Events Calendar


Watch this space for the exciting events we have planned!

November 4 ~ Blogblast for Peace
November 18 ~ Caption This
November 25 ~ Thankful Thanksgiving Eve

October 14 ~ Wordless, dress up in costume
October 16 ~ Global Cat Day
October 20 ~ Tocktober, show us your tocks
hosted by Derby
October 29 ~ National Cat Daddy Day
October 31 ~ Halloween Party

September 16 ~ Celebrate Happy Cat Month
September 19 ~ Meow Like a Pirate
September 22 ~ Celebrate First Day of Fall
September 30 ~ Wordless Wednesday

August 5 ~ Wordless Wednesday
August 8 ~ World Cat Day
August 10 ~ National Lazy Day
August 22 ~ National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day
August 28 ~ Rainbow Remembrance Day

July 4 ~ Celebrate the 4th
 Your style

July 10 ~ National Kitten Day
Post your youngest photo of you that you can find

July 11~ All American Pet Photo Day
Post favorite photo of you

July 14 ~ Self Isolation
Post photo of you during your volunteer isolation due to the virus

July 21 ~ National Meow Day

July 29 ~ Caption This

June 4 ~ Hug Your Cat Day
June 19 ~ International Box Day
June 21~ Father's Day
June 24 ~ Cat World Domination Day

May 5 ~ Cindo de Mayo Party
May 10 ~ Mother’s Day 
(a poem, photos, story about special times with Mom/ or your Dad)
May 13 ~ Caption This
May 15 ~ Straw Hat Day
May 25 ~ Memorial Day Picnic
May 27 ~ Wordless Wednesday
May 30 ~ International Hug Your Cat Day!

April 1 ~ April Fools Day
April 12 ~ Easter Tea
April 15 ~ Wordless Wednesday
 ooopsie missed event rescheduled to 29
April 22 ~ Earth Day
April 26 ~ National Kids & Pet Day
April 29 ~ Wordless Wednesday
April 30 ~ National Tabby Cat Day

March 2 ~ Dr. Seuss Day
Dess up as your favorite Seuss Character

March ~ 4 Caption This

March 17 ~ St Patrick’s Day Party &
The Wearing of the Green for St. Patrick’s Day

March 25 ~ Celebrating Spring
 Post of photo of how you will celebrate spring
  (first day of official Spring is March 20!)

February 2 ~ Super Bowl Sunday Party
(Post a photo of you cheering your team on)
February 5 ~ Caption This
February 14 ~ All About Love Photos &Valentine's Party
(Post a photo of your loved ones)
February 19 ~ Laser Eyes

January Events
January 1 ~ “Caption This”
January 15 ~ Holiday Recovery 
( post photo of how you are surviving after the holidays
January 22 ~"Caption This"
(in case you missed posting on the 1st)


Anonymous said...

Me seez a Valentines pawty is scheduled but no date is listed. Sis Lexi wanted to host a Sadie Hawkins Dance on or awound Valentines ifin pawssible. Weez weplied to da email, but nopawdy's ever sed anyin' udder than Timmy. Fanks

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

Gracie=^o.o^= said...

We have changed the calendar. Instead of the Valentine's Party we will be having the Sadie Hawkins dance. So looking forward to it.

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

Oh, Coco will have to attend the April in Paris soiree! Maybe she could give away a copy of her book in some kind of contest? Like best photo or something?