Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What? Did you see us do it?

The soup container is on the floor. Mum did not see us push it so she can't really say we did it. Right? Right!

Confess to Nothing!

My motto is Confess to Nothing. Yes, you might have seen photos of me biting one or both of the peeps. Being a ghetto kitteh means never confessing without my mouthpiece present.

I see Pop’s foot is chewed but I didn’t do it. Blame the other gray and white cat. He’s got “guilt” written all over him and he’s willing to blab.

Cat Confessions by Timmy and Fitz

Well Fitz
Yes Timmy
We may as well let the cat out of the bag. 
We are both Wild Cats underneath our fur! 

Just last night I chased Toby off of the table with lightning Whacky-Paws and told him...
Toby I will Rip Your Hea... Umm, Hee hee...
No need to elaborate...

Well enough from me. After all I am just a 
little lady cat. Back to you Timmy.

Thanks Fitz. 
Being Top Cat I have to keep evfurry one in line.
And listen next time!

You do have one good Whacky Paw!
I have to dominate now and again. 
I am Top-Cat!
And be an example to the kitten.
Grab-em by the head and...
Think you went too far with the kitten?
Nope. He has to grow up sometime.
I don't know... well alright.
Don't let this get out beyond the Tabby Cat Club ok furends.
Miss Fitz and Timmy Tomcat

I Have You by the HEAD... Timmy!

ahhhh....ummmmm...ok, ok...too much digression already....


I wanted  to participate in Confession Day here at The Club...a safe zone...right?  I am really like my pal Sammy...a very good kitty...I am pretty boring...I don't ever do anything counter surfing, no furniture ever needs repair...until...

...they brought that Kid Sage home.  Then I just, well, I have this problem...

I can't keep my right paw from doing the smacky if she gets up in my there...I said...'nuff said...movin' on...

Paw Pats, Savannah

Who Me????

Well I wanted to pawticipate in this confession thing because Mom says humans always say "confession is good for your soul"......well, I tried and tried and tried to come up with something naughty or even semi-naughty that I do so I could confess.  Honest I did.  I tried REALLY hard.  But sadly (and this can be confirmed by Mom) I simply don't do ANYTHING that I need to confess about.  I'm Mom's perfect little angel.  She says even when I was little I wasn't naughty.  Boring huh?  VERY.  I've never thought of myself as boring but I guess I am............sniff...........

So having said that, maybe my confession is that I am one truly boring cat because I never get into trouble!   Although, I must say that I'm having fun reading everyone else's confessions......maybe I could get into some trouble with blackmailing all my friends after hearing their confessions?  

No.......I'll stick with being boring.........and being Mom's little ANGEL cat!!

Awww.........a ginger angel.......that's me!!!
Happy Confessions Everyone

Bella Confesses to Liking Kleenex

In case you didn't see me promoting today's TCC event over at The Cat Blogosphere, I thought I'd share my confession here, too.  
Yes, I like to eat kleenex.  Who doesn't?  It's light and filling, and unless you get one full of boogers, they're low in calories, too!  I prefer a brand new one if I can get 'em, but I'll take a used one if that's all I can get!
My brother Angelo goes after toilet paper, but being a lady, I much prefer kleenex.  Or napkins.  Oh, don't get me started on napkins!  They're so yummy and nummy and I search for them under my NTM's leg even when he's not eating because I know he hides them there from me.  And yes, I'm not above a little shameless faux cuddling to try and get his guard down so I can either see if there's a napkin under his leg or I pull out the big headbutt and purr act, and cuddle up next to him on the couch, and then try to sneak a paw into his shorts pocket surreptitiously to snag a kleenex... score! He'll look down and I've got a half-eaten kleenex and a big wet grin on my face!
I know my sisters Chili and Sonora are official members here, but they're little angels who never do anything wrong (cough cough - sorry must be a bit of kleenex in my throat...) so I hope Gracie doesn't mind me taking their spot for the day here at the TCC to share my confession.
Meow for now,

My confezzionz

My confession...I iz an escapez artist an I let the other girlz out...see we goes in Al-cat-raz at night coz we play curtainz rippin an nascarz an fight mum putz uz in the big bathroomz wiff our bedz an supper ...but I can get uz out...and when finally mum werked it out ...she putza look on the more more razzin the doggies up an causin confession iz ....I am workin on another planz MOL MOL paw patz Pickles ...pee ess I hadz a video of this but silly mummy haz deleted it MOL MOL here's me innocent face instead....

My Confession~Wake Up

I cannot hide and say it is not be doing it . . . because it's the three of us here so that makes it pretty clear who is doing it . . . though I look oh so sweet and would not bother anyone . . . I must confess . . .

. . . now you know . . . I hope you won't think badly of me . . . I don't think it is so bad . . . after all when it is daylight outside shouldn't they be getting up any way?

Confessions of a Oui Oui

The Admissions of a Busy Little Tabby

Kitties, I have searched and searched my soul, and I have concluded that, being a kitty, I can't find anything I should confess!  While I might chew an occasional earbud cord while under the eye of a watchful mom, it's all in good fun.  So is counter surfing.

Bringing toys to bed
in the middle of the night
is all innocent fun!

Now, who would do that to the mom's magazine?
Still my conscience is clear.

Just because I'm at the scene of the crime
doesn't mean I did it!
Everyone knows paper is so comfy.

Next I'll get blamed for this too!
The mom should be grateful Carl didn't pee on it.

 No, you did not hear digging in the box
during middle of the night!
And that damage in the corner WAS there!


 Well, ok, maybe you did hear something
but I think it was Mica Minnie Moo.

Oh, was that your breakfast?
Well, someone told me it wasn't that good
and they had to spit it out.
No thanks necessary.

 OMC!  When did that happen?

I have no idea why some silly kitty
would try to climb the curtains.
But next time, I'll warn them they could fall.
Or get their claws caught.
Not that I know from experience.

Now all has been explained and exonerated,
I'm so glad Gracie gave us all the
opportunity to confess that there is nothing
that needed to be confessed!

Thanks, Gracie!

Oui Oui

Confessions of a Cat by Raz

Today our leader Gracie is hosting Confessions of a Cat.  The idea is to post a picture of yourself with your Confession.

Now really, do any of us EVER do ANYTHING naugty?    Certainly not!  Nope...not ONE of us does anything Naughty......

not gonna look...nope...I'm totally innocent!

Hey......where did those come from?

Innocent until proven Guilty

Can you see any teeth marks? Me either!

Thanks Gracie, this was a fun post....and I got treats and didn't have to steal politely ask for them!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Hi TCC's Raz o'Dazzle here!!  I'm glad you could stop by my St. Patrick's Day party.

Grab a hat or a hair bow and get ready to party...

We have niptinis for the adults and shamrock shakes for the kittens....

 Some delicious tuna appetizers....

Find a place at the table....

Aren't the goodie bags nice?

No party would be complete without an Irish coffe with nip sprinkled on top.

Now that you had a good, strong Irish about a rousing version of When Kitty Eyes are Smiling????


Have a Hello Kitty cupcake...

Did you see Gracie and Raz on the Tabby Cat Club float in the parade?

Who's ready for some St Patrick's Day Bingo?

Did you win?  Here's your prize...


If you need to snooze a bit....enjoy our special St Patrick's Day beds.....

I hope you enjoyed the Tabby Cat Club party......remember to take home a special favor.

If you had a bit too much nip or Irish coffee....remember to use the teleporter to get home.

Thanks again for coming and Happy St Patrick's Day!!


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tubby and I wish you a very Happy St. Patrick's Day

Also, I big THANK YOU to Raz for hosting our party today.

Ready to Party

 We are ready to party the night away. Mum is safely home before the crazy people try to drive later.
We brought nip cakes along for everyone to have a treat.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

 Spyro: Mom couldn't find the green derby, so we are just plain, but we are happy to be at the party.
 Oja:  Mom caught me nomming, but I'm ready for more.
 Rocio: I'm all rested up and ready to party.
 Bambino: I just woke up from my nap and I'm ready to party, too.
 Horus: I'm not quite finished with my nap, but I'll be there.
Julius: I'm always ready to party.  We left Brody and Cissy at home because they aren't quite ready for a big party.