Friday, April 30, 2021

Bunty the Beautiful Tabby

 Here I am in all my tabby glory

Tabby Cats Two

Happy Tabby Cat Day!

Check out my striped tail and handsome M!

Ha Ha I can't even see that M Timmy
Did you check your picture Miss Fitz?

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Ducky the Tabby


You can get a good look at my stripes here. Happy Tabby Day.

Happy National Tabby Cat's Day


Badge by Zoolatry 

I Winston welcome all Tabby Cats as we celebrate your special day today. 
In your honor you will find an award for you to take with you when you decide to head home.
Each Tabby Cat will be awarded a beautiful trophy. 

Please help your self to some champagne, mimosa or coffee


Lobster & Macaroni Cheese

 Escargot Bite

Coconut Shrimp

Mahi Mahi


Cheers to the Tabby Cats!!


Grilled Lobster

Sea Bass with  Fennel

Red Snapper and Salsa Verde


Chocolate Millefueille

Hope you enjoyed your special Tabby Cat Day celebration. Mom and I were talking she she said at my house every day is Tabby Cat Day. I will have to agree with her but it does work for us.

Happy Tabby Cat Day all you Tabbies!!

Happy National Tabby Cat Day!

 Happy National Tabby Cat Day!

Hope you are all enjoying your special tabby cat day!!

National Tabby Day

 Tabbies - yep - we're the ones with the magnificent stripes going on and we are proud of them for sure.   We look like the BIG cats (or maybe THEY look like US?).    Tigers have stripes and so do we.

Whether I'm "right side up" or "upside down" my stripes are as stripey as stripes can be.   Can you tell that I'm PROUD to be a tabby?    I am......and I'm also happy to be in the Tabby Cat Club where we celebrate our stripes every single day!

hugs, Teddy

Happy National Tabby Day


We're showing off our magnificent Tabby stripes today.  We've even added our wonderful whiskers!   Happy National Tabby Day!!

Monday, April 26, 2021

National Pet Parent Day

 Mommy and I are celebrating a little bit late due to unforseen circumstances.  I was adopted in October 2019 in my new forever home.  I am super spoiled and loved.  No pictures of mommy as she is always taking pictures of me.

Love you all, Bunty

National Pet Parent Day


 Mom may be a goof but she's OUR goof!   Happy National Pet Parent's Day (one day late because....Mom's a goof!)

National Pet Parent Day

For most of us, the best day EVER was when our humans became our PARENTS through adoption or however else it happened.    I was 11 months old when it happened to me and it happened in the same shelter where my Mom and Dad adopted Angel Sammy many years before.    

It was meant to be....................and we are a FOREVER TOGETHER family.   I would wish this same happiness to every animal who needs a safe place to live a long and happy life.   I would also encourage humans to go to their nearest shelter to adopt a pet.    No need to go to a breeder and pay a fortune for a "designer" pet - the shelter is full of OPPPORTUNITY!

Thanks to Pet Parents've made our lives wonderful..............

My Mom playing with me first week I was "home" and my Dad carried me around and gave me a tour of my new house......I was one happy boy.

Love, Teddy


Sunday, April 25, 2021

National Parent Day

 Today I celebrate National Pet parent Day

On  the 7 of July 2009 I found my mom and dad.

I knew this was going to be a good fit as I could tell then were both immediately very happy to see me. It might have taken me a half an hour or maybe an hour but I could tell that these two folks were falling in love with me. 

These pictures were the first taken on us forming our new family . . Oh I felt the love and so did them. 

My folks were not sure what to to with a kitten and I must say that I was not sure what to to with humans. Well, we all learned together and have been happy for over almost 12 years. We spoil each other and make sure we spend each day with time together. 

Raising humans is not difficult at all. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Katie is full of love. 

Stygia is a supermodel. Notice the primordial pouch--don't go thinking she is too skinny!

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Pet Owners Independence Day? Not on our watch!

Pet Owners Independence Day never happens at our house. We are always with Dad no matter where he is

But he says he would have no such thing in any case. He does not mind caring for us and says he loves us so much he would feel lost if we were not with him. 

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Pet Owner Independence Day

 Happy Pet Owner Independence Day!

Here is our family picture. I am not sure if I should mention how the folks are independent or how if I am the independent one. 

The folks and I do lots of things together, to name a few, cuddle, watch tv while I sit on their lap, computer time, play time,  napping with dad in his favorite chair and sleeping at night in their bed with them.

Mom and I like to do lots of things such as working together on the computer so I can get to the club and visit with my other friends. I do need her to help me with this and she doesn't mind. Sometimes she does get busy with her stuff as I give her lots of freedom with things she likes to do.

Dad has a lot of free time and now that the weather is nice we will be outside working on the property. When he comes inside from working we will take naps together in his comfy chair. Plus I hang out in their bed resting at night with them. 

So we have our times together but we also have our private times so each of us can do activities that we would want to do. This works for us and love that each morning and evening we are usually all together. Sure love this family. 

Pet Owners Independence Day

 Wait - WHAT?   Pet Owners Independence Day?   I don't recall approving this as a national holiday.   I mean pet owners are on duty 24/7 right?   

Gosh - if pet owners want or need independence they shouldn't have pets - am I right?  I mean we totally depend on them and need them all the time to feed us, brush us, spoil us- all that stuff we expect when we ADOPT them.    I suppose once in a while it's OK for them to have a LITTLE time to themselves but I think we should approve that!    

This is me on one of my first days in my new home - and as you can see I am attached to my Mom by a piece of fleece - that's about as independent as she's allowed to be!

to all pet Moms and Dads who make our lives so perfect.   You do deserve a day to
celebrate (just don't go too far away please!).

Hugs, Teddy

Pet Owners Independence Day


Today is Pet Owners Independence Day.  We let Mom be totally Independent.  MOL...does anyone really believe that?  Her job is to serve US!!  Here we are holding her down so she can get some sleep.  She's not going anywhere until WE say so!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Caption Us

Hee Hee betcha can't think of my caption!

Fitz you are easy, I'm hard to figure

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Happy National Pet Day!

It's so super to be a pet especially with the nicest parents in the world. I am so glad that I adopted them. Thy love to baby me and take the bestsest of care for me. I reward them by giving snuggles. 

National Pet Day


Today is National Pet Day which is part of National Pet Month.  We think EVERY day should be National Pet Day.

Hey Mom, can you open these treats for us? would think on National Pet Day we wouldn't have to help ourselves!