Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lucy's Embarrassing Photo

I am so proud

that I earned this special badge

We all had one presented to us

 for showing our pictures on the last post

I know I earned mine as Hannah kept laughing behind her paw


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tommie's Embarrassing Photograph

I like birthday presents, treats and toys, as much as the next cat. But, if I have to wear THE HAT, I'd just as soon pass on the celebration... unless there's tuna. I'll wear the hat for tuna.

Tommie from Shelter-cats

The Furry Baminos Embarrassing Photos

Hi Effurryone! We are not immune to having Embarrassing Photos taken of us either. Here are a few to share.

Padre: After celebrating his birthday with a little too much nip

Padre: Keeping a Clean Machine

Meerkat: Keeping a Clean Machine

Cookie:  Just Darn Unflattering

Sunny: Caught White-Pawed Sniffing Panda Bear's Butt (that's foster Rico watching in the photo)

Sky: Disembodied Head at a PetSmart Adoption Event with foster Silver and brother Sunny

And for the Coups de Grace, The Weirdest of All, A Total Freak of Nature photo, as Meerkat and Cookie generally don't get along that well. They don't HATE each other, they usually just avoid each other.

Meerkat says that she was just keeping her paws warm.  Uh-huh.

Thanks to Gracie for another great idea for a theme!

Embarrassing Photos - Cosmo & Ling

Cosmo : How much more embarrassing can it get? In case you were wondering, that little brat looking up my, uh, behind is Tutu
Ling : Let me get this clear...I am NOT afraid of a teeny tiny kitty. I was shouting with joy at the prospect of a little kitty on my back...yeah, *right*
The ginger kitten is Merlene when she was being fostered by me in late 2011

Blockhead Kizzie

This just goes to prove it isn't always "hip to be square"

Oh those embarrassing Photos!

MUM !!!

that's embarrassing 

How could you

You're making me blush

Oh Those Embarrassing Photos Mom Takes of Me

Geez!!! Mom loves to take Embarrassing Photo's of ME!!! 
These ones aren't the WORST thank heavens!! 
Hugs & Kisses, 
You can Visit me at Life From A Cat's Perspective!

Embarrassing Moments

 Anytime we have to dress up is embarrassing.
Please, shoot me now!

Ok, we're speechless.

 A cat getting a flea bath...

 ... is never a pretty sight!

Enough already!

For more embarrassing photos, please visit us

Oui Oui

Those Embarrassing Pictures: Sassy

Mommie "promised" not to published these pictures, but I guess she been in the 'nip because she now has no memory of that promise!

In this first picture, Mommie caught me in mid yawn.  And I wasn't covering my mouth.  Yes, I know that is bad manners.  Darn that camera!

And in the last picture she caught me laying in a bed in a not so lady like pose.  It looks like I am practicing for a Playcat spread!

Embarassing Photos

Every Easter Mom makes me wear these stupid cute ears.

I wonder if closing my eyes real tight will make it less embarrassing?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Derry!

A very happy birthday to our Derry, who is 5 today!

Feel free to stop by our blog, Fuzzy Tales ( We're not having an "official" party, but there's lots to eat and drink, our kitty-secure garden to romp in, plenty of bugs and moths to catch and toys to play with.

Happy birthday, Derry, from your brother-by-adoption (Nicki) and from the human who loves you beyond words.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cosmo & Ling's Avatars

First of all, thank you to Oui Oui for hosting this fun event (and for giving us lessons, of course)! Mommy needed help with our avatars because she couldn't get our tails to "kink" so we asked Oui Oui who directed us to the very talented Mom of Sometimes, Cats Herd You who helped make our avatars! What do you think?

Cosmo Avatar
Ling Avatar

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kizzie's Toon

Tommie's Toon

He's got the BIG Feets!

Kartoon GT

Toon Goodness Gracie

Today is a fun event at the TCC hosted by Oui Oui. The mom here tried it but was unable to complete the toon kittie. When sweet Oui Oui heard about it . . . well . . . here is the note along with my toon that I recceived . . .
Toon Gracie
Graphic & Post written by Oui Oui


Goodness Gracie!
You sure are a cute one!
And just what are you thinking up?
Is there a warm lap in the future, or a little mischief?

"Your mom is so hard working, Gracie!  She even started a club which I would never have the time for.  Our mom got her butt in gear, went into your code, saved and cleaned up your cartoon and has written a post for you that is already to publish, unless you want to do one yourself.  I've attached your cartoon. Purrs, Oui Oui & Mom"

A big THANK YOU to Oui Oui and his mommie!


Kittie cartoon - Grace's cousin!

Grace's cousin Charlotte lives in New York, and even though this very funny cartoon tells more about Charlotte's personality than Grace's, we thought it'd be fun to post for this day!

Here's Charlotte ... we think she should join TCC, and we're still working on her beans to convince them!

Sky's Kitty Kartoon

Hi Efurryone! Sky here, of The Furry Bambinos.
This is my Kitty Kartoon:

And a photo of me for your viewing pleasure:

This was lots of fun! Thank you Oui Oui for coming up with this fun theme!

Sunny's Kitty Kartoon

Hi Efurryone! Sunny here, of The Furry Bambinos.
My Kitty Kartoon looks like this:

And this is what I look like in real life:

Mommy remembered to give me little white footies!
Thank you Oui Oui for coming up with this fun theme!

Cookie's Kitty Kartoon

Greetings Furriends! Cookie here, of The Furry Bambinos.
My Kitty Kartoon looks like this:

And I really look like this:

Mommy even made sure to put my gold flame mark onto my Kartoon.

If you look at Meerkat's post here, you will see that she and I look a lot alike. Which explains why our Kartoons look so much alike too.
Thank you Oui Oui's Mommy for helping!

Meerkat's Kitty Kartoon

Greetings Furriends! Meerkat here, of The Furry Bambinos. My Kitty Kartoon:

And a photo of me:

I am pleased with the result. Thanks Oui Oui's Mom for the great instructions!

Moosey's Kitty Kartoon :)

Hi Everybuddy!  It's me, Moosey!  Check out my cartoon self that my sweet friend Oui Oui's Mommy created (Fanks, Oui Oui's Mommy!).  Isn't it cute? :)

Hugs and headbonks,


Padre's Kitty Kartoon

Hello Furriends! It is I, Padre, Elder StatesCat of The Furry Bambinos. Thanks to Oui Oui for hosting this event! And special thanks to Oui Oui's Mom for explaining how to make a Kitty Kartoon! Without further ado, here is my Kitty Kartoon:

And here is The Real McCoy for comparison purposes:

Other than making me look kind of crabilated, I would say this is a good likeness of me.