Friday, August 30, 2013

Tomcat Family Last Day in Paris


Time flies when you are having fun! The TCC it just a great place to meet and have fun times like this. 

Our last day was quite full as we had a few places we still wanted to go. I wanted to go back to the Louvre to see some more great art.
And as you can see the colors are laid down with an eye to show...
Blah Blah Blah,  Blah, Blah Blah!
Fitz: OK Timmy! Enough. Me and Toby are Outta Here!
Buddy: Yeah Tim we gotta get to goin!

I admit that I love fine art. Maybe because Dad told me about the Dali prints we had when I got here. Oh well.

Fitz had a spot that she HAD to visit, Fendi of Paris. She made sure Toby came along and I think it was to carry her shopping bags.
Fitz: Oh Toby look at that pair of shoes. Meowvelous. What color would go with my fur? Toby: Yes dear.
Goodness look at that striped bag! Maybe I will get both. You agree right?Toby: Yes dear.

While they went to the shops we had to see the Paris Auto Show. It was a special exhibit and we loved it. Raz and Socks were leaving just as we went in. We were so jealous of the Renault they were driving.
I really like these Porsche cars. Well engineered!
Rumpy: I could make a fast get-away!
Buttons: I could meet some hot lady cats!
Buddy: I can git driving to the Diner fur Noms
A whirlwind last day we ran back to the hotel and wrapped up.
Goodness we have a lot to pack. Where to start.
Buttons: No lady cat to take home. Darn.
Fitz: I have shoes, bags, more shoes, more bags, a jacket, a cape...
Toby: Oh my aching back.
Rumpy: I got a lot of Good Cat Toys. Yes I did.
Buddy: My stuff iz ready ta go! Got it down in da cab waitin!

So we all packed up and said good bye to Paris and our friends from the Tabby Cat Club. This was a great trip. All that was left was boarding the plane. And we had a little problem at the airport.
Buddy! You cannot bring that huge Paris Burger along!
Buddy: Why not. Dey said if I eat it on da way it waz alright!
That thing is 10 pounds!
Buddy: Its a long flight
We all helped Buddy with eating his huge burger so it was gone by the time we got home. Then there was only one thing left. Get home and catch up on our naps.

We helped Toby and Fitz bring in their bags and they went right to the Cat-Tree.
That shopping trip was great Toby. I will be the envy of the girls!
I cant wait till you take me out to wear those new shoes!
Toby Tomcat are you listening!
Yes dear.
It was so much fun! We saw the Balloon Memorial to our Angel friends from the plane. That was a wonderful idea from Gracie! She does a bang up job for the club.  

Then we had to catch up on what we missed around here with Dad!
So my kitties how was the trip to Paris?
Hey Guys!

Zzz.. Huh... Wha's that Dad?
Never mind Timmy. Get some sleep.

So have a great weekend furends! 

Timmy Tomcat


Remembering & Farewell

Before we boarded our plane to head back to the states a few of us got together and had a lantern ceremony remembering our loved ones that had run off to the bridge. Before we released the lanterns we shared stories with each other . . . oh how they are missed but forever with us. Miss you so much, love you forever . . .

. . . as we passed the Eiffel Tower we could see the lanterns floating so gently up in the air. It made such a beautiful sight with the tower being light up.

I sure hope everyone had as much fun with the 2013 Blogosphere trip in Paris as I did. I want to thank everyone that participated in this fun event and I plan on visiting each of you. It might take me a few days to get over the jet lag so I might not get to see you right away.

Also, for the tabby kitties that posted their Paris photos at the club I am working on a group photo and will send you each a copy once it is completed.

Hey, any ideas on where to go for next years Blogosphere trip?

Silver's Back, Heading Home.

All good things must come to an end! I'm heading home tonight. This was my 1st trip and it was Pawsome. I'm so glad I'm part of the Tabby Cat Club! I love all the places we went to, even tho i came late... hehe

French Black Cat
This is what i brought back for everyone~

leaving with style
i Heart Paris and my kitty pals!

Well that sums up my trip~ i must catch up with my Zzz... 
See me and my Kitty Adventures at I Love Silver Meow!

Paris - Raz and Socks have a ManCat day together!

The other day Ellie, Allie and Gracie visited the famous Poilqne Pastry shop. If you missed it you can see it HERE.  Bakery shops are nice but my buddy Socks asked if I would take him for a ride in my snazzy Renault.  Of course I couldn't refuse that!  I loved zooming around Paris!!

Riding around Paris made us thirsty so we stopped at a Parisian wine shop to have a couple of glasses of special nip wine.

Socks was really in a hurry to get into the wine shop!  As you can see, he was rolling around in some primo French nip and was very thirsty.

Please biggify for detail

We spent some time picking out the right wines to try.....

Please biggify for detail

Ut looks like they might have had a bit too much!!!  Where did we get those berets?  Who is going to carry Raz back to the hotel?

Please biggify for detail

We hope you enjoyed our time in Paris!  We certainly did!   Many thanks to Gracie for putting the trip together!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Paris Day III

Paris Day III
l-r: Charlotte, Asta, Socks, Karl, Ruis, Raz, Gracie, Allie & Ellie
Another fun day awaits us in Paris. We have many things going on today so if you want to see the whole day lead over to my place. I will give you a hint with the above photo where we ended up for the evening.

Paris - Dinner at Tour D'Argent and a Cruise down the Seine

What trip to Paris would be complete without dinner at the Tour D'Argent and a cruise down the Seine?

Gracie joined us for dinner.....isn't the view stunning?

Allie had to go right up to the window to really take in the view.

Dinner was delicious - especially the Pike Quenelles

After dinner We headed out for our sightseeing tour on the Seine.  Raz likes to be up front to see all the action.

See you tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Silver is in Paris~

I think I slept all the way on the plane and I'm finally here! yay!
This is the life~ mom! i think i might just stay here, in Paris ^^

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Paris Day II


. . . oh what a fun trip this is turning out to be! Today is girls only day. Ellie found a most wonderful pastry shop. Allie and I are soon to join her in the shoppee.
I have been so busy with Ellie and Allie that I almost forgot to pick up my photos! Stop over  at my place to see what we have been up to today.

Socks & Timmy Tomcat in Paris

Ms. Fitz, Toby, Scylla, Fenris, Tuiren, Socks, Rumpy, Buttons, Buddy & Timmy
Socks & Timmy (from Tomcat Commentary by Tim) are hanging out with their families at the Place de la Concorde.

CB Paris Trip - Moosey, Oui Oui, Dexter, Willow (and our families)!

BONJOUR everybuddy!  It's me, Moosey!  I made it to Paris!  As you can see, I'm palling around with my honorary siblings, the Cherry City Kitties (fellow TCC members Dexter and Willow, and Harry Nutkin and Tipp) and my good buddies from Twinkletoe Tails (TCC member Oui Oui, and Julie, Carlos, and Mica Minnie Moo)!  Here we all are yesterday in the gardens at Versailles:
Then we went inside the palace.  There are SO many rooms.  You could fit A LOT of kitties in there!  Here I am with the Twinkletoe Tails Gang in the Hall of Mirrors:
It was super tiring exploring the entire palace, and we needed to catch our breath.  This is Marie Antoinette's bed that Dexter, Willow and I are resting on.  It was very comfortable!
Then it was off to see the Eiffel Tower!  All of us who are Tabby Cat Club members thought it was a great opportunity to take a picture together.  That's Oui Oui, Willow, Dexter and me!
TCC friends forever!
All that sightseeing made us really hungry.  Everybuddy thought fish sounded good, and we found this sushi restaurant (who would have thought?).  As you can see, Dexter and I were trying to figure out whether or not that woofie was nice.  He was!
 Today, we started things off at the Arc de Triomphe.  Hey, Harry and Oui Oui ... watch out for those cars, okay?
Then we visited some pretty gardens.  We played in the grass, which was lush and green.  Here are Julie, Carlos and Tipp taking a little break:
Paris also has awesome museums.  Here's Mica Minnie Moo, having some fun at the Musee d'Orsay.  She sure does a great lion impression, doesn't she? :)
Good one, Mica Minnie Moo!
We also went to the Louvre!  Check out Harry demonstrating (with the Venus de Milo) how he gets his mom's attention. MOL!
Scratch, scratch, scratch...
Then we walked around the city.  We got off the Metro (subway) at the Ile de la Cite station, and when we came out from underground, we stumbled upon ... wait for it ... THE BIRD MARKET!  No, seriously!!!
OMC!  Can you believe this???
 And here I am with my honorary family, the Cherry City Kitties, in front of the world famous Moulin Rouge.
Tipp, Harry Nutkin, me, Dexter and Willow

Big thanks to Gracie for hosting this summer's Cat Blogosphere trip.  We're having so much fun! We're all tuckered out from our adventures so far.  So it's off to the hotel for some rest.
Bon Nuit! (That means "good evening!") :)

Tomcat Family visit the Eiffel Tower

Hi Furends

We were tired from the flight and all the fun yesterday. We got up late and planned what to do.
I want us all to take a guided tour and...
Rumpy: I want to nudge a Paris Cat!
Buddy: I wanna git some Noms! 
Fitz: Rumpy you better not bring a toy!
Toby: No Cat better LOOK at Fitz!
Buttons: I want to meet a Paris Lady-Cat!

*Ring * Ring *Ring 
Hello... Hi Dad... No, I will watch Rumpy, Yes I will keep Buddy from eating too much... Yes I will tell Toby to not be jealous .. Yes I will tell Fitz not make Toby Jealous .. Yes I will tell Buttons not to get married... Yes... OK... Yes... No... We will... Bye... No... Yes... Bye bye.

Hey I know! Lets go to the Eiffel Tower!

Buddy: *Clears his throat and shakes his tour book.* Now dis here iz named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel. He builder it 1889 as da enter arch to da 1889 Worldy Fairz. It been become iconer of da Frenchy Peeps an be one of da bestest recognizable structures in the world. Da tower da  most-visiter monument in da world.

Hey dat really cool. Yep. Sure is. My My My. Amazing. Very interesting.
Can we git some Noms now!

Toby: HEY YOU! Yeah YOU! Let me...
Fitz: Toby... Stop!
Rumpy: Toby,I saw him touch her! Yep I did!
Fitz: RUMPY!
Buttons: Hi-ya kyootie kitty. How about...
Buddy: Pleeeze!

Yes Buddy, we can. Lets go, every cat.
What are you doing in Paris? Busy like me?

Timmy and Family 

Paris - Today we're visiting Notre Dame

Today we're off to visit the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame.

We're waiting to go inside....hopefully we'll stay out of trouble here.

Did you know Notre Dame has Gargoyles?

The Gargoyles of Notre Dame:
What do you see when you look up to the top of the great cathedral of Notre Dame? You see monsters, half-man and half-beast. These demon looking creatures carved out of stone are called gargoyles. They are one of the many eerie stone figures that adorn the gutters of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Gargoyle comes from a Latin word, meaning gullet or drain. That's what the strange looking creatures are, they're drainpipes. Each grotesque figure has a passageway inside that carries rainwater from the roof and out through the gargoyle's mouth. From the top of the cathedral's towers the gargoyles have a magnificent view of the city.

OH NO!  Ellie and Allie - GET DOWN!!!

Where's Raz???

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Silver packing for paris~

packing for paris
I'm ready mom! I'll see you when i get back ok?
See me at I Love Silver Meow

Tomcat Family in Gay-Purree

Hi Furends

Meow-wow what a place this is! Here we are just arriving. Thanks Gracie for Hosting and Hi Socks hope you are feeling much better.
We all meet at Place-de-la-Concorde in Paris,
or, what we would call a Public Square.
After we unpacked we walked about a bit and met some local cats. Of course the Tabbies were very friendly. These two were flirting up a storm with our Fitz.

Salut à chats américains!
Avoir un grand temps à Paris.
Bonjour vous joli chat de dame!
J'aime dormir avec les gargouilles.
Le soleil rend beau et chaud.
Hop ici peu tigre dame chat

Do you know what they said? Meow. Toby had steam coming out his ears! 
Toby Calm Down! They were just being friendly!
Yeh Dood! Whut up wit chu anyhoo
Luckily we had an answer handy! Nothing cools a hot cat than good Noms!
After Bon Pain we were set to continue 
We wanted to see some famous sights but one of the cats was just, well, himself.
Goodness! Do you have to play ALL the time!
Fitz, Rumpy is being Rumpy, MOL!
We can't take you anywhere! Hmph!
The Arc de Triomphe honours those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars.
Then we went to the Louvre. Amazing.

Now Timmerz dis iz one cool cat place! Fur-Sure!
Yes it is Buddy Budd

Ah liked da one by dat Rubenz Dood!
Goodness I loved that one too. Whew, What a Day. We are headed back to the hotel for a nap and noms. We can't wait to meet up with all our TCC Pals here in Paris.

Timmy and Family