Saturday, June 14, 2014

Help Wanted

~ In Memory of Olive ~
My human sister, Cyndi, is honoring the passing of Olive by helping out Ernest with a fund raiser for a surgery needed.

"Help Wanted: While checking out the Indianapolis Humane Society's webpage last week I came across the story of Ernest. The little fella has an ulcer behind one of his eyes. Though it isn't causing him pain, he cannot see through it and it will need to be removed. The Indianapolis Humane Society does not receive tax dollars to run their program nor do they receive subsidies from HSUS or ASPCA--all of their money comes from donations. I know I can't raise money for all of the animals who are need of medical attention but, in honor of my own cat Ollie (who recently passed away), I would like to raise all the money needed for Ernst to have his operation. He only needs $300.00, $25 has already been donated. If everyone donated a few dollars, it wouldn't take long to raise the money. If you would like help with Ernst's fund, please make a donation through paypal--sending the donation to the email This is an account I set up just for Ernst. If we happen to raise more money than needed, the extra money will be donated to the shelter to help another pet. No amount of money is too little."--Cyndi, Olive's Mommie

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Photo Cache said...

the catblogging community is very generous. keep tight little sweetheart, you'll get better soon.

Emma and Buster