Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Have a Fat Fat Tuesday Timmy & Fitz

Hello Tabby Cat Club
Laissez les bons temps rouler!

You have that right Miss Fitz: Let the Good Times Roll!
All our friends are invited to jump on our Float and we
will all get some tasty Baby Cakes!

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz


Henry said...

Hahah awesome pictures! Very cute :) thanks for sharing!

The Florida Furkids said...

Let the good times roll! Thanks for pawticipating!


Bev Green said...

Goodness what a fab float guys! Our Mum has been very lazy and we got no s7ch fanfare parade here...pffft...loves Dinnermintz and Pickles xxx

Pamela June Kimmell said...

PARTY HEARTY! Let those good times roll and roll!

Love, Angel Sam and Teddy