Friday, January 31, 2014



Super Bowl XLIII Invitation

Everyone welcome!!
Party Starts at noon and ends ???????
Come early and stay late.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Late Tosies Tuesday

Bambino:  Mom promised me faithfully that she would post my toes after the President's speech, but she fell asleep during the commentary and didn't wake up until 0-dark-thirty.  I say she should have posted them as soon as she took the photo.  Humpf.  Well, anyway, here's my toes.

Too Late for Tootsie Tuseday/Wednesday

Hi evfurry...tootsies well we got them and we are sorry we are late posting..mumz a nuff we goes..
Dinnermintz and her catspurr the friendly ghost
Pickles...magic  tabbie tootsies ...

We sorry they iz so late..please we need new staffz...have a wonderful day evfurry one Paw Pats Dinnermintz and Pickles xxxx

Tuesday/Wednesday Clementine Toes

Here is Me playing with my Tuesday/Wednesday Toes!!
 Mom thinks I am a crazy Girl!! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday Silver Toes

Hey Guys,

It's Silver Toes time~

kitty toes
Talk to the toes, because i'm sleeping...
Check out my blog at I Love Silver Meow~
Silver Meow

Tuesday Toes

I am about to freeze my paws off here, so I am making use of the electric blanket. We aren't used to cold weather on the MS Gulf Coast. It's 30 degrees here. You Northern kitties would get a good laugh the library and bank closed because it was so cold. And (sigh) the grocery store was out of lots of stuff because they didn't get a truck in. At least they were open. But the silly beans if the weather was good enough for Mommy to drive in it was good enough for the bank and library to be open. Mommy said the VET is closed too, so we all has to stay well. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

Alice's Sleepy Toes

Here are my sleepy toes!  They're all snuggled up on Mum's lap.

Alice Marie

Toesie Time

Gracie's toesies
It really is me under my blankie. With the weather almost setting new record low temperatures there is only one thing to do~keep warm and snuggle down. This morning we were at -17 below zero (not wind chill but actual temperature). Right now the temperature is -10. Oh when will spring come?

Stay safe!!!


Lucy would love to show you her

Sunny Paws


Action Paws


Sleepy Paws


and how she puts her

 best paw forward


Toes on Tuesday

TW has a foot fetish, or rather a PAW fetish. She keeps insisting on photographing my paws—front and back. I’ve never let her publish any of those photos, until now.

And here’s those toes attached to the cat.

And here are the toesies of Sadie, a little grey tabby, who you can read about on my blog today. She was abandoned and is available for adoption. Let the squeeing begin!

Too many Toesies

Mickey Mouser: "See my toesies, Tommie?"

Tommie: "Enough with your toesies, Mickey. Can a guy take a nap in peace around here?"

Ginger Toes!

I see you looking at my sweet Ginger Toes!


A little TLC = Fabulous Torbie Toes!

Oui Oui's Tabby Toesies

I'm not sure why the mom finds toes that interesting
when I'm hiding UTB.
I know she can't see them!

And she lets me put them on the table
if I promise not to jump up when she's not home.
Of course, I promised!

And she loves when I do this!

I'm just so thankful she can't do this to my toes!
The mom thinks kitty toe bears are adorable
and would be forever drawing on my toesies.

Thanks for hosting this cute event, Gracie!
We just love seeing cute little toes!

Oui Oui

Extra Toesies Sammy

What a great day!  Celebrating those toesies of ours that our humans seem to enjoy SO much!  They're functional but also very squeeable if you think about it - whenever we talk about our toes on our blogs we always get a room full of SQUEES and smiles.......Well I had to pawticipate in the celebration of toes.......I have extras on my front paws.  I'm a Hemingway cat (aka polydactyl) so I have plenty to toe I mean CROW about on Toesday!  

Have a super Toesday everybody!!
Sammy - One Spoiled Cat (indeed)

Charlie´s Toesies ...

Thank´s Gracie for hosting this 
FUN event !

Here I watch TV with my mom-person :)

Hanging out in mom´s lap 

Put your paws up in the air 
and let´s PARTYYYY !

Happy Toesday :)

Moosey's Tuesday Toesies

Hi Everybuddy!  It's me, Moosey!

Fanks, sweet Gracie, for hosting this great Tuesday Toesies event!  As you know, I'm kind of sick right now, and we're all still waiting for some special blood test results that will help us figure out what's going on with me.  I am home with Mom and Dad and (my sisfurs) Gracie and Zoe while we are waiting, and that makes me very happy.  I have been eating well, and am feeling pretty good and acting pretty much like, well, me.  Fank you all, sweet pals, for your purrs, prayers and love -- they are so powerful, and we know they are helping lots (please keep them coming, okay?)!

My mom and dad have been giving me lots of love, but this whole thing's been kind of stressful for everybuddy here.  And it's been so hard to keep up with things, like participating in TCC events and commenting and stuff.  We hope you will forgive us for that.  We didn't even have a chance to do a toesie photo shoot for today's event, so Dad and I chose some of our favorite toesie pictures of me.  We hope you like them, even though they are "repeats."

Have a great Toesie Tuesday, Everybuddy.

Hugs and headbonks!


P's Teddies

You guys!
Check our Mrs. Peabody's teddy. There's a black spot there, but we've enhanced it just a little. :)


Timmy Toesies

Hi Furends
I tried to get Miss Fitz to play but she is of the mind that her little dainty feets are not for general consumption. I think her BF Toby was the reason but... We may never know.

Now lets get to the issue, er, the toesies at paw. I myself love my toesies. I work very hard to keep them in tip top shape. I try to get a good cleaning in daily when I lay with Dad after work. He thinks I am a bit, um, obsessed, but, what do you expect for a guy with only a quarter of my bee-yooo-ti-ful toe quotient. 

A Clean Toesie is a Happy Toesie

Purrs my furends
Timmy Tomcat

Toesies Tuesday

Thanks to Gracie for hosting Toesies Tuesday today.  Even though I am a Tabby cat I have white paws just like the Birman girls do.

Here I am showing off my sparkling white mittens.....

Okay Mom....did I do good?  Can I have some treats now?

I can't wait to see everyone else's toes!!!

Thanks again Gracie!!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hello !
It´s Charlie Rascal here ....

I have just ONE question to my mom-person !
How come that I ALWAY´S have to work for
my treats ??!!
My mom-person´s answer to that is 
that I need to exercise my brain 
and body.
If you ask me I DON´T think she 
have the right to say anything about 
exercising neither brain´s or body´s !!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday Word—Questions

OK, Woman. I have questions and you better have answers. They better be the answers I want to hear too!

Why can’t I blog every day?

Why don't you play with me more?

What did you buy that stupid water fountain for?

How come you only get rid of MY stuff?

How come you don’t play with me more?

Did you remember my Gotcha Day is coming up?

Am I getting a new cat tree?

Whatchoo doin’, Woman?

and the most important question:

Can I bite you … hard?

Read TW’s answers here. I don’t think she took this seriously.

Answer Your Cats' Questions Day

 Karen Jo:  Today is the day for me to answer all those questions that you have been burning to ask.
Spyro and Horus:  Why can't we go outside by ourselves and pretend to be wild kitties?

Karen Jo:  It's cold and wet out there and it's dangerous, too.  There are cars and dogs and coyotes.

Spyro and Horus:  Aww, Mom!

Oja:  Why are you always saying, "Ouch!" when I make biscuits on your lap?

Karen Jo:  Because it hurts.  You poke your claws through my pants and my skin.

Oja:  Aww, Mom.

Rocio:  Why don't you just put the treats out in a big bowl instead of making us scratch for them?  You always give treats to every cat who comes over to the treat drawer anyway.

Karen Jo:  Because it gets you to scratch on the scratchers and not on the furniture all the time.

Rocio:  We still scratch on the furniture.

Karen Jo;  I noticed.

Bambino: Why won't you just pet me when I jump up on your chest at 0-dark-thirty?  You always go back to sleep.

Karen Jo:  Sorry, Bambino, but I need my sleep, same as you do.  You don't like it when I wake you up, do you?

Bambino:  I don't really mind.  I can always sleep later.

Julius:  Why are you always trying to touch me?  You know I'll run away.

Karen Jo:  Sometimes you let me pet you.  I really want you to get used to me, so I can pick you up and hold you and cut that band off your neck that the shelter put on.  I don't want it to get too tight as you grow.

Don't care about answers. We just wanna ask questions!

We know our mom and dad are busy, too busy to answer all our questions. We just like to ask questions. All day long, questions, questions and more questions. In the evening, we ask even more questions (though mostly they revolve around When is the Neko Fly coming out to play?). We think it's healthy to ask lots of questions and we are very, very healthy cats!

At 9:03 this morning, Ruby asked: How come my fleece only smells like fleece for a short period of time but then, it smells like me the rest of the time? Isn't that odd?

At 11:47 a.m. Olivia pondered: If I'm lying in the sun with the blinds down but open and as a black cat, shouldn't I have white zebra stripes?

Many more questions were asked over at You want to know that, right?

Kizzie: How Intelligent Am I?

Mum, how intelligent am I?

I’m afraid not very, Kizzie.  I’ve just read an article in Focus Magazine that says you are only one step up from a mouse.  Oh, and dogs are cleverer than you, as well as apes and dolphins.   And humans are over 7 times more intelligent.  Sorry, sweetie.

Kizzie: Oh, shame.  Ah well – the perfect excuse to spend my days pottering about and sleeping then.  I’ll leave any work to the humans, and let you pay the bills.

The Great Swami Interrogation!

Mama, why don't you do your yoga practice with me whenever I am practicing yoga?

Sweet Pea, I don't have hours and hours every day to practice yoga poses. I have to do Mama stuff too.

Mama, why don't you meditate with me whenever I am meditating?

Doll Face, I have lots of Mama stuff to do.

Me, Sweet Pea, Doll Face, Pink Princess, Most Beautiful Swami Zoe!

Mama, why do you not get up in the middle of the night when I am doing my level 108 Vinyasa Yoga? 

My Pink Princess, I need to get my rest and sleep so I can do all that Mama stuff.

Mama, why don't you rest and contemplate with me in the sun puddles on the floor in the middle of the day with me?

Most Beautiful Swami, I have to do Mama stuff during the daytime.

Mama, thank you fur doing all that Mama stuff so I am free to practice yoga and meditation endlessly! But, I still think you are too busy! Me-Ommmmm :-D

Oui Oui Asks Tough Questions

I'm taking advantage of Answer Your Cat's Questions Day cause I've always wondered why:

The mom, WHY did you hafta buy water bowls that look like water coolers?  You ruined all my fun!  If I didn't mind a wet butt, why would you care if I sat on the rims and tipped the water bowls over?

The mom:  Sorry, Oui Oui, it wasn't pleasant walking through water, and did you REALLY not want anything to drink during the day while I was at work?

The mom, are you a drama queen?  I didn't mind!

You know, the mom, I am not always tired at night and sometimes I like a good scratching session in my favorite box to help me get back to sleep.  What's the matter with that?

The mom:  **  glares  **  You know everyone else is sleeping!  I think you are lonely and just want some attention!

So, what is wrong with that?

Oui Oui

Thanks to Gracie & Raz for hosting this illuminating event!
It was elucidating and educational too!