your team today - but have as much fun with us as you can possibly stand..........GOOOOOOOOOO SUPER BOWL TEAMS!

P.S.  Here's a participation badge for you to show off to the world!

Super Bowl Sunday With Teddy


It's HERE!

Super Bowl Sunday.......but there's something missing this year - the Kitten Bowl!   They're having a Puppy Bowl but no Kitten Bowl.   Phooooey!

 As for the football game - well, Mom and Dad aren't big football fans but Mom says she's rooting for the Bengals so I guess I am too.

Why?   Well because it's RAMS and BENGALS and only one of those names involve CATS that's why.


Have fun watching the game everyone!
Hugs, Teddy

Super Bowl Sunday

 I'm so upset that there won't be a Kitten Bowl this year.  It was always such fun.  I also loved the playing cards they used to do.  This is mine from 2017.  Are you and your family watching the game today??