Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Haunted House Tour!

Welcome to the TCC's Haunted House Tour!
BEWARE......watch where you're going.......!

We hope you enjoy your tour of our little........getaway......a house where you can explore and enjoy a little stay - have a snack with us - relax........ IF YOU CAN!
 Stay on the path - wandering is not encouraged!

Ahhh....here we are......what a welcoming sight! Shall we go in???
It may be a good idea to stay in a GROUP..........know what I mean??

Oops.....excuse us sir....we didn't mean to BOTHER you........!
Follow me to the dining room - we have a lot of lovely SNACKS set out for guests.....please help yourself.......!!

Oh do try everything - our cook went to a lot of trouble to make everything EXTRA APPETIZING for you!!!!!

As soon as you finish having something to MUNCH on, you might like to go out in the garden to enjoy the evening a little..............be careful where you walk though........there are a lot of HOLES in the ground........for plants........and other things.........

On the other hand.....maybe you'd rather STAY INSIDE?????

WHAT?   You're ready to head home?   But you just GOT HERE!   If you must go, just remember this...........

Thanks for joining us at the Tabby Cat Club's Halloween HAUNTED HOUSE!   If you hear someone calling out as you go through the gates, just IGNORE them........

Happy Halloween from Gracie, Raz and Angel Sammy!

If you made it out ALIVE, here's a badge for you to prove you were here with us for the fun...

It's Me-yowl-o-ween...BOO!

I took the whole gang by Cat Scouts so everyone could see their costumes, and I wanted to share with all of you here as well. After I introduce them, Mau and I will be heading back to Cat Scouts and Lily Olivia to Crotchety Cougars. I hear she and some of the ladies are stuck in a graveyard somewhere. We might need to get some Cat Scouts to recuse them. The rest of the gang will be at Teddy and Angel Sammy's Teaserween party.

From left to right: Queen of Hearts Astrid, Dormouse Lisbeth, Countess Dracula Misty May, Baker Mau, Cupcake Cooper Murphy (that's me), Fairy Princess Lily Olivia, Octopus Giulietta and Ladybug Calista Jo.

I also brought a few treats to share. Mau helped me make them.

Happy Me-yowl-o-ween tabbies!

Happy Halloween!

Mermaid Prancie

Joanie as The Gorton's Fisherwoman

KaTwo as a shark

Happy Halloween

Oh boy, so happy Halloween comes once a year. I like all the treats but do not like when mom dresses me up. You would think she would get the hint when she sees the look on my face. Oh well.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Remember everyone that visits today and posts a Halloween photo will be eligible for our Halloween drawing. One winner will be selected in a drawing. Hope to have results at the end of the week but you know my  mom sometimes lets time get away from her.

Happy Halloween from Fitz & Timmy

*Timmy speaks in an odd hoarse whisper* Hello and Happy Halloween Tabby's. Me and Fitz are dying to see how you have transformed on this day of fright!
Right you are Timmy. Thanks so much to our hosts Gracie, Raz and Angel Sammy. The Bloody Drinks really slaked my thirst. For a few minutes anymeow.

Promise you won't be biting any of our friends necks
Well, I guess so.
Great. Now lets try and figure out how I can swallow some snacks
That is surely going to be difficult Headless Timmy. Try balancing your head on that stumpy neck of yours.
Worth a try here goes. ARGH!
Whats wrong?

My stupid body seems to have lost my head.
Umm, its lost in a pile of Jack-O-Lanterns.
Oh no
Tabby's, can you help Timmy's body find his head

Bloody Fitz
Headless Timmy

Happy Hallowe'en!

Happy Hallowe'en, everybody!  HAPPY HALLOWE'EN!


Howl-O-Ween, Ginger Style

It's that spooky day of the year......Halloween! 
All the little ghosts and goblins will be out roaming the streets tonight looking for treats and playing tricks...........as an Angel, I will no longer be guarding my Mom and Dad at the house tonight so Teddy will be in charge!    
Mom put me in all kinds of weird costumes through my 16 years but one of the weirdest was as Sammy Scissorhands........
One year she actually stuck me in a big pot and made me be a LOBSTER!
The ultimate weirdo costume though might have been this one:
Yep - I was a bacon cheeseburger.  
This year, she has made Teddy into COUNT TEDULA!
My Dad wanted Teddy to be what HE was when he was a little boy though which was a COWBOY.......do kids even dress like cowboys for Halloween any longer?   I don't think so..............
Well, if you go out tonight - just be careful - and don't play any TRICKS - just grab some TREATS!
Angel Sammy and Teddy

De Monsters are Here

Since we have such nice Halloween colored furs we decided to show them off. Hope you like our spooky portrait.  ~Scylla & Chimera from ATCAD

Happy Halloween from Raz

Happy Halloween to the Tabby Cat Club.....I hope I didn't scare you too much!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Halloween Party

Get ready . . . 
Get Set . . . 
Halloween is near . . . 
TCC Party . . . .

31 October !!

Get ready to have a blast all day as Sammy takes you on a haunted house tour.
Fun, Food, & Friends.

Come dressed up or photo shop and post a Halloween photo of you.
All that post will be eligible for a drawing for a Halloween surprise.

See you soon.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Happy TockTober!

Happy TockTober, dear Angel Derby! We know you are rocking your 'tocks there at the Bridge. Meanwhile, Miss Newton, the official 'Tock Rocker (tm) of Colehaus Cats, shows off her mini-'tock pose, her half-'tock position, and lastly (and in their full glory), full 'tocks.

Thank you, Ducky, Ducky's mum, and Angel Derby for hosting TockTober 2017!

Happy Tocktober!

TockTober Time Is Here

In memory of Angel Derby we pay tribute with our tock photos today. Miss you sweet friend.

Tock In A Box

It's Tock-Tober Time!

Here I am - ready to pawticipate in the annual event for Tock-Tober
and post a photo of my ginger Tocks !!  I'm one of those cats who keeps his tail in the UPRIGHT position at all times so my tocks are available for viewing all the time.   Handy for special occasions like this!!
Yep - those are mine alright - I'd know them ANYWHERE!
Your friend Teddy

Happy Tock Tober from Chimera & Scylla

Chimera and Scylla from Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs with their brother Yang.

You lookin' at somethin'?


Hi Guys, it's Cody! We didn't know Angel Derby but we are happy to purrticipate in Tocktober day! (Well, Mom is happy to have me purrticipate, this is NOT one of my most flattering poses!) Anyway, today is also my Mom's birthday and she is having a special give-away so stop on by!!!!! Love, Cody

Tomcat Tock-Tober

Angel Derby liked to celebrate his Superlative Tocks on his birthday October 20th. Now the whole world joins in on this day of  Rear Cheer

Are you ready Miss Fitz
You Betcha Timmy T
Alright then

Check out these good looking Tocks
Fur sure Timmy fur sure
What do you have for our friends Miss Fitz
I have to get ready as I am a bit shy

Flash to you ladies and gents!
Very cute Fitz
Don't I know it MOL

I can't wait to see all the Tabby Tocks on parade
Me too Timmy let's go check them out!

Happy TockTober Friends!

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz