Friday, August 5, 2016

Celebrating NOMS Day

We don't have any woofies, fish, salamanders, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits...
ant colonies, uh, well, the kitchen may...
What Miss Fitz you broke my concentration and now I will have to start over.
We have a Not of my Species right out the window

Squirrel TV

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz


HiYa, Ducky here. While I don't share my house with anyone other than mum, she is my biggest, not of my species! Shown here, modeling her last day of work shirt! Groovy!
 We have all sorts of NOMS outside, all the fevvers, butterflies, sqwerls, chippies, fox, vishus deer, racoons, oppossums. So lots to see out side. So enjoy just a few of our pictures of some of our NOMS.

N.O.M.S. Day Celebration

N.O.M.S. Day stands for "Not Of My Species" Day and it's something we celebrate here at the Club even though all of US are cats!

We are just a part of the wonderful and wide world of animals who populate our beautiful planet Earth and we set aside one day a year to honor each other and celebrate who we are no matter WHAT we are.

Cats are #1 (we all know that - right?) but there are so many other species we share our space with even though we are for the most part very different from each other.

AND the list goes on and on and on.  

But in spite of our differences, we are the same in one aspect - we all love life, we all deserve to be here - and we all would like to live in peace.

Please feel free to display your official TCC N.O.M.S. badge on your blog or website so the whole world knows you pawticipated in this day of understanding each other!

Your Hosts, Gracie, Raz, and Sammy 

Happy N.O.M.S. Day!

Hello TCC!

Today is N.O.M.S. Day
(Not of My Species)

Now anyone who follows our blog knows that we live with woofie sisters.

We are all good friends

And like to snoop together

But most of all we LOVE each other!

N.O.M.S. but  Furramily!



These Canadian Geese return to our pond every year and raise a family. If you look carefully you can see the baby goslings. We have a small island in the middle of the pond that Mrs Goose makes her nest on. We are always happy when they return and they are pretty well mannered for birds. ~Chimera, Socks & Scylla from ATCAD

Celebrating NOMS day!

We love NOMS day and we love our NOMS pals. Today is NOMS Day (Not of My Species)

NOMS (Not Of My Species) Day was originally started by The Cat Realm  in 2007.  Here’s what they said:
The Cat Realm’s I Dare you All to make a Not of My Species (NOMS) Friend.
From The Cat Realm: “We declare August 5th to be NOMS Day, a new international public holiday! We hope you will celebrate with us! That day we are celebrating NOMS Day, a holiday to remember that all beings are equal, to remind ourselves to be tolerant towards everybody, to reach out across species, cultures, nationalities, religions, languages, beliefs and appearances and to come together and embrace our differences We have a few NOMS friends.”

This is my woofie brofur Angel Cubby.  As you can see, we were good pals...sometimes too good.  A ManCat needs his space!

Most of the time it was  fun to chillax with him.  He was a good brofur even if he is Not Of My Species!!
Thanks to the Cat Realm for this fun day!