Thursday, March 30, 2017

Scylla's Tail

Charybdis was my litter mate. We came to live with Mommy when we were 4 weeks old. Our Cat Mom was poisoned and died close to her food bowl. These nice people that had been trying to trap her (they did TNR) saw her body and searched for us kittens. They knew she had a litter of kittens and were waiting until she brought us to eat before they tried to trap her. They searched and searched until they found us, some of my litter mates didn't make it but 4 of us did! Mommy started out fostering me and Charybdis but when Daddy got home from work he told Mommy if he could name us she could keep us.  So she said OK as long as he didn't name us War (Charybdis) and Pestilence (Scylla) and she requested he pick out a girls name. So he looked in Greek mythology for some girl monsters and since Scylla & Charybdis go together and we look so much alike he thought that would be the perfect names for us. Especially since he felt like he was between a rock and a hard place when it was feeding time and he was the only one around. We were bottle feed when we first came to live here. Since the whole family liked it, Scylla & Charybdis became our names.

This is about the Scylla in Greek Mythology
Scylla was a nymph, daughter of Phorcys. The fisherman-turned-sea-god Glaucus fell madly in love with her, but she fled from him onto the land where he could not follow. Despair filled his heart. He went to the sorceress Circe to ask for a love potion to melt Scylla's heart. As he told his tale of love to Circe, she herself fell in love with him. She wooed him with her sweetest words and looks, but the sea-god would have none of her. Circe was furiously angry, but with Scylla and not with Glaucus. She prepared a vial of very powerful poison and poured it in the pool where Scylla bathed. As soon as the nymph entered the water she was transformed into a frightful monster with twelve feet and six heads, each with three rows of teeth. Below the waist her body was made up of hideous monsters, like dogs, who barked unceasingly. She stood there in utter misery, unable to move, loathing and destroying everything that came into her reach, a peril to all sailors who passed near her. Whenever a ship passed, each of her heads would seize one of the crew.

Scylla is also the name of a daughter of King Nisus of Megara.
Scylla could bark like a dog (according to some skulax, "young dog").
I have a very LOUD MEOW, so I guess you could compare it to a dog barking. I prefer to think Daddy named me after the beautiful nymph Scylla before Circe turned her into a monster.~Scylla

Chimera Got Found

These pictures were taken the day I was found December 26th, they tell me that day is what you call my Gotcha Day.
I am not sure how I wound up in Grandma and Grandpa's yard all by myself and soaking wet. I couldn't see or hear yet, so I don't know what happened just that I was cold and uncomfortable and I wanted someone to help so I was MEOWING as loud as I could. I was hoping my Cat Mom would come and take me some place warm and dry and feed me, but she didn't. We don't know why, I was by myself for such a long time...................
Anyway Mom & Dad came to Grandma & Grandpa's for something called Chris Mouse. They were eating dinner with them and after dinner Daddy went out on the deck for some fresh air while Mommy helped Grandma clean up the kitchen a little. Daddy heard me MEOWING  and came off the deck to look for me. He almost stepped on me, since I was soaked to the skin and looked furless I blended in with the leaves, dirt and grass really well.
Daddy scooped me up and handed me to Mommy to dry off and he went and got something called Kitten Formula for me to drink, and some bottles for me to drink it out of.
When I was warm, dry and full I went to sleep and I rode home in Mommy's arms. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Prancie's Story

Hi everyone, sorry I am late. I do want to tell you how I found my folks. I was homeless and very cold so when I saw a nativity on a porch I went to it. I knew Jesus would help me. I meowed at the door and my Mom found me. Unfortunately, I was outside in the cold for a long time so my ears got frostbitten and the tips fell off. I look like a Scottish Fold now, but everyone says I am adorable.

Our "Furrever" Stories

We are a little late joining in, but wanted to let you know how we came to live with Mom. Me, Ralphie, I picked Mom out when she came with a friend who was looking for a kitty at the local humane society way back in February of 2009. Mom was standing by my kennel and I reached out for her and let her know I wanted her when she walked by. She couldn't resist me! We don't have early pictures of me because they were left behind when Mom, Mazie and I had to sneak away in the middle of the night from the bad man we lived with.

Now the tailess wonder joined us in February of 2011. Mom had always loved Manx kitties and was shocked when she saw a litter of Manx mix kitties that had been left at the same humane society up for adoption down at our local Petsmart. Mom had to go meet them and knew she was going to bring one home. Marty was the one who climbed in her lap and played with her right away and the rest is history. I immediately took him under my paw. Mazie was a bit worried about how tiny he was. She shouldn't have worried, he sure did grow fast! 
We are two lucky, truly loved, very spoiled boys!
Thanks Sammy and Teddy for this great day!
Ralphie and Marty

Deztinee Comes Home

Meowllo. Me's late as usual. Mommy put it on da calendar but furgot to set a reminder. Do any of you have those kinds of troubles with your humans? Anyways, me's a purroud member of the Tabby Cat Club even tho' me hasn't posted much this past year. 

See, sis Lexi was gonna be our only Tabby Cat Club member, cuz she was a purrfect Tabby. She had da bestest marking's ever. But fankfully, all da tabbies were so kind and let me and me's broken M join too. 'Course when we lost sissy last March, everything just made mommy and me sad. We still, and always will miss her, but it's time fur me to take up da mantle and carry on fur da both of us. 

So, how did me come to live with mommy, you ask? Well, mommy and sis Lexi had just lost a kitty and needed another great luv in their lives. Not to mention, sis Lexi needed a helper with her duties. As most of ya' know, we're Service Cats fur our disabled mommy. 

Anyways, mommy knew she should be lookin' fur a kitty, but she just hadn't had a chance to, when she got a call from a doggy rescue group. Seems they had rescued a whole litter (11) of Ragdoll kittens from a backyard breeder, and had no idea what to do with them. They also knew mommy needed a kitty, so they asked her ifin she'd like to come and take a look. Mommy got in her car and headed out to da meetin'. 

When she got to the center, she and the rescue lady talked a bit and mommy sat down in da floor. Da rescue lady gathered me and me's littermates up in a basket and took us to a room where we could smell a most wonderful aroma. We were all mewin' and tryin' to look 'round. Me says tryin', cuz contrary to what da rescue peeps had been told, we were only 'bout 3 weeks old and our eyes hadn't even been open all dat long yet. 

Da rescue lady poured us out on da cold floor and me's littermates began to play. Me? Me stuck me's nose in da air and headed straight fur dat wonderful smell as fast as me's little legs could carry me's worm filled body. Furinally, me arrived at a wall of what me later learned was mommy's legs. Me began to climb those legs with all me's little might. When me reached da top, me looked up at da blurry good smellin' face and turned on me's purr motor. Suddenly, me felt safe. Safer than me had ever felt, and me laid down. Dat was a lot of work fur such a little kitty girl.

Then me felt the warm conmfurtin' hands of mommy pick me up and bring me to her face. Through blurry eyes, me could see her lookin' at me and then across the room at all me's playin' littermates. And then she said the words every scared homeless kitty wants to hear. She said, "You're purrfect, and I will love you forever. You're my Deztinee." (like da play on words?)  And then she told da rescue lady dat she was takin' me home to live with her furever and ever. 

Dat was 7 1/2 years ago, and me's never looked back. Me knew dat day dat me would have da bestest life ever ifin only mommy would take me home. So me chose her and she chose me. And me does have a great life. Me has a luvvin' mommy, a home and toys and foods and even tho' me misses sis Lexi, me now has a new sisfur and helper. She's okay, me guesses. Me's sure dat without mommy, she wouldn't have had a very good life if any, so me's doin' me's bestest to teach her da ropes. 

So, dat's purretty much how it went da day me found mommy and she found me. You can read all 'bout me and me's new sisfur RaenaBelle on our bloggy at DezizWorld. Fanks fur lettin' me be a pawrt of such a pawsum Club. 

Till da next time...........Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Cooper Murphy's Gotcha Story

Hi All,

Some of you know me, as I have been here a couple of times. I am a fairly new member. I am the most recent addition to the Kitties Blue family at The Cat on My Head blog.

I only joined Kitties Blue on January 7.  I was hanging out on the porch of a friend of Kitties Blue when it was super cold and snowing. The friend has three woofies who were not keen on the idea of me coming inside. Kitties Blue friend called their humans, and Dad Tom went and picked me up and brought me to what was to become my new home.

Mom says that it was love at first site, and since Fiona had gone to the RB just five weeks earlier, there was room at the inn. MOL! (Mom says that Fiona sent me.) I was way too sociable to be a stray so Dad Tom and Mom Janet had to do their best to find out if I had a home. After posting all over the internet, checking every lost pet site, checking for a microchip (none found) and a couple of false claims, it was determined that I was homeless, and Kitties Blue and their humans adopted me.

At about 15-months-old, I made myself at home as if I’d always lived there. I joined TCC and then Cat Scouts.

I get along with most of my new fursibs; though, I am still working on big bro, Mau. The photo is from two nights ago.

That’s my story. And I am sticking to it.

Cooper Murphy Blue – March 29, 2017

Finding my FurEver Home by Raz

Today I am going to tell you the story of how I became one of The Florida Furkids AND how my brofur Angel Tamir did.

First, Angel Tamir's story:

Mom was looking for a new kitty to add to the family.  She already had Baschert and her woofie Katie and was getting her first Birman kitten, but wanted to add another kitty.   She and Auntie El went to a place called APAW (Animal Placement Agency of the Windsors) to look.   Mom spent HOURS there.   She was not looking for a kitten but there I was with my grey and white brother.   Mom went back and forth trying to decide who to choose.   FINALLY, she picked me!  She always wondered what happened to my brother but she knows he was adopted soon after.   I SCREAMED the song of my people all the way home and poor Mom was really worried about me.   No worries, I fit right in!   I wasn't afraid of that woofie and, even though Baschert wasn't always friendly, we grew to be good friends.   I lived a long and happy life with my family, even moving to Florida when Mom and Dad met.   I hated to leave for the Bridge but I knew I could guide another kitty to them to help heal their hearts.

Which brings us to Raz.....

Raz's story:

I lived with my Mom and siblings in a trailer park in south Florida.  The people there were kind to us but really didn't have much money.  A rescue came and took us and our Mom went with them and my siblings and I went to the Space Coast Feline Network where we were fostered in private homes.   Mom was looking on Petfinder for a new furbaby after Angel Tamir left.   She wanted another Tabby and saw me and my brother.

Here's my Petfinder photo....
I am amazed I grew into those EARS!

  She went to the adoption event to bring my brother home but he pooped in his cage and didn't get to come out right away.   I took it upon myself to show my best side....

First Photo of me!

Who could resist....right?  Mom held me and that was it..........I went home with them!!  You know the and a happy FurEver home!!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading our stories!!

How I got my furever home

Back in April 2002 I was in the no kill shelter at North Central Indiana Spay and Neuter (NCISN) housed in Pet Smart.  Little did I know that my life was about to change for the better.  One month previously my soon to be human had to put her 12 year old kitty to sleep.  Her coworkers took her to find a new kitty.  They purchased supplies for me while she went into the room and said hello to all the kitties.  I was clear up on the top right hand side.  The other kitties didn't even notice her.  I lifted my head up and meowed.  She put her hand up to pet me and I licked her fingers.  The shelter employee said, Ah she is giving you kitty kisses, would you like to hold her?  My human said Yes.  She then held me in her arms and started scratching between my ears and I started purring.  The shelter employee said This one is sprung. I was put in a cardboard carrier and was taken to my new home where I have been ever since.
The human doesn't have any really old pictures of me on the computer so we will have to use this one showing me enjoying the sunshine.

Found My Mom and Dad

It's an interesting story about the day I picked out my mom and dad. Yes, I picked them out. I must say I had a lot of work to do when I decided that they were the ones. Here is my story.

It was way back on the 7th of July 2009, when I was wondering around the countryside, that I heard a lot of laughter and talking, and smelled the aroma of good food. I immediately headed in the direction of all of the commotion and suddenly came upon what looked like a family picinic. This was a great find indeed. I immediately made my precence known and a few of the folks noticed me and made up to me really fast, but I found that the mom there wouldn't have anything to do with me. You see, I have since learned that she has had her heart broken many times by outside cats. She would offer them food, water, play with them, anything that an outside kitty would want. But several of her cats, Sassy, Punkie, and Guy, just left and didn't come back. I didn't know at that time but she told the dad that she didn't want to get attached to anymore outside cats because of the sadness that she was feeling. I'm glad I didn't know all of this because I might have decided not to even give them a try.

This is the first photo taken of me.
You can see that I took over rather quickly with making myself at home.

I decided that I liked this family and that I would hang out and try to mooch some food off of them. The mom wouldn't pay me any attention but I didn't care because there were plenty of other folks there who did. After the dad noticed me he started petting me, then he would kind of play with me, and the best yet was that, before I knew it, he brought out some food and water just for me. Well, the mom wasn't happy. She said that now that the cat was fed, it WAS HER CAT! My ears perked up and I tried not to smile when I heard that.

Weaseling, I mean tugging at the dad's heart strings.

When she questioned why food was brought out for me, which I kind of thought was really rude, he explained that I was starving and pointed out that my little ribs were sticking out through my skin and fur. She noticed he was right but still wasn't sold on the idea of me hanging around. She didn't want to get attached to me and fall in love. I was hoping that it was already too late for her and that she was hooked on keeping me around.

A photo taken of me trying to be as cute as I could possibly be.

The mom was sold! I was fed, named, held, and given kisses!!
Oh I know I am going to love it here.

It took me all of maybe several days to know that I was a shoo in and they were going to let me stray. The mom did have some rules, which included a visit to the vet, surgery so I wouldn't bring any more little kittens around once I grew up, shots to be given, and a chip put in so if I ever got lost they would have a chance of finding me again. They talked about building me an outside safe place to live in and be able to be outside but not by the dangerous critters that live out where our house is. Dad was worried about his allergies and did not want an inside kitten. Just when I thought things could not get any better . . . things got better.

After my surgery, on October 15, at the vet's office it was mentioned to the mom that I cannot go outside for ten days. When I heard of this wonderful idea again I tried to keep the smile off of my face. This was the in that I needed. Now during the day I had the run of the house and at night was put in a big pet cage so I would not get into trouble at night.. Well one thing led to another and before they even realized what was happening I was sleeping in their bed at night with them. As I mentioned before they never saw it coming. I guess you could say I have two Gotha Days! The one when I got them and the second one when it was official . . . I would be their inside kittie.

After I had spent all this time inside, the mom didn't ever want me to go outside and again many tears were coming out of her when she would think about me being outside. Also being inside gave me plenty of time to work the dad and we now have a special relationship, I have him wrapped around my cute little paws. I would like to think that the dad fell head over heals for me, but maybe he just got tired of having the mom crying about me having to go back outside. Anyway, whatever his reason was, he gave the go ahead and now I am the official inside kitty!

The rest as they say is history! I don't miss being outside at all and when the doors are open I don't try to run outside. I was so young I have forgotten about the outside and am happy to watch the outside from the inside. I think I came along when the folks needed someone to heal their hearts from being sad about the kitties they had known but now were missing. They still miss them but I like to think that I am filling the little empty place they feel with happiness. You never forget the ones you loved when they leave you. You always remember them and go on.

That that's how I picked my folks and found my forever home. I am so lucky to have such a great mom, dad, and new friends that I have met while blogging.

Participation Badge
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Finding "Home" !

💕💕💕Finding Our "Forever"
Hi Tabbies!    As you all know, I am now an Angel at the Rainbow Bridge and my former "Kingdom" on earth is now occupied by my little brother Teddy.    We thought we'd tell the tale for BOTH of us about how we met our Mom and Dad and managed to "score" such a great home.
First of all, here are our "baby" pictures.   In MY case, I really was a baby - only 5 or 6 weeks old but in Teddy's case, he was 11 months old when he was adopted.   BUT we both came from the SAME SHELTER!!!  

This is Teddy the day Mom and Dad brought to his new "home"
This is ME trying to figure out how to get down from the mountain that the footstool seemed to be!
My story is that 17 years ago my Mom and Dad decided it was time to go to the Shelter to adopt another kitty - their kitty Eddy had gone to the Bridge a year earlier and they had waited so long for the right time to start over.   They came to the shelter in our town and I was the ONLY kitten there!   There were about 7 other cats but I was the only kitty and I was smart - I was in a cage way up high but so they would SEE me, I stuck my arm out the cage and waved......they saw me - AND also saw my paw - I had extra toesies!  I was a polydactyl!   The minute my Dad held me at the shelter and I licked his neck, I knew I'd SCORED!   They took me home and I was a happy boy for 17 years.  
They were very sad when I had to go to the Bridge before Christmas 2016 but I knew soon I would be able to find the RIGHT KITTY for them to make their hearts not hurt so much - and I did JUST THAT.   I found an 11 month old ginger boy who was sweet as could be, looked a whole lot like I did (!) and who needed a forever home.    Mom told Dad that day this past February that she had a feeling they should go to the shelter - she had a feeling there was a kitty that would help them get over losing me.........and when they walked in the door they saw Teddy and again - fell in love like they did with me.    They brought my little brother home and I've been whispering in his ear every chance I get to tell him how lucky he is (I think he knows that!) and that he would live happily ever after (I think he knows that too!).
That's the story of US......................two ginger boys who found the best forever home.........and even though I'm gone, I still visit and it's STILL the "FOREVER" home to me - I will live in Mom and Dad's hearts FOREVER.
Love and Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy
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History of Grace!

On June 6, 2006, Grace came into Marilynn's life. Grace had been found with her four teensy kittens somewhere on the mean streets of Houston and taken to the SPCA there. Fortunately, one of the excellent veterinarians in the city called a couple of her friends, and they rescued Grace and the kittens. That was about April 20, 2006, Marilynn figures, from the dates and blog posts at the time. Marilynn's veterinarian figured Grace was about 10 or 11 months old when she had her four babies.

So we celebrate Grace's birthday on June 1 each year. That's totally arbitrary, of course! This year we'll celebrate her 12th birthday!! She's aging VERY well! 

PS -- Here are the two of Grace's babies that Marilynn also kept!

Getting to Know Ducky

HiYa Ducky here. So you want my story? It is a sorta long story, but I will try to keep it short. If you want the Moby Dick story, you can go here!

I was born in late June 2008 and brought to the shelter with the rest of my fursibs. We all got healthy, got fixed and adopted. I first got adopted by some peoples who took away my front claws. For reasons I cannot say, I ran away.

I ran away, but I got found and taken to my shelter again. They contacted my first peoples and they said they didn't want me back. Fine! I had run away once, I would do it again. So I got put up for adoption again. That is when me and mum hooked up.
 Mum's first ever picture of me, inside my cell at the shelter. I was telling her I was her kitty and she needed to take me home.
 Our first no bars between us pictures. Just the two of us, getting to know each other. Speed dating shelter style. She agreed, I needed to go home with her. That day, no waiting.
 My first picture once I got home. I had my own suite of rooms with mum. Her sleepy spot and her litter box room. It was my litter box room for a while too!
So as time went by I settled in, me and Derby came to know each other and get along. Below at our finest moment. Mum's favorite pic of us. Derby on the left, me right. 
Plus mum, I loves her so, she has given me such a wonderful home. Thanks mum.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! May you find a pot of gold or a bag of cat food. 

Happy St Pat's Day? Not With Costumes from the Dollar Store!

I usually dress in Haute Couture, and am not a Hot Mess! But in the spirit of those who drink green beer and sing silly ditties about leprechauns, I agreed to share these silly photos with the rest of The Tabby Cat Club, as you may also be coerced into wearing something embarrassing today, too!

So here I am, wearing a bow tie as a hat! HaHaMeow! And that curly thing next to me, with the Shamrock on it? It's a WIG!!

Yes, I wear wigs, but this one could be used as a bathroom scrubber--then I'd never have to wear it again! Although...I think that little curl right in the middle of my forehead is kinda cute! But you can tell that even the 'jewelry' that adorned me wasn't enough to make me smile!

And just in case you kitties didn't know... Move over, Saint Patrick! It's St Gertrude's Day, too! She is the patron saint of cats and gardens...something we all love! 

  🌼 =^..^=  

Here's hoping all you tabby cats have a day filled with the "Wearin' o' the Green" ...Catnip that is! 

Hello From the Shamrock Patch

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ducky and Angel Derby!