Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Have a Fat Fat Tuesday Timmy & Fitz

Hello Tabby Cat Club
Laissez les bons temps rouler!

You have that right Miss Fitz: Let the Good Times Roll!
All our friends are invited to jump on our Float and we
will all get some tasty Baby Cakes!

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

Ducky Ready for Mardi Gras

Party time everyone, let's go!

Coco the Couture Cat Loves Bling & Beads! Happurry Mardi Gras to all the Tabbies!

My personal assistant has been very lax and hasn't let me attend many of the TCC events, but since she took these photos a while ago...it didn't entail any work on her part, so I told her I wanted to Pawty with the rest of the Tabbies on Mardi Gras!

I found the mask rather uncomfortable, but acquiesed to letting her snap a photo of me wearing it (it's really a Christmas ornament from Pier One but it fits me purrfectly!)

And here I am celebrating Carnival with some real Brazilian showgirls! MeWowZa!

Hope everyone gets some fun Mardi Gras toys with feathers (just like these showgirls headdresses!)

Happy Mardi Gras TCC!

 We are here and we are readyto party!
Let's get this Fat Tuesday Party started!

We brought the beads!
Ralphie and Marty

Party Hearty Mardi Gras!

Nobody Parties Like New Orleans!
Happy Mardi Gras Tabbies.........
Great music............
Big crowds...........
Great costumes..........
Amazing food and drinks..........
Have fun today !
Happy Meow-Di-Gras TCC!
Hugs, Angel Sammy

Laissez les bon temps rouler

Hope you don't mind we brought our siblings along to wish you a Happy Mardi Gra. ~Scylla, Socks & Chimera

Mardi Gras with Raz

It's Fat Tuesday and that means it's Mardi Gras time!

Grab a Beignet (try not to get the powdered sugar on your whiskers)

Don't forget your mask....
and some beads....

But don't get too wrapped up like this guy.....

Don't let the floats scare you....

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Dr. Seuss Day Soon To Be

Would you could you have some fun?
Post right here you will see.
Dr. Seuss is a blast.
Celebrate I say have a Seuss kind of day.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Presenting: Comedy Club TCC Style!

Welcome Ladies and Gents to the TCC Comedy Club!

We thought it would be fun to get everyone to do a little "stand-up" comedy here at the Club and this is your chance to be on stage and be a STAR!

Angel Sammy, the Corny Comedian at your service
Here are my humble contributions to CORNY JOKE fun..........

Thank you - thank you very much!

Nice to have ONE fan in the audience tonight (haha)

Good evening everyone . . . ah hum . . .  I went to a movie theatre the other night and the man sitting next to me asked if I was a cat. I, of course, answered yes and then he asked why I was at the movie? I replied that I liked the book.
Tee Hee!

I hope the corny jokes didn't ruin your appetite BECAUSE we have plenty of food and snacks for you to enjoy while you see all the other comedy acts performing for your viewing pleasure here at the

Tabby Cat Club Comedy Lounge.....

Burgers and hot dogs with ALLL kinds of "fixins" !
Fried chicken as far as the eye can see!!  Extra crispy!
How about a big basket of fries with any kind of topping you like?

The Comedy Lounge is open if you want a drink.

We can make you a drink to wash the food down - what's your favorite??

OR, maybe you're not hungry enough for a BIG MEAL and you'd rather have popcorn or peanuts - or both?    We've got 'em for you!

Now sit back and enjoy the REST of the show - a lot of your friends will be up on stage giving you more chances to laugh today so DO!   Before you leave, please remember to take your PAWTICIPATION BADGE for your TCC badge collection!!

Here's to laughs..........Angel Sammy, Gracie and Raz

Please scroll down for more comedy presented by the TCC members.

I haz jokes!
How did a cat take 1st prize at a bird show? He jumped right up to the cage and grabbed it.

Why don't cats play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs!


Cooper Murphy Does His First Set

My big brother, Mau, lent me his "nose and glasses," but I refused to wear the ugly suit my mom found for me. I told her that I'm too "street" for that!

Did you hear about the cat who drank 5 bowls of water?

He set a new lap record.

A man in a movie theater notices what looks like a cat sitting next to him.

“Are you a cat?” asked the man, surprised.
“Yes,” the cat replied.
“What are you doing at the movies??” the man asked.
“Well,” said the cat. “I liked the book.”

What is a French cat's favorite pudding?

Chocolate mousse!

Hope you had a good laugh. I'll be back later today to do another set!

Cooper Murphy's on His Way to Theatre for His Set

Come on inside and hear my jokes! I guarantee you'll laugh yourself right out of your furs!

Ducky does his Shtick!

OK, here are my additions to the TCC Comedy Club. Imagine a rim shot after each! Hope you like them.

What kind of doctor prescribes Coke and 7-Up to his patients?
A poptometrist.

A talking horse showed up at Yankee Stadium and persuaded the manager to let him try out for the team. His first turn up at bat, the horse hit a powerful line drive deep into right field—and then just stood there.
“Run! Run!” screamed the manager.
“Run?” said the horse. “If I could run, I'd be in the Kentucky Derby.”

Why are pirates called pirates?
’Cause they arrrrrr.

What's blue and doesn't weigh much?
Light blue.

What happened when the students’ shoelaces got tangled together?
They went on a class trip.

What does a dinosaur wear to a formal dinner?
A tricera-top hat.

How did the geologist develop a career as an expert on sinkholes?
She just fell into it.

Josie: Who invented Lifesavers?
Jamal: I don't know, but I hear he made a mint.

A passenger in a taxi had a question about the route, so she leaned forward and tapped the driver on the shoulder. The driver screamed and lost control of the cab, swerving across traffic and narrowly missing a bus before driving up onto the curb and coming to rest just inches from a fire hydrant. For a few moments they sat in a stunned silence. Then the driver, still shaking, said, “I'm sorry about that, you scared the daylights out of me. Are you all right?”
The frightened passenger said she was fine, then apologized for startling him: “I didn't think a little tap would scare you so badly!”
The driver replied, “It's entirely my fault. Today is my first day driving a cab. For twenty-five years before this I drove a hearse.”

OK, I am off to see how everyone else is doing today. This is fun. We all need some laffs.

Comedy Today

Welcome to the first every TCC Comedy Club!
Get ready to have a fun time.

So happy to see everyone here.
Taps mike . . . is this on?

Ok here we go . . . What is cleverer than a talking cat?   A spelling bee.

How is cat food sold?   Usually purr can.  Taps mike again. Is this mike on??

Ok one more for the road.

 A woman sits in a diner. A cat comes in, buys a chocolate ice cream and leaves.
The woman is totally astonished, “Wow – that was unusual."
The diner manager agrees, “That’s right. She’s never asked for anything else but strawberry before.”

Hope you enjoyed my set. If you found it hard to get through head to the lounge and grab a drink. The jokes get funnier the more one drinks.

Oh, don't forget to pick up your participation badge that sweet Sammy made for those that participated today. Thanks Sammy.

Comedy Ralphie Style

Ralphie: Hello TCC...I, um, have a couple of jokes for you....
Knock Knock
Marty: Who's there?
Harry who?
Harry up it's cold out here!
*mol mol*

Ok, one more.
Knock Knock
Who's there?
King-Tut who?
King-Tut-Key Fried Chicken! *Snort!*
*groan* (why me?)

Thank you! Thank you! I am Ralphie C and this is my fine brother Marty the Manx,