Friday, July 27, 2012

Purrs From Michigan!

Hi.  I'm so excited to be a member of the Tabby Cat Club.  This is me waiting for Mama to finish with that pesky thing called housework.  I'm on a chair that nobody, and I mean nobody is allowed to sit on.  Being cute has it's up-tailed moments!  I've got two sisters that you can meet on our blog.   Mama is trying to get used to that bloggie thing.  She writes regular things for unfurry peoples in newspapers.  Would you, please, let Mama know how to connect with Mr. Linkie on CB?  Mama says there's nothing like a brown clown in the house, and I think that's so true.  Thanks and purrs to all my tabby friends. :) Abbi Leala

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Best Nippy Face Competition!

Goodness Gracie

ps: I am now one of the Top 10 Finalists in the CatOlympics Best Nippy Face! Please if you are not competiting in this catagory I could use your vote. Click on link and voting is on the right side of the blog. Thanks 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Purrs Needed

Clementine and her siblings, Samantha & Maverick, need purrs for their mom. Please stop over if you can.

Wednesday Warning

I have a warning about shampoo up at my place.
Please tell your mommie about it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Toesies: Da Agony of De Feet

As always, Mom had to try to steal my thunder. Hoomans. And I think dere may be somefing wrong with her toes. Dey are blue!

Tommie's Toesies

We gots a lot to love. Twenty-four toes.
xxoo Tommie

Grace's modesty about toes

Grace is very modest in how she snoozes and whether or not she shows us her toesies! Usually she keeps them well tucked in! I posted this in March, and she hasn't changed her habits since then!!

This is as close as I've ever gotten to get a photo of Grace's toesies! Cute li'l toesies!!

This is my latest attempt to capture pix of her toes ... I succeeded somewhat, but not as well as I had wished. Usually when she first wakes up, she is very relaxed and seems to forget to keep everything all tucked in tight. Such a prim and proper Momma Grace!

Birthday Toesies!

Hello Furriends! Today is our Birthday! Sunny and Sky are Two Years Old! So here are our Birthday Toesies!

Sunny has White Toesies ...

... and Sky has Very Large Grey Toesies. Sky makes good use of his toesies when enjoying treats.

We are having a party over at Casa de Furry Bambinos, so be sure to stop by.

Our different Toesies

Though these pictures are from last year, we think they show our toesies quite well.     Audrey has quite classic toesies, velvety soft and champagne in color.   Here she was on the kitchen counter, waiting for her dinner to be served up.

Simba's toes are rather comical - he was declawed by his first owners, so he has short little toes, with so much floof  that he has great toe hawks.    Mom captured this picture one day when he decided to do a crossed-pawsies position:

Toesies on Tuesday

Here is a selection 

of my toesies.

I hope you like them

kissing is allowed.


Tabby Toes Tueaday with Clementine

Lots of Clementine Toes on Tuesday
Hugs & Kisses,

Tuesday Tabby Toes

Whoa! Look at those tabby toes !!! 


I wonder who belongs to those ?????

Tabby Toes

Aren't we tabbies blessed with good looking toes?
Who wouldn't want feet like ours!
Style and function in one good looking package.

Toesies Tuesday

Hi Tabby Club friends, Archie here.  My mum says that my toes are very special...

Because my pads are PEACH!!!

Yahaw, just check out these jelly tots

In fact sometimes she calls me her Georgia Peach :-)

Toes, Feel free to kiss them!

Gracie's Tuesday Toesies

It's Tuesday Toesies at the Tabby Cat Club!
Show me your cute toesies!!
ps: Don't you just think Tair's toesies are the cutest!!!! Just like he is CUTE!!

Tuesday Toesies with Tamir

Hey Gracie.....are my toesies cute enough for you?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Cat-O-Lympics 2012

Hi Effuryone!

I've been selected as one of the finalists for the Best Nippy Face event and I would be very grateful if you could cast your vote for me here :

Ling's "Best Nippy Face" Entry
 My sisfur, Coco was in the lead for the "Artistic High Jump" event but has since been overtaken by Charli from JB and Cathy Keisha. Could you please vote for your favorite Artistic High Jumper (*hint*, Coco) here :

Coco's ARTISTIC High Jump Entry
But it's okay if you choose to vote for someone else.  May the best Nippy Face and Artistic High Jumper win!  :)

Love, Ling

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Gracie's Mom

Sorry we're a bit late getting this put together and posted, but we wanted to be sure to let Gracie's mom know how much we appreciate her helping Gracie to put the TCC together and keep it going.  We couldn't have a club without her.

So Happy Birthday, Gracie's Mom.  From all of us and the Tabby Cat Club.

Happy Birthday MOM!

It's my mommie's birthday today!


Going to spoil the mommie extra today!
Wishing her many more years of birthdays times a gazillon years!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello my Tabby Brothers and Sisters!

I am Dexter Kristof and I am so proud to be a new member of the Tabby Cat Club! 

Thanks first to Gracie for all the blog coaching she has been doing with me, (round of a-plaws, if you please), I wouldn't be here with out her generous help.  Secondly, I CAN BE HERE AND MY BROTHERS AREN'T TABBIES!!!!.  Ok, just had to get that out.  See, usually, I'm the nice guy, but every now and then a guys gotta have a little something he can strut about!

So, I was born in December 2008, my mom says best she can figure out on the 21st, the day they call a solstice... I don't know what it is, but the Momma says it's special.  I don't remember, but when I was teeny, tiny, my mom got hit by a car and some nice people found me and my sister Valentine (I hope you are happy in your forever home sis) and fed us with little tiny bottles and held us and loved us and kept us clean and warm and as happy as they could until I met the Momma and the Daddy and they brought me here to my forever home.  the Momma said my Gotcha Day is a special day too, it is called Valentine's day... she said it is a day all about love, and that sounds fine to me.

Let's see, I am a Michigan kitty, I live in the "mitten".  If you have your mom or dad hold up their right palm, if they can show you where the top of the little finger touches the side of the ring finger, that is right about where I live with the Momma and the Daddy and my two brothers, Harry and Tipp.  This part of Michigan is full of orchards, mostly cherries, and that's why we are the Cherry City Kitties. Our town holds the National Cherry Festival which is just ending today (whew, its been a long week), so cherries are a big deal here.

Let's see, what else.... Oh, yeah, I guess I can give you a few details about me:

Vitals:  Ht : Tall enough  Wt : uh, mom says we don't talk about that here.... 
Coat: Soft Ginger, Medium Hair TABBY (of course)   Eyes: Yellowish-Greenish.
Likes:  NIP!  Canned food, that feather toy that the Momma got with the brown feathers, my brothers (mostly) my new blue harness, going outside with the Momma (so far so good)
Dislikes:  a certain brand of canned food (not sayin, cause it's good food, I just don't like the taste) baths, and my brothers (just kidding, only sometimes)

Well, that's enough for now.  Come visit me over at Cherry City Kitties and Facebook, and let me know who you are so we can become good buddies!
Bye for now.... D.

Friday, July 13, 2012

My 2nd Birthday Pawty!!

Everyone is invited to my 2nd birthday pawty!!  (You will have to click on invitation to biggify and read the details)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Purrs For Carmine

12 July 2012

Please if you could visit our dear member and friend, Carmine, purrs and good thoughts are needed!

If I had $20 to Spend at Petsmart. . .

This photo has nothing to do with anything. It's just cute.
If I had $20 to spend at Petsmart, I would spend half on me and half on the goggies at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, which some people Mom knows are a part of and they do really good stuff for da goggies. Also Mom says we are minimalists so that means we don't need a lot of stuff.

For me, a new feather tickler thing and maybe some fresh balls and for da goggies they get Newman's Own dog treats 'cause they are made in da U.S.A. and 'cause we like Paul Newman, especially his lemonade and da movie Hud.

What Would Socks Buy At Pet Smart If He Had a $20.00 gift certificate.

I bet this will surprise everyone, I would add my kitty allowance to the gift card and buy a FURminator Deshedding Tool for Short Haired Cats  I am tired of being surrounded by a cloud of fur every time someone pets Scylla. Yep Scylla sheds more then anyone...........

What I Would Buy At PetSmart

If I had a gift certificate for PetSmart, I would buy a cat carrier.  Then I would round up the Spotted Airhead, stuff her into the new carrier and ship it far, far away!

Tommie's Shopping List

I like the mouses with REAL fur. You can see how much I like them. I have two BIG ones and Mom has tried sewing them back together and hot gluing them, but at night I murderlate them some more. The little ones have all lost their tails which is the best part.

Then, we need more Treats! Greenies and Friskies and Whiskas and Temptations and Pounce and Meow Mix are all fine but Mom likes Evo and Innova best 'cause of the gredients. Thank you for asking me. Now, Mom, go get the car keys and go shopping!

What we bought ...

A $20 gift certificate would get us another of these magnificent S-toys (or whatever you call them!). One of Grace's boys usually hogs it ... so we REALLY need to go back and get another!

Of course, there are lots of other wonderful things to help amuse Grace and her family ... we'd need to gather up a bunch of gift certificates!!!

What would you buy?

Today's fun event is What Would You buy with a $20 Pet Smart Gift certificate hosted by Sassy.

Tamir says he would buy more of these nip fortune cookies to share with his Girlfriend Gracie!!

Hey Gracie, let's read our fortunes!!!

Our Auntie El is having surgery today.  Please keep her in your purrs and prayers.

What Would I Buy????

What would I buy myself if I had a $20.00 Gift Certificate at Pet Smart?

There is only one choice.
My favorite!
Little mice!!!!

These are the greatest!!!

ps: A special thank you to Sassy for hosting this fun event. And I am also needing to say I am sorry we are late in doing this fun event but the mom here forgot to remind our club members about it on the 11th so we are hosting the event today.

ppss: Does anyone have any good ideas on how to retrain the mom on the blogging work I need???? Any suggestions will be helpful. Please no suggections if it might harm the mom

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's My Gotcha Day!

It's my Gotcha Them Day (Gotcha Day)!
Picked the folks~they never saw it coming.
Or did they?
Love at first sight!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrating the 4th of July

I am so happy today to be hosting our fun event~How Will You Celebrate This Holiday? Now for me to answer this question I will need you to come a little closer to the screen of the computer cause I will have to whisper. You see the mom thinks I will be lounging around and taking things easy, like catching zzzzs all the day long but in truth I will be . . .

spending the evening with my special mancat in my life, Tamir. This will be our third date and we are teleporting into NYC to watch the fireworks display. We have been seeing each other and keeping in touch via emails and we both think we might have found someone special. I guess you could say that the cat(s) out of the bag now on this.

Now I must ask that you not tell my mom as she might worry with us being out and about with all of the human crowds. We will be fine.

 I am so looking forward to tonight and our other times we will be spending together in the future. Remember secret.

Happy Birthday America!!