Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Member- Prancie

Hi everyone! I am Prancie, Stinky's sister. I look like a Scottish fold, but I am not. When my Mom found me back in January 2004, a week after she found Stinky, my ears were frost bitten. Everyone says I look cute just the way that I am. I love both my folks and all my siblings. I love to sleep between my folks and purr. When I want to get into bed, I knock down a bell that is on the nightstand. I have Dad trained to get up and let me in the middle. Nice to meet you all. I am looking forward to TCC parties and activities.

April in Paris..

Hi evfurry..we just got back from Paris..and i think Pickles and i need a holiday..
We ate cheese and es-car-got and drank wine..the sights were amazing..we must take mum one day MOL..
We feel a little pooped we are going to rest up..i think we had TOO much fun..Mol..
Thanks so much to Sammy for letting us get our Paris on here at the TCC paw pats  Dinnermintz and Pickles ...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April In Paris - TCC Style!!

April In Paris!
Oohh la la....what could be more fun and more beautiful than spending a day in Paris ?!   Let's  do it - just for  one day - today - we'll magically fly there and see the sights! 
A quick flight over.....
An aerial view of the beautiful city of light as we arrive!
Pop on our chartered bus (driven by ME!) for a guided tour
of the sights.............

First stop, the Louvre! 

Next we'll head to the Eiffel Tower for a special lunch prepared just for us!

Don't look down!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delicious French buffet! 

Now that we've enjoyed some fine French cuisine - how about we drive out into the country for a tour of  the Palace of Versailles???
Enjoy the beautiful French countryside.........smell that lavender?

Here we that's a fancy gate for an entrance but then again it IS a palace we're visiting!!!  

Just look at the manicured gardens......(wonder if they have any catnip here!)

This place is truly HUGE isn't it? 

Well my Tabby Cat Club friends, as they say, "all good things must come to an end" and I know that we're all anxious to get back to our families after a tiring  day in Paris.   What fun we had though - I'm so happy you all came along with me!!
Remember, you get a Pawticipation Badge for being here......
April in Paris...............WOW!
Your Tour Guide and TCC Member, Sammy



I didn't go to Paris, but I am borrowing my brudder's beret. As you can see, I am more interested in breakfast than Paris.

April in Paris with the TCC and my Family! :)

Hi everybuddy! It's moi, Moosey! :)

First off, I wanted to thank our awesome pal, Sammy, for hosting this year's spring trip to Paris. Sammy did a great job of planning, and he's a great tour guide and bus driver. It was the purrfect adventure!

Here's me and my family, in the gardens of Versailles. Besides me and my sisters Gracie and Zoe, you probably recognize our honorary family - brothers Tipp, Harry Nutkin and Dexter, and sister Willow - from the Cherry City Kitties. Dexter and Willow are fellow TCC members!

As we toured around Paris, we met some really nice Parisian kitties...

Louis (he lives at the zoo, in case you're wondering)
Did you know that there's also some excellent Bird TV in Paris? We didn't even need any subtitles to figure out what was going on...

Magpies at Versailles
Merci beaucoup, Sammy! That was tres fun!

April In Paris

Lexi: Hay y'all hoep youz awl habbin' a grayt time. Reezentlee Dezi went too Paris wiv da Cat Skowtz and herz mankat furiend Andy. Well I'z gawdid too mizzin' minez liddull sis soz much I'z floo oweber and had sum lunch wiv 'em. Soz heerz too April in Pariz.

And weez hoep youz joyn us fur minez berffday sellibrayshun on April da 29ff. I'z gunna beez a whappin' 16. :) See ya' din.

Till da next tiem............................Beez Blezt!!!

Lubz and Hugz and Kitty Kissez

Lexi and Dezi

Gracie In Paris

A big THANK YOU to Sammy for hosting our trip to Paris today!

Passport by Sammy
I have had my passport ready for this trip as soon as I heard we were heading to Paris.

l-r: Sammy, Raz, & Gracie
Sammy, Raz and I shared a cab and headed to the hotel we will be staying at for our quick trip to Paris. We thought we would need a place to crash, hold our shopping items, and have a home base.
My room at the fantastic Hotel Duquesne Eiffel.
What a wonderful view, I can see the tower from my room.
Here are some of the places I visited while in Paris . . .
. . . Poilane Pastry Shop . . .
. . . Light lunch before my trip to the Louvre . . .
l-r: Raz, Gracie, & Sammy
Mona Gracie
. . . Taking in the beauty of everything that the Louvre offers . . .
l-r: Raz, Sammy, and Gracie
. . . Meeting up with Raz and Sammy for dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower . . .
And last but not least the shopping!
How do you like my outfit?
Hope you all had a fun day in Paris.
Thanks again Sammy for this fun day!!
Au revoir

Fitz &Timmy April in Paris with the TCC

Timmy I can't believe that we are in Paris in April!
The Tabby Cat Club and our host Sammy really did
it right on this trip. We even have cool nip drinks
after touring the Palace at Versailles.
I have always wanted to see those fancy dancers.
The Moulin Rouge. Lets go to dinner and a show.

Really, cats would do much better. I can stretch like
that and not break a sweat.

Fitz, they are humans after all. The Nip Beer is good.

I liked climbing the Eiffel Tower. Great views too.
It is fun going up the outside cat style. Wait till you see how
we get down.
Really? What are you thinking...

Timmy Hang Gliding is amazing! Lets go around again!
Flying really is so much fun.

We raise our glasses to the TCC and our great host Sammy!
Thank Mew so much fur a great trip!

Timmy Tomcat
Miss Fitz

April in Paris with Raz

Paris is so wonderful and April In Paris is even more so....thanks Sammy for hosting this super fun event.

Even though this was just a one day trip, I booked a room because I knew I would have jet lag after the trip.  The view was fabulous!

My first stop was the Louvre.  I wanted to see the magnificent artwork with my own eyes...'s not exactly what I expected...

I really enjoyed seeing the Cats of the Louvre.  Did you know you can buy a book that is filled with photos of the cats??

Next I caught up with Gracie and Sammy to visit Notre Dame...

Did you know that Notre Dame is famous for it's gargoyles??  I had to get a close up is gorgeous from up here!

Finally I decided to do some shopping.  I lucked out by finding a wine shop that had a sale on nip wine!!!

There were great shops and I bought lots of stuff to bring home for Mom,  my fursibs and my gal Madi.  You know what the best part of shopping was????  RIGHT....THE BAGS!!!!

Thanks Sammy!  This was a super fun event!!!