Thursday, June 19, 2014

Charlie Rascal wish you all a ...

Happy InterCAtional Box Day :)
Thank´s Gracie , Raz and Sammy for hosting this 
FUN event :)

International Boxing Day!

It's International Boxing Day and can you believe our mom had to explain the boxing thing to us? That's right. None of us are big on boxes around here. We know! Crazy, huh? But our angel brother Seth was a Master of Boxes. He loved them more that just about anything!

Seth didn't care if it was a big box or a little box. If he fits, he sits was Seth's motto. Just between you and us, we think he had a serious cardboard addiction and Amazon boxes were his almost his favorite. Wanna know what his absolute favorite box of all was?

Egg boxes! Seth just loved those things something fierce! We don't get it but we still get a good laugh over seeing his old photos! Thanks, Gracie, for hosting this event and giving us the chance to see our angel brother again!

International Boxing Day

Love boxes!!!
Graphic by Sammy
Thanks Raz & Sammy for hosting this with me.

Boxing with Miss Fitz and Timmy

I wanted to let my friends know that I love Boxing! Boxing ears! Boxing heads! And  Especially Boxing those Tomcat Jowls! I kind of wish my brofurs were not Alters so they would be bigger and easier to whack and... What... Oh... Really... Hmmm... Well...

You can't fault a gal for dreaming can you... MOL!

On the Good Ship Tomcat, sailing over the
treacherous carpeting! Avast Miss Fitz I am glad
we are good pals. 

You bet Timmy. If you had those big Jowls, well... 

Have fun Boxing Evfurry Tabby. Thanks for hosting Gracie!
Miss Fitz
Timmy Tomcat

Mrs. Peabody and Crepes' Boxing Adventure

You guys!

So, I got really excited about boxing day and had my portrait taken!

But then Mrs. Peabody told me that I was doing it wrong. So we went on a hunt and found this:
Mrs. P believes in the motto "if I fits, I sits." As you can see, she does not fit. And so I threw her out and posed myself.
I fit much better.
Happy box day, everyone!


PS. Please ignore the floors. We don't have any presently.

Kizzie's International Box Day

For Box Day, I have chosen an old photo of me and the little bean.  I was a kitten then and he was a bit younger and cuter too.  But now we're both bigger and older, we're still the best of friends. 

International Box Day

Hi everyone! Mom was trying to get a picture of us guys in our box on the sunporch for Internation Box Day, but somebody wasn't into cooperating.

So here is our not so handsome Mancats in a box photo.

Happy International Box day!
Marty and Ralphie

Cat in the Box

♪♫Little boxes on the hillside / Little boxes filled with kitty catties / Little boxes all the same ♪♫

Like all cats, I love boxes to stand on, hide in or explore. I'm lucky that I get tons of boxes cos the peeps don't drive so they have to buy lots of stuff on the internet which is delivered in boxes. Lately, I get more boxes than they do. Here are a couple of my favorites; i.e., the ones the TW could easily find.

What’s a turntable and cassette deck?

They better handle with care!

I love boxes, however there is one box I NEVER want to see again.

For more boxes, visit me at

It's Here!! International Box Day!!!

Thank you so much Gracie for hosting International Box Day.  What a pawsome event for all...cats, woofies, piggies, goats, donkeys...we can all take part in sharing the thrill of a good box.

Of course, we Tabbies totally 'make' any box we grace with our you can see...I like a range of different colors, textures, shapes, long as it is a box

Paw Pats, Savannah
peeEss...I am so excited...I just saw MYSELF in the badge for International Box Day 2014!!! I'm a model!!

A Box of Hugs!

Happy International Box Day!   My favorite time of the year is Christmas because there are so many boxes around inside my house....little ones, big ones, all sizes and shapes......and I'll try to fit my ginger self into ALL of them. 

To celebrate the day I found one of my favorite all time photos of me enjoying a Christmas box.  I was quite happy to have a brand new green mousie to play with (thanks Santa Paws) - but mostly I enjoyed lying inside the box with my Moms new green suede skirt inside.  For some reason she didn't think my ginger furs looked good on her new skirt!!  

Well I hope everyone has a great Box Day......I know that I sure will.......we kitties really know how to appreciate a box that's for sure!

HUGS, Sammy

Meowllo Box Day!!

Itz Box day here at da TCC soz herez me and sissyfur Dezi habbin' a good time in owr boxes.

Hav a Blest Day!!!

Luv and Hugz and Kitty Kissez ♥♥♥

♣ Lexi and Dezi ♣

Boxes ~Socks & Scylla


We both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE International Box Day. Sitting in boxes is one of our favorite activities. ~Socks & Scylla from ATCAD

International Box Day with Samantha & Clementine And Angel Furiends

Here are our International Box Day Pictures!
Clementine Still Missing
Mr. Tigger Gone But Never Forgotten
Angel Mr. Maverick

International Box Day

Today is International Box day! 

 It's' always fun when a box shows up around here.  Everyone wants a chance at it.

Umm....I think Ellie is using her lasers on me to chase me out of this pawsome box.

Sammy, Gracie and I are hosting International Box Day at Cat Scouts Today!

Click HERE to see the great box day posts at Cat Scouts!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My Dad!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.

I really love my Dad a LOT.  He's a great guy and I know he loves me too.  When I'm sleeping in is chair, he picks me up oooohhh so carefully so he doesn't disturb me and puts me in a comfy spot.  Sometimes I never even wake up!

Happy Fathers Day Dad -  I love you!!

Your son,

Happy Father's Day

Keeping a close watch on my daddie to make sure he has a nice relaxing Father's Day!

Me and My Dad

Happy Father's Day To All Fathers!!
Here's to Dads everywhere - those here on earth and those in heaven, for they watch out over us from near and far.............always.

My Dad and I wish you and yours a super Father's Day!!!
Hugs, Sammy

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Help Wanted

~ In Memory of Olive ~
My human sister, Cyndi, is honoring the passing of Olive by helping out Ernest with a fund raiser for a surgery needed.

"Help Wanted: While checking out the Indianapolis Humane Society's webpage last week I came across the story of Ernest. The little fella has an ulcer behind one of his eyes. Though it isn't causing him pain, he cannot see through it and it will need to be removed. The Indianapolis Humane Society does not receive tax dollars to run their program nor do they receive subsidies from HSUS or ASPCA--all of their money comes from donations. I know I can't raise money for all of the animals who are need of medical attention but, in honor of my own cat Ollie (who recently passed away), I would like to raise all the money needed for Ernst to have his operation. He only needs $300.00, $25 has already been donated. If everyone donated a few dollars, it wouldn't take long to raise the money. If you would like help with Ernst's fund, please make a donation through paypal--sending the donation to the email This is an account I set up just for Ernst. If we happen to raise more money than needed, the extra money will be donated to the shelter to help another pet. No amount of money is too little."--Cyndi, Olive's Mommie

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Selfies from Timmy and Miss Fitz

Hi Tabbies:
Thanks for hosting Gracie!
Lets get this show started:

Click, and its a picture of purrfection!

Snap, and what a great pose.

Hold on there you with the Marmalade Mug!
You mean "clack" as your photo goes in the round file

Snap, calm down you Tomcats! There's more!

Click, my coy kitten pose is sure to set your hearts

So Timmy...
Well Fitz...

Great photos Tabby Cats! Thanks fur sharing!
Hey you got an extra word!
Did not!
Did too!
Hee Hee, a girls gotta do... 

Too Close for Comfort!

Mommmmmmmm!!! Why are you always, always sneaking up on me???!!!

*click* Did I just hear a click??  Did you take my photo so early in the morning??? Seriously...I haven't even had time to wash my whiskers and ears and face after my first breakfast...

Nooooooooo!!!! You posted it somewhere!  Didn't you...don't you dare let my furriends see me like that!!!

Aiiieeeeeeee! Not so close!  Anyone can just look up my nose...what if I have boogers up there?

What?  Another, no way...I am not participating in this one moment more... one more and this better be the end of this...I simply MUST get my face washed

Hope your SELFIE photo shoot was less stressful than mine...and really, thanx Gracie for having such a fun event!

Paw Pats, Savannah

A Stunning Selfie

CK: Is this thing on? OMC, What was that flash of light?

TW: I was downloading photos and there’s one I don’t remember taking. CK couldn’t have possibly taken this of herself, could she?

CK: Thanks Gracie for letting me show my true “Selfie."

I show yet another talent today on Stunning Keisha.

A Selfie with Zuzu

As you can see, I'm pretty good at this selfie thing. Used to take them all the time before I moved here. In fact, I may have invented selfies... for cats. Sure! Then I moved here where these people don't even own a phone that takes photos. What the....! It takes a bit more effort to wrangle this big camera but yep, I got that figured out now too. We cats are smart like that.

Kizzie's Selfie

Hope you like my selfie, complete with laser eyes.  Had to cheat a bit and get mum to help as it's difficult to hold a camera and scratch at a post at the same time.  Thank you, Gracie "fur" organising this event.

TCC Selfiez with Dinnermintz

Hi evfurry and thanks so furry much Gracie fur havin a selfie day...
Catz are so shy an seldom wantz to pose fur selfiez....MOL MOL ..
So we iz gunna try our hardest ...MOL
 As you can see I z doin my best voguez here..'cept I look like Meow-tse tongue MOL MOL
an a fur Picklez...well the puter haz decide to freeze uploadin picshures....sure...likely story..
Dinnermintz sayin thankz Gracie and selfiez are cool...'cept when you look like a iijit

Gracie's Selfie

Checking out things at the club.