Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Introducing TCC member #76! My little sister Willow!

Eh-hemmm.   It is with great pride that I introduce to you, 
Tabby Cat Club member #76, my sister

Uh, Hi everybody... I'm Willow and I'm really, really happy to join what Dexter says is the coolest, most funnest club in the cat blogosphere!  He has told me how much fun you all have and what a pawesome job Miss Gracie and Mr. Raz do!

Mom told the first part of my story over on our blog, Cherry City Kitties and she promises to do part 2 when she gets "caught up".  I don't really know what that means, but I hope she doesn't get hurt when she does it!

Dad told me that I'm a special kind of tabby, he says I'm a Torbie, which means I have tortishell colors AND Tabby stripes.  I don't know if that's special but as long as Dad thinks I am, that's all I need.

I have been zooming around the blogosphere getting to know some of the elebenty squillion other kitties out there.  I have even been practicing to be a diva cat sometimes, there are some really good role models out there and I have even been practicing "a look".  It's not perfected yet, but it will be killer!

So I can't wait for my first event as a new TCC member.  I can hear purrs of welcome from all of you and I feel at home already!  

Love, Willow


Monday, June 24, 2013

Fuzzy Tales: Happy Birthday, Derry!

Happy 6th birthday to our Derry-Bear, Mr. Smoochy Boy!
Please join us on our blog for a casual get-together, with lots of food and treats, and of course free run of the house and more importantly, the enclosed garden!

Purrs and peace,
Nicki and Derry

Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Member -- Jose

Jose:  Hi, I'm Jose.  I am the newest member of Karen Jo's cat family.  I am three years old and I'm a brown and white tabby.  My nickname is The Tiger, because my right front paw looks just like a tiger's. Spyro and I look a lot alike and even Mom gets us mixed up sometimes, but not very often any more.  I am a laid back, cool dude and get along with all the other cats.  Oja rarely hisses at me any more.  I don't understand why she hisses at me at all.  She gets right up close and personal with me, sniffing me all over, but sometimes when I get close to her to sniff, she hisses.  I am very fond of Da Bird and will play with it long after the other cats have gotten tired of it.  I also like to get up high.  I can jump up from Spyro's spy tower to the valence above the picture windows in the living room.  That's the highest spot in the whole house.  Copycat Bambino jumped up there once, but I am the only cat who has jumped up there more than once.  I am like Spyro in trying to run outside when Mom opens the screen door and I get out sometimes, but I don't go anywhere.  I roll on my back on the concrete in the car port and maybe roll in the grass in the back yard.  Mom tried to put Spyro's harness on me once, but I wouldn't stay still enough for her to get it all the way on.  Maybe someday.  Mom hopes that if Spyro sees me in the harness outside having fun, he will stop being afraid to go out in the harness.

New Member -- Bambino

Bambino:  Hi, I'm Bambino.  I'm the youngest and smallest of the cats who live with Karen Jo.  I am eleven months old and I'm longer than Oja, but the same height and less weight.  I came to live here in April, just a few days after Austin ran off to the Rainbow Bridge.  I was supposed to be Rocio's new pal, but he hissed at me, so I became Spyro's new pal instead.  Rocio and I are buddies now.  I am friends with all the cats here, even Oja doesn't hiss at me, but I don't get too close to her, just in case, except at meal time.  I run everywhere I go; why walk when you can run?  I try to make every cat share their Stinky Goodness with me, even Oja and she doesn't hiss at me when I stick my nose into her food dish.  My nickname is Bambino el Fino because I am such a fine boy.  I am the only all tabby cat here.  Mom has been trying to get a picture of my tummy spots, but I don't show off my tummy much.  I love to play with my brothers: THoE, rasslin', pounce.  My other nickname is The Prince of Pounce because I love to pounce my brothers.  I pounced Oja once and only once.  She got really hissed off and that's no fun.  I love all kinds of toys and will play with anything that catches my attention, including tails.

New Member -- Rocio

Rocio:  Hi, I'm Rocio and I am a new member of the Tabby Cat Club.  My papers describe me as a buff tabby and white and, boy, am I buff!  I got muscles out to here!

Oja:  That's not what your papers meant.  Buff in this case means that you are a dilute orange.

Rocio:  I'm still a strong mancat.  My nickname is The Brat because I whap Oja and make her hiss and yowl.  Mostly, though, I am a laid back and friendly cat.  I get along with all of my brothers.  I let Bambino eat my Stinky Goodness and I eat his Blue Buffalo kibble.  I still miss my buddy Austin, who came with me to live with Karen Jo in January and went to the Bridge in April, but I am mostly over it.

Karen Jo:  I thought you were just lying on the floor in the living room at mealtime because you missed Austin so much.  I found out that you were waiting for a chance to steal Oja's Stinky Goodness.  Now I take you in to your own bowl next to Bambino's.

Rocio:  And Bambino eats my Stinky Goodness.  I sometimes eat Spyro's or Jose's Stinky Goodness, but I don't bother Oja any more, at least not when Mom is looking.  I like to play THoE with my brothers and I rassle with them, too.  I love nip toys and the new silvervine fish that Mom got for Oja are great.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sherlock and Traveler, Always in our hearts

Just wanted to post a few pictures of Sherlock and Traveler, I think of them every day and love them even more. I haven't posted in a while so I thought I should. I remeber when Traveler dressed up as a witch for Halloween party at the TCC. I love this picture of him!

These were both  Sherlock's 'Toctober 'Tocks picture. They  make me laugh :)

It's All Good

One Happy Cat Here!
Let' see here . . . I need to go over a few things . . .
Computer back from the repair person ~ Check
Mom has rebuilt the TCC mailing list from scratch ~ Check
Mom has backed up mailing list in several places ~ Check
Mom has been checking and answering my emails ~ Check
Phew, I'm worn out . . . need to take a rest . . .
Comfy pillow ~ Check
Favorite blankie ~ Check
Teddy Beat ~ Check
TV Remote ~ Check
Treats ~ Check
Time for a few zzzzzs ~ Check
~ It's All Good ~

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascals Baby pictures

This is the picture that mom saw in the add about me.
I´m about 6 month´s old here.

and this is the first picture my mom took on me when I had moved home to her and dad :)
I´m about 6 month´s on this picture too , because I moved in with my mom and dad pretty fast after mom seen the picture in the add.

Oh Baby

 wheI am the princess of the house . . .

. . . many of you know my story on how I was just a struggling kitten somewhere in the age range of 5-8 months of making it on my own.  Well, that wasn't going very well at all.  You see I was a starving kittie and was just skin and bones when one fine day I head a lot of family fun in a back yard.  Well I had to check things out and after worming, I mean stealing their hearts found my forever home.  A purrrfect match was made.

 First photo ta
First photo taken of me and my new pop.
First ever photo taken of me.
7 July 2009
The first photos taken of me was when I was eating. The mom and dad saw right away that I was in need of food and water and fixed me up. Boy I am so happy I heard them outside that one fun day and came over to check things out.  I adopted them on the spot.
A big THANKS to Raz for hosting this fun event where we can show us a cute kitties. I sure love seeing all the kittie photos.
Oh, to the club members there will be a participation award for this event.

Fuzzy Tales: Our "Baby" Pictures

Hi everyone, and thanks to Raz for hosting this event!

We don't actually have "baby" photos, because we both were adopted (at different times) when we were six months old.

So we have a couple of collages of snapshots taken in the first few days we came to our forever home. You can see them better if you enlarge the pics.

Nicki: April 12, 2007 and several days afterward.
Derry, December 21, 2007 and several days afterward.
The human would have loved to have kitten pics of us, she says we would have been so adorable and precious. Hmmm, aren't we that now?

Purrs and peace,
Nicki and Derry @ Fuzzy Tales

Socks' Baby Picture

Socks' Baby picture

Socks fit in the shoebox nicely.  He and youngest boy are all grown up now.  Luckily youngest boy's foot got bigger too.

Socks still fits in the shoe boxes nicely.
Socks from Alasandra, The Cats & Dogs

Baby Pictures - Timmy Tomcat

Big Tomcat Thanks to Raz for Hosting! 

I was 3 months old when Dad adopted me. Dad says his old puter died and those pictures were lost so my youngest are these where I am 5 months old.

This is me saying hello to Dad. I was a bit nervous at first.
Nothing smelled right. I was cat number two.

After getting a good sniff of everything I was
ready for my training.

We cats know that training is so important. It sets the tone for a relationship. I was young and had no experience at all. I had to leave  Mom a bit early as she was Feral and went crazy after being trapped. After being neutered she was returned to her area while we kits went with nice girl. This was my introduction to training and did I need a lot of work. She was nice and patience pays off. I was learning.

No time like now for a bit of cat training!
Lets get to work! 

Yes, yes, you have it.
I was a very fast study!

Imagine my surprise when I found that I was a Natural. I took to training like a cat to treats! Quite quickly all the basics were being handled quite well. There were a couple times when there was backsliding, but, not many!

Training was done in no time at all. Yes I am a Natural!

Training is Complete! DAD! Sit on the couch
I want to take a nap! Yes! Now Please!

I sure hope my Tabby Cat Club Friends family training was just as smooth. I have heard some real horror stories.

You do it right at the beginning and your humans training will last a lifetime. The smart ones can even become typists. Amazing but true. This is me just recently overseeing my old fellow. 

Good job Dad. Watch the spelling!

Thanks Tabby Cat Club and Friends for all the great Fun!

Timmy Tomcat

Baby Pictures by Raz

Hi furriends!   Today I'm hosting Baby Pictures!

I was 6 months old when I was adopted so there aren't a lot of baby pics of me.

Here's a pic of me when I first came to the Florida Furkids house....

Wasn't I a cutie?  

Of course, Mom couldn't leave well enough alone and just post that picture.  No way....she had to humiliate me with Photoshop!!!

Really Mom?  That's the best you can do?????

Mom wanted to share this picture of Angel Tamir too.

Wasn't he adorable?

I can't wait to see everyone else's posts.  Hopefully, your Mom's didn't humiliate you   get creative like mine did!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Moosey's Gotcha Day :)

Hi Tabby Cat Club pals.  Moosey's dad here.  Today is Moosey's fifth Gotcha Day!  Sorry we're late getting this posted, but hopefully you'll help us celebrate Moosey's special day all the way through the weekend.  We'll have chick-hen, HAM, shrimp and lots of catnip and meowgaritas for everykitty.

We love you, Moosey!


The Mom and the Dad (meowmeowmans)
Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

Today is Grace's Gotcha Day!!

Seven years ago today, Grace and two of her boys came to live in Spring, TX! After what must have been her harrowing life on the streets of Houston, with a litter of kittens when she was about 10 months old, she and her babies all got forever homes. She has the sweetest disposition, hissing and swatting only when one of her boys becomes more than a little irritating!

Here's a photo of Grace on that wonderful day in 2006 ... with grandbean Austen.

Look how skinny she was! She was still nursing those boys, but that didn't last long. She had her hoo-ha-ectomy soon after this photo was taken, and that was the end of nursing for those kittens!!

We love our Grace! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

What Makes Our Town Special

 Bambino:  What makes our town so special this time of year is window whiffies.  We live up in the mountains of Northern New Mexico and we get open windows all summer long because it never gets hot enough for long enough to need a cold air blowy thingy.
Spyro:  I get my whiffies hanging on the screen door. Don't worry, Mom has a hook-and-eye to keep the door closed so I can't get out.

Karen Jo:  I won't give the name of the town because what makes it so special to humans really turns a lot of people off.  I have had people actually walk away from me when I told them where I was from.  Our little town is situated up in the mountains on the side of a hopefully extinct volcano.  I say hopefully because there are still signs that it hasn't cooled off completely yet.  We have hot springs not far from town along with an area of sulfur mud that was once a spa for people to soak their pains away.  The nickname for our town is The Hill, so our high school teams are the Hilltoppers and their logo is a top hat.  I think that is probably unique.  Lately we have been special for forest fires.  We have one going on right now at the top of the volcano.  It smells like the world's biggest fireplace around here.  That general area has been burned over twice in the last 15 years, so that will help contain it.

Oja:  You forgot to mention the birds.  We have birds year round, so the Bird Channel never goes off the air.  We also have a great animal rescue group called Friends of the Shelter who have connections with not only the local animal shelter, but the one in the next town, too.  They rescued Herman, Spyro and me and sent out Mom's name to Felines & Friends in Santa Fe, so Austin, Rocio, Bambino and Jose could finds homes here, too.

Karen Jo:  Friends of the Shelter is a great group.  Herman's foster Mom takes in the almost impossible to get adopted cats and does what she can to make them more adoptable.  She has two fosters that have been with her for over year.

What Makes Our Town Grate!

We live in suburbia, outside the big town of Milwaukee, Whiskerconsin. We are in the next county over.

Our community is physically large about 35 square miles, about 33 thousand beans make it their home.

It is nice and quiet, we can have open windows during good weather and not have to worry about people breaking in or lots of noise. Mum says she likes the fact she no longer hears guns being fired!

They have the Ducky Derby here, so they are nice and have named events after us.

Plus when mum has stuff to go get or do, the stores and such are close by, which means it doesn't take her long. Then she gets back home to us sooner. So we get more mum time.

Tabitha Tells What is Special About Fairview

Tabitha here today from Cats of Wildcat Woods to tell you what is so special about our hometown in western North Carolina.  Fairview is a very rural agricultural town outside of south east of Asheville that is home to many artists.

The town sits in the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the Appalachian Mountains. (We live on the other side of this ridge.)

The valleys in between the ridges are very fertile river bottom and we have organic farms like this one called Flying Cloud, as well as farms with cattle, pigs and chickens - all humanely raised and allowed to graze naturally on good food.

The Continental Divide also crosses the ridges - we have to drive over it to get to our house from town.

We also have a long horn cattle ranch in town - pretty cool to see the cows.  Both male and female of this breed have horns.

So this means we have both rolling hills of pasture as well as steep mountains going up to 4000 feet above sea level.

We don't have a downtown per se - just a cluster of shops along the main road - a post office, grocery store, pizza place and a few others.  This is our healthy quick stop - they carry local produce, meats, eggs, cheese, herbs, handmade local soaps, and lots of food and essential items.  Kind of like a health food store.

We have so many artists living here that we have a studio tour twice a year for the public to visit them all.  This sculpture sits int eh intersection of our main road in front of the eye doctor.

We love living here - lots of wildlife, progressive folks, great farms and eclectic artists!

What Makes Kizzie's Home Town Special?

I am originally from Chesterfield, in the county of Derbyshire, England, famous for its church with the crooked spire.   How did this happen?  One legend is that it bent when the devil leapt over it.  There are several actual causes.  First of all, the builders probably used timber that hadn’t been properly seasoned, and didn’t brace the inside of the spire properly.   The lead cladding which was added several hundred years later was also very heavy and would have made the spire to become hotter on one side than the other when the sun shone, causing distortion.  The church is 14th century, so by my reckoning it’s lucky to still be standing.
As well as this, the town was for many years the home of Trebor Bassett, manufacturers of liquorice allsorts.  And mum says don’t have too many of those or you will jolly well know about it.

Enough hot air from me, though, and I will just conclude by thanking  Oui Oui of Twinkletoe Tails for hosting this event for the Tabby Cat Club.
P.S. This photo is taken from the local tourist information office’s website – hope they don’t mind, but to return the favour, I will give them a link anyway.  Click here:

Grace's home town -- hmmm!

     Probably the most exciting (and frightening) thing in Spring, TX, that has happened to Grace and all the rest of us was Hurricane Ike in Sept 2008. Since we live about 100 miles inland, we knew we wouldn't have as bad a time as the people right along the coast. Here's what the storm looked like before it slammed into the Galveston/Houston area.

        Between the rain and the winds, it was very noisy, and it seemed to last a long time ... most of two days and a night. Grace seemed quite unperturbed at first, and her boys followed her lead -- but we all ended up in the same bedroom overnight. It was clear she didn't want to be left alone, and we were all much happier to be together!
     No photos were taken during those times ... Grace's servant had only a talk-n-text cell phone, and her first thoughts weren't about the camera!! Here are the blog posts we wrote during and after: HERE and HERE and HERE.
     Grace and her servant were happy that we didn't have anything worse. We know other people lost everything, so we are very grateful. And I have to say, Grace's calm and purry lovey-ness really helped us all get through that night OK!!
     Here are a couple of other photos taken in Old Towne Spring, TX, taken by Daddy Kiril (of Nikita and Elvira fame). Needless to say, we found this lovely kitteh far more fascinating than the town itself!