Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween~TCC Party 2014

Welcome to the annual Halloween Party at the Tabby Cat Club, hosted by Raz & Gracie

Gracie & Raz

Sammy will show you the way to the haunted house.

There are plenty of treats for today's party.

Pick up your plate and head on over for some Halloween food.

We have hot dog mummies, dead fingers, ghost lollipops, & zombie pizza.

Breadstick Bugs

Hot Dog Worm Sandwich




Fill up your trick or treat bag before you head home.

~ Photo Opportunity ~

~ Haunted Maze ~

Be sure to take a hike through the maze.
Be afraid, be very afraid!

~ Haunted House ~

Gracie & Raz are not sure they want to go into the haunted house. Are you brave enough to go inside?
Uhoh......Gracie's passed out, Raz and Sammy want to be rescued! 
Here is your TCC Participation Badge, don't forget to take one with you when you leave.

Hope you are having a very Happy Halloween and get lots of treats!!

Another Year, Another Bee...

Mom, can I be something else next year? Anything but this tired, old Bee? Hey, I know! How 'bout I be a cat! You know, with fur and whiskers?

Doesn't work. I already asked.

What?? We have to do this again next year??

Our Halloween is just getting started here on the west coast. Wishing everyone a good and safe evening, one filled with lots of treats!

Happy Silly Scary All Hallows Eve!

Don't you just hate it when you are caught right in the middle of a killer dream where you are about to win the battle with the biggest schmousie in the universe!!!

And I had already dreamed about having a couple of tasty bites...heh...heh...

Then out came the FLASH and CLICK box...and my dream was made into a photo!

Total bummer!!

Hope you are having a smashingly great Halloween wherever you are!

Paw Pat, Savannah

Happy Halloween From Samantha & Socks

Me & Socks are having Lots of fun
 In This Years Halloween Day!
We Will Miss You For Ever Clementine!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Halloween!
It's that fun time of the year again where we can go and folks will give us treats! Yes, I say!!
Excuse me but whoever is standing on my tail could you please mooooooove over a bit? Thanks.
I have some extra treats so please help yourself.

Happy Halloween TCC

Hi Guys! We are here! Hope we aren't to late for the party!
This is pretty spooky!
Mom's gonna love this one MOL!
Marty is going as the Mad Catter this year.
Thank Raz and Gracie for throwing this great party!
Happy and Safe Halloween all!
Marty and Ralphie

Happy Halloween everyone from all of us at Brian's Home.  We hope all of you have a spooky cool good time!

Remember, adopt cats, we deserve it!!!!!  More Forever Homes More Often!  Purrrrr! Zip! Later!

Happy Halloween!

It's UNhappy Howl-O-Ween!
There is nothing happy about a costume!
And the trick is on me.

I will not look at the camera.
I will not look at the camera.
I will not look . . .

 Dressing me up as a Taco Cat doesn't help!
Not to mention comments about no more extra small costumes for me.

Is it over?

Thanks to The Tabby Cat Club
and all the terrific tabbies for a really great Halloween bash!


Oui Oui

Ok, you knew it wasn't over until I shared my favoritest Halloween picture ever:

 Sister Julie as a witch!
If she could have cast a spell or hurt someone she would have!

And stop by for Sister Mica Minnie Moo's birthday party too!

Happy Meow-oween TCC

Happy Meow-oween evfurry..and thankz  Gracie an Raz fur hosting another fabulous event here at the TCC..we iz really furry new to Halloween az haz only been popular her fur a little Aussiez are a bit behind MOL..even if we are ahead in the time zonez...MOL..

We iz cookin up some ribs fur evfurry so help yourselfz an enjoy they iz gooey and bloody an gruesomez....we are off to enjoy the pawty...and watch'z skeery out there...MOL
Paw pats Dinnermintz and Pickles xx

Happy Scary Halloween

Wish you all a Happy Scary Halloween !

I don´t know what to say about my costume ?!
Other than I know that Sammy will LOVE it :)

Does This Pumpkin Make My Butt Look Big?

HAH! Check out the tabby-striped tailio!

Oh, my costume! I did scary this year.

You can read about this photo and see more stunning Halloween images at my place. Thanks to the Tabby Cat Club—Gracie, Raz and Sammy in particular—for hosting such a cool scary pawty.


Happy Howl-o-Ween!!


My Favorite Fun Day!    Thanks Gracie and Raz for hosting a Halloween Costume Pawty........I just HAD to stop by to visit even though I'm also having an all day blog pawty myself.  The day wouldn't be complete without dropping off a couple of snackables for the TCC and of course to show off my costume which I'm told is "THE REAL ME".............

First are the snackables......some groovy, scary witch and spider/bat cupcakes!  

Then there's my costume - and if you know me (and you DO) you know I LOVE bacon - what better costume could I have than this?????
I think I make a grand bacon cheeseburger don't you?
Thanks again Gracie and Raz for the PAWSOME pawty!