Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sugar Tabby


Look at my back. Just look at it. . .  my handsome tabby pattern interrupted by the cruel buzz of a cold, uncaring set of fur clippers, leaving behind a humiliating (yet nicely symmetrical) patch of naked skin.

And why do I have a naked square on my back? It's for where the SHOTS go!

That's right. I'm Wendell. I'm 11 years old, I am ridiculously good-looking, I'm addicted to catnip, and two weeks ago, Mom found out I had feline diabetes.

I woke Mom up early on Saturday morning with my meowing, and she got up to check on me, and I was panting. Panting like a dog! (This was not my finest moment, I admit.) As it turns out, I was really stressed because I couldn't pee. Mom knew that's a really serious thing, especially for a boy kitty, so she rushed me to the vet.

I didn't have a blockage like the vet thought. In fact, when she took me into the back room for an X-Ray, and she pressed on my belly, I finally peed--all over one of the vet techs!
I DID have a bladder infection, which the vet said was weird for a boy kitty. (Mom, who is nothing if not proud, would like me to also mention that the vet said I was one of the best-behaved kitties she'd ever met. I am nothing if not charming.) She also said that she noticed my pee was "dilute" and that almost definitely meant diabetes or kidney disease. She took some of my blood to test something called my blood sugar. Normal is under 200. Mine was over 500. I thought that meant I was really, really good at playing blood sugar, but it turns out the blood sugar game is like golf--you don't want a really high score.

So now I get shots twice a day of something called insulin. I don't really notice the shots. I have that part down.

But Mom is still really worried. I'm supposed to be switching my food, but every time she tries to give me my new lower-carb food, I won't eat it. So I'm still on the high-carb stuff. And she's getting all sorts of different advice from the vet (who said not to try to test my blood) to the people on the Internets (who said she should totally test my blood) to me (who will stab her in the eye with my claw if she tries to suck my blood). So we're still learning.

And spending. After I ate a piece of plastic in 2007. and after I had to have all my fangs removed because of genetic gum disease, and after my luxating patella (AKA dislocated knee), Mom said I was her million dollar cat. Now she says I'm her billion dollar cat!

If anyone has any advice, Mom love to hear them. We already belong to the Kitty Diabetes message board but remember, Mom is human and therefore inferior in every way and needs all the advice she can get.

Purrs Needed For Nissy
Nissy is needing your support and purrs as she is having surgery on Wednesday, May 1.
See her post below date April 27 for details.
Get better soon sweet one!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Birthday Party!

Hi everyone, Raz here.  I'm taking a little snooze so I have lots of energy for the BIG PARTY going on at our blog today!

Please stop by our blog today, it's Ellie and Allie's 11th birthday party!!!!  There are lots of great drinks, noms and pawsome gift bags to take with you!!  Click HERE and you'll be teleported right over to the party!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nissy's status

Hey all!  It's me, Nissy.  Just thought I should let you know what's goin' on over at my house...

On Wednesday, I'll be blogging from my hospital bed!

That's right... Last night, I came in with a sore leg. Peep #1 checked me for bites and scratches but found nothing. This morning, she took me to see the doctor.

Turns out, I've torn all the ligaments in my right knee. Nothing holding my leg together! Doctor gave me two choices... amputation or knee surgery. I go in for knee surgery on Wednesday. Gonna get artificial ligaments put in. Then, something called rehab.

Anyway, all is good now. I'm on EXCELLENT pain meds. 


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's My Gotcha Day! by Spyro

Hey, everycat!  It's my Gotcha Day!  I was adopted one year ago today and boy have I had a great time since then!  Rocio and I are resting up so we can party hearty.  We brought over some nip and treats and toys to share here, but the big party is over at Herman's Hideaway. You will never guess what Mom is getting me for a present. C'mon, kitties, let's dance!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's in a Name? by Spyro

 Mom knows that she was supposed to do this yesterday, but she's doing it today, anyway.  We are all rescues and came with our names.  Mom let us keep them because they seemed to suit us.  Mom thought that Spyro was perfect for me because I like to get up high and spy on everycat and her, too.
 At first Mom thought that Oja was Spanish and might have something to do with eyes, because "ojo" means "eye", but when she put it in a search engine she discovered that Oja is a surname in the Baltic states, which fits because Oja is almost all Russian Blue (with a little tabby thrown in).  Oja is also the first name of an opera singer, which also fits because Oja is built like one.

Oja:  Hey!  I'm losing the weight.  I think the opera singer part fits because I can hiss, growl and yowl better than any of the rest of you.
 Mom thinks Rocio fits because he is like a rock, steady and calm.  He was never bothered by anything until Austin went to the Bridge.  Now he and Bambino are buddies.  Rocio also loves to kitty wrestle.  You should see him with me or Bambino.
We don't know Bambino really well yet , but he is a little boy, being smaller than we other boys are.  He is also a champ kitty wrestler.  Mom chuckles to see him pounce me or Rocio.

What's In A Name by Clementine

Once Upon A Time In Texas was the Story of Samantha & Mr. Tigger who moved from Florida to TX! Right after they moved they  both ran a way!!
Samantha came back and Mr. Tigger never did!
Then one cold day I jumped onto the Back Porch and came to live with Samantha, Mom, Dad and the Girlbean who visits sometimes! It took me a long time to tell Mom my name!! She called me TOK (The Orange Kitty) and finally I told her my name was Clementine! She calls me Clemmie, Clementina, Rat Cat when I am bad, the Orange Menace & Trouble with a capital T!! I know Mr.Tigger sent me to them!
Hugs from,
Thanks Oui Oui for the Cool Event

Monday, April 22, 2013

Why I Am Wendell (And Not Bruce)

The way I got my name Wendell is pretty simple. Mom needed to call me something until she came up with my real name, and she thought Wendell was a good temporary name for a cat. Then her friend Patti came to visit and said, "No. This is totally a Wendell. That has to be his name."

Whaddaya think? Do I look like a Wendell?

Over the years, I got a bunch of nicknames from Mom: Turkey Butt (because she thinks I look like a cooked turkey from behind. She's nuts.), Stinky Pete (because I would do something like use the litter box or fart or eat smelly cat food and then jump on top of her and also that was a character in Toy Story 2), Baby Boy (because she refuses to accept that I am a MAN), etc.

In 2006 she got really into the movies of Billy Wilder and my name was Billy for, like, a day.

But lately, guys. . . lately, she's been calling me Bruce. And it's really annoying.

It all started about a month ago when she went to see a new musical called Matilda. And one of the characters in the show. . . his name is Bruce. And Bruce is chubby and likes to eat a lot and for some unknown reasons this reminded Mom of me. And to make it worse, there's a SONG. The song is also called "Bruce" and it's about how Bruce is forced to eat an entire chocolate cake. And Mom thinks it's very catchy and that a lot of the lyrics apply to me (especially the part about my tummly-tum). So she sings it all the time. . . usually to me.


Of course, it doesn't matter what she calls me. In 11 1/2 years, I have never answered to any name, ever. --
Wendell "Bruce"

What's in a Name? Audrey and Simba

Audrey has a rather glamorous reason for her name.   When her first Mom (our now humans' daughter) got when she was about 8 months old, she was impressed with the pink-reddish color of her coat, though much paler than usual ginger cats.     The redhead she thought of was Audrey Hepburn.   So Audrey was named for her.

Simba was adopted from another family who had to give him up when he was about 1 1/2 years old.   The poor young Mommy was getting a divorce from her husband and moving in with relatives, who had a child who was allergic to cats.      Our humans still remember how she cried when she had to say goodbye to him, though she was very happy he found a new family.    She named him Simba as a kitten, after Simba of the Lion King (isn't that possibly where all Simbas get their name?).   So although his name is not very original, he is proud of his leonine heritage, and we feel his Manly Mane shows it was an appropriate name for him.  

These are pictures from younger days:



What's in a Name - Here's Woody....

My mom Lily was feral and my bean Mom was trying hard to catch her but Lily had us kits before she could.  There was four of us - three white kittens and me a tabby.  Mom bean could not tell the white cats apart so she was seriously considering calling them all George - after George Foreman  who called his sons all George.  But what could they call me then?

So, long story short, Mom called us three guys Norm, Sam and Woody after...wait for it...Cheers, the TV show.  In case you are too young to remember this - Norm is the mail carrier, Sam is the owner played by Ted Danson and Woody is the not so bright (thanks Mom)  bartender played by Woody Harrelson.  Since the fourth white kitten was a girl, Mom went with the George idea anyway for her and called her Georgie.  Don't know hwy she didn't go with Carla or Diane from the show??? Who knows?

So that is my naming story from Cats of Wildcat Woods and I am sticking to it!

What's in a name? My weird parents.

 Hi gang, Dexter here.

Ok, so the story is simple.  When mom and dad adopted me from the rescue people, my name was
Marmalade.  Ok, number one.  Mom, you can't go around the house singing * she met Marmalade down in old New Orleans, struttin' his stuff on the street....*  Never been there, never did that.  Number two. Mom you REALLY can't call me *Lady Marmalade*, really, I mean it.  Number three.  I'm a Ginger.  You know better.  Ya need something with a bit more attitude than that.

Nuthin'.  For days.  Buehler?  Buehler?

I was pretty little still and into climbing, and dad found me heading up his leg, drawing a bit of blood on the way.  They were watching t.v. at the time and put two and two together.  Blood + t.v. show they were watching = DEXTER!!!!!

Thanks guys.

What's In A Name~Bubbles

Bubbles, now I ask you is that any name to give a kittie?!

Before I tell you my name story I want to thank Oui Oui and Abbi Leala for hosting this fun event.

First photo of dad and me
7 July 2009
Many of you know the story of how I wormed, I mean found my new family way back in the summer of 2009. Me being a starving kittie I hear a big party going on so I followed the noise and not only did I get some food but the bestest of the best folks ever. Well the name I am not so sure of. I haven't ever told anyone what my first name was . . . it was Bubbles . . . horrible I say . . . we cannot blame the folks for that one . . . actually it was the mom who renamed me Gracie . . . here is my story . . .

First photo of mom and me
7 July 2009

. . . you see the mom had her heart broken many times by getting attached to outdoor kitties. She would feed them and play with them, I believe there were four in all, at different times. She would love going outside and having them come up her and they would spend time together. Then sooner or later they would stop coming. She would know that something had happened to them and be very sad and cry a lot. She decided no more outdoor kitties would break her heart. Well, the day I found them she told the dad that she wanted no more outside kitties and to just ignore me, can you believe that?! She refused to even look at me!!!! OK, here is where the name was given to me. You see the grandbean was visiting that day, she was only three years old, and figured out right away that her grandma didn't want the kittie around. The grandbean had some bubbles that she was playing outside with so when I was standing by her she poured some of the bubbles on me thinking I would run away. I hold her no ill will for doing that because someone said hey your kittie's name is Bubbles. I figured if someone gave me a name then this deal could be closed sometime today and I would have a forever home. My future mom still refused to look at me though she did wipe the wet bubbles off of my backside which I so appreciated.

I worked my charm and the next thing I knew the future dad had given me some food. Before I could get the last bite down the future mom was holding and loving on me. She told the dad that since he fed me I was know her kittie. Music to my hears. Now back to the name . . . which stuck with me for awhile.

. . . I was kept outside most of the time and when mom would put me outside she would take me over to dad and say "Say goodnight Gracie." That is from the old Burns & Allen Show from a zillions years ago. The grandbean was wanting to keep the name Bubbles so mom said that could be my middle name. So really I am Gracie Bubbles Abbott. Mom told me she likes the name Gracie better than Bubbles. She said I sounded like a stripper with a name like bubbles, not sure what a stripper is though.

So that is how I got my name.

ps: I have other names too. They are Graciers, Honey, Sweetie, Kit Kit, Girl, Get Down, and Don't Bite.

What's in a name - Lucy

Hi!  It is me, Lucy...

When my mom first saw me on the Facebook page of the Humane Society that rescued me, my name was Mia.
While Mia is a cool name, my parents didn't really think it fit me.  My mom likes names that end in "Y" sounds - probably because her's does (silly hilary).  She also wanted a name that had an old ring to it. My dad was still a little shell shocked about actually adopting me...

As my parents drove home from my foster home, my mom kept throwing out names.  My dad kept saying yes to pretty much all of them.  But my mom like Ellie and Lucy the best.  After enough pestering, daddy said he liked Lucy better.

My mom thinks everyone needs a formal name.  So she wanted to call me Lucinda Alexis (alexis after my brother Alex).  She kept asking daddy about it and he kept "yeah, yeahing her".  He still was shell shocked about actually getting me.

Finally the day came for them to bring me home. The next morning I woke up and I heard my dad ask my mom if she called me Lucinda or Luceilia.  She was a little annoyed that he didn't pay her any mind for the weeks prior when she kept asking him about the name Lucinda, but she didn't say a word.  She clarified  it was Lucinda.  He told her that he liked Luceilia better.

She simply said, "Okay, Luceilia Alexis it is!" and that is how I got my name... Although, you can still just call me Lucy!

What's in a name?

Grace was about 10 months old when she gave birth to her four kittens, somewhere in the wilds of ... Houston! Someone found the mommy and babies after about 4 days and took them all the the Houston SPCA, where the babies were going to be euthanized "because they couldn't feed themselves"!! Good grief! Anyway, Deb and ML rescued them all, and most of us know the story from there ... or you can read it HERE.

Even under those terrifying conditions, the mommacat seemed imperturbable.  Deb named her Grace ... because she was so calm and graceful under all that pressure. And she remains Grace today ... so lovely and almost always calm and loving. Such a treasure, she is! 

Here are the first photos I saw of Grace in late May, 2006:

And here are some photos from when she first came to live with me in June, 2006!

And here is our graceful, always beautiful Grace as a grown-up mommacat!

What's in a Name?

Lucy is a female name meaning "LIGHT"

and it originated in Latin.

True to her name Lucy loves to be in the light

and spends lots of time looking upwards

through the conservatory roof to see if the sun

is going to shine on her.

She also likes to stand

on top of the roof looking up to it.

She sometimes sits on top 

of the garage gazing up at as if to stay please stay.


What's in a Name - Moosey

Hi everybuddy!  It's me, Moosey!
When the people at PAWS first rescued me from a kill-shelter, one of the first things they noticed was my size.  It's not always easy to tell from our blog posts, but I am taller and stockier than lots of other kitties.  So the PAWS folks named me "Moose."  Of course, after I was there for a while, all my human friends saw that I was also a very nice boy, who loved people and got along well with other kitties.  At some point, everybuddy started adding the -y to my name, because they said I was cute, and a sweet and gentle giant.  Mommy and Daddy fell in love with me while they were volunteering at PAWS, and adopted me.  And they thought my name was just right for me.  So we kept it! :)

Thanks to my awesome pals Oui Oui and Abbi for holding this fun event!  I'm looking forward to learning how everybuddy else got their names!

Big hugs and headbonks,

Moosey :)

Fuzzy Tales: What's in a name?

It's been so long since we've participated, probably none of you remembers us. LOL. Blame our so-called servant for that!

Anyway, since this didn't require much creative or intellectual power, she thought she could muster a post for us.

There wasn't any question as to my name. The human knew she would adopt a Nicki at some point, and when she saw me at the pet store adoption centre, she just looked at me and thought, "There's Nicki." I was sitting at the front of the large floor to ceiling cage, and wasn't feeling very well, had an eye infection. So I was quiet when she saw me. (Heh heh, that's how I suckered her!) My shelter names was Gee Whiz, and I all I can say to that is, Uh, gee....

So "Nicki" it was, right from the first!

My shelter name was Rock and I had a sister named Roll, as well as a brother who's shelter name I no longer remember. When the human was adopting me, she had a bit of a struggle before my name revealed itself to her. "Derry" is an Irish name, of course, which is odd because she's actually not fond of things Irish. She figures it's related to a past life, her aversion. As for me, I'm not going to reveal how "Derry" occurred to her!

So that's it, nothing terribly interesting at all about how we got our names.  :-)

A Rose By Any Other Name?

Yes!  I would be just as sweet!  In fact, my real name is Sweet Pea.  Its the mom who started called me Oui Oui.

One of Goldie's first days as Sweet Pea.

During my days at the shelter, I was known as Goldie.  That was a hard one to understand until years later my mom met the lady who named me at an adoption fair.  It turns out I had litter mates - Opal, Onyx, Pearl - all named for jewels.  Being the last one left, the reason for my name wasn't apparent.

The Girl and Sweet Pea as kittens.

When I got to my new home, I ran around for 20 minutes like a wild cat.  It just felt SO good to be out of the cage.  My new beans laughed, and the mom wanted to name me Jubilee, but The Girl insisted on Sweet Pea.  It does fit me, I AM a sweet heart, after all!

Soon I would be known as Oui Oui.

I love to play with all kitties, and I like everyone.  The mom started calling me Oui Oui because I never said "No" to a chance to play.  When The Girl went away to collich, the mom worried about having someone to play with me, so she got me my very own kitty to play with, Mica Minnie Moo.

Oui Oui playing with her kitty, Mica Minnie Moo.

Our blog is named after me too, cause another of my nicknames is Twinkletoes.  When I run, my legs just move faster, but my stride stays the same length, making my toes look like they are "twinkling".  I hate to say it, but there are even more nicknames - Sugar Bee, Whippy Tail, and I really hate this new one, Tubby.  Ugh!

Thanks to Abbi for helping out with this event!  Thanks to Gracie for a Great Graphic!  And thanks to all for pawticipating and stopping by!

Oui Oui 

Socks' Name

Strong silent type
Our very own ninja cat
Courageous dragon slayer
Kind to all
Sweetest cat around

Youngest Boy Bean was very young when they got me from Grandma's house. He named me Socks because of my white paws. He also called me Kitty because my Cat Mother's name was Miss Kitty (like on Gun Smoke). Daddy started calling me Sockie-Pooh, cause Youngest Boy Bean loved Winnie the Pooh and had a Winnie the Pooh doll that was Mommy's when she was little that he drug around. ~Socks

What's In A Name - Abbi Leala

I'm very up-tailed today because this is the first event I've gotten to co-sponsor. So, you wanna know about my name, huh? Well...

My name was Tabitha, but my name didn't fit in with the theme of A and L names in memory of her mommy's parents, Abe and Leah. Because she'd been calling me Tabby, Mama decided Abbi is close enough to Tabby for me to recognize. She was right. Abbi means "father is rejoicing" and is of Hebrew origins. She also likes my name because it's close to her grandfather's name.

Mama likes French middle names.She looked up the meaning of Leala on a baby names website and found that it's French and it means faithful. It's also a good name, she says, because it's close to her grandmother's name. I'm very faithful and I have lots of fun, so I think my names are just right for me, no matter what Ateret says.

What's in a Name: Timmy Tomcat

Hey Tabbies! So let me remember back when I was just a scrap to tell you how I got my name Timmy.

The story starts way way back in Aught-Six. Dad was coming home from work and had just parked his car when the nice young lady who lived next door came over to ask him if he would like to adopt a kitten. Dad thought of Inky who was the old man of the house. "Oh-No! My cat is 21 years old and he would never go for that!" 

They talked a bit about the three Orange Tabby kittens who she saved from under a trash bag an alley. Dad said he would ask around and let her know if any of his friends wanted a kitty. 

A few days later she was out in her yard when he came home. He was curious so he walked over and asked to see me and my brofurs. I would NOT come out from under the couch. She reached in to get me and I was wiggling and squirming! I got away and said: "HISSS! HISSS! HISSS!"

The girls said: "Now Potter you stop that!"

Dad says: "What's his name?"

Girl: "Potter."

Dad: "Huh?"

Girl: "Like Harry. Harry Potter"

Dad: "Oh."

The next day the girl ran out as soon as she saw Dad pull into his drive. She carried me over to show him. She says: "If he does not work out I will take him back, give him a try." 

So I was brought into Dads house all hissy. We both sat on his bed watching each other warily. He said: "Cat-Dood that name, Potter, HAS to go! How about... Hmmm... How about Tomcat! No... How about Timothy Tomcat! That has a nice ring to it. How about it Timmy? Want to be friends?" 

He reached out slowly and gave me a scritch on the head. 


So in one day I got a new home and a new name and never hissed at Dad ever again. We became fast friends and the rest is history.

Your Pal 
Timmy Tomcat

What's in a Name with Raz

Doesn't the Tabby Cat Club have the best events?  I want to thank Oui Oui and Abbi for hosting this fun event!!

I came to live with the Florida Furkids when I was a little dude....wasn't I cute????

I already had the name Razputin and Mom decided that she would see if it "fit".  I know we cats sometimes hide our real names from the humans and make them figure them out.  Anyway.............I really never answered to Razputin but I would turn around a little for Raz.  Mom says when she really wants my attention she says "RAZZIE!"  yeah....whatever.

Mom emailed my foster Mom about my name to ask if it had special meaning  and here's what she said:

"Well no, I just like to pick unusual names as they tend to get more hits on Petfinder. .  And he was really Rasputin which was a rather strange historic figure but I just liked the name and when I get a litter I want to use the same first letter so they will show up on Petfinder together, because they are siblings. . .and Raz just seemed to fit him, he was the runt but very friendly and playful. ."

So...........there it is.  Oh yeah....who are they calling a RUNT?  I'm a big boy!!!!

What's In A Name - Kizzie

Here's a graphic of how  I got my name.  Unfortunately, the spell checker doesn't like my name, but everyone else seems to and many people think it's a pretty name.
Before I was adopted, I don't think I had a name, I was just known as "Kitten 1, 2, 3 4 or 5", in the photos of me and my littermates e-mailed to intending adoptee families. 
Of these, I would most likely have been Kitten 5, as I was the smallest and therefore probably last in the litter to be born.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finally - my human is so lame...

If you wait long enough (I have learned in my short life) everything will happen (eventually).   Problem is I take after my mom, I am afraid, and patience isn’t my biggest virtue.  Considering that she is like me, you would think that she would understand the importance of me joining such a cool club like this and immediately help me write my first post and introduce myself... Especially since I am the youngest member.

Well, if you thought that, you’d be wrong.  She took so much time activating the link that it expired.  Seriously, how embarrassing is that?  I gave good hard thought about keeping her, or trading her in for a more prompt model, but since she is actually a lot of fun, and a lot of her delay in helping me stemmed from her using all her spare time playing with me, I decided to cut her some slack - although I did issue a stern warning this type of action shouldn’t happen again.. And if it does the consequences will be very severe... I think she got it.....

So, finally... HI!  I am Lucy!  

You can find me at the beach.  Some of you may have know my brother, Alex.  He was the best. And I am following in his footsteps! I am the best too (If I say so myself)

I am very lucky, he already did the heavy lifting and trained my parents.  So, my work here is minimal... I have only been home for two months and they are already wrapped around my paw.

I love to spend my days playing - although my mom is a little tiring - it is hard having to entertain her, looking out the window, and exploring my home.  I am so lucky because when I was born my future was very bleak. My mom and my four siblings were at a kill shelter. We were rescued when I was only a few days old. I grew up in foster care and when I was two months old I found my forever home.  My siblings also all found homes as did my mom - although I think mine is the best... especially since I don’t only have great parents, I have lots of blog friends!

And I am a member of the Tabby Cat Club - yay me!

Oh, and one more thing I have a cool giveaway of cat toys and stuff on my blog - check it out!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Who Is Who?

Oh so much alike but oh so different.
Can you guess who is who?

See if you can identify these cute tabbie kitties.
Put your guess in the comments.
l-r Top row is row one.
Sorry I am late in posting the names of the tabbies but mom forgot.
Row 1 l~r: Abbi Leala, Raz. & Grace
Row 2 l~r: Guido, Tabitha, & Oui Oui
Row 3 ~ l-r~: Charlie Rascal, Target, & Tommy TomCat
How did you do?
Hope you had fun with this.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Are You A Sexy Ladycat of the Blogosphere?

Are you a Sexy Ladycat of the Blogosphere?
Do mancats faint at your beauty?
Is there a line at your door for just a mere glimpse of your stunning self?
Starting next week, Sassy at Troublin' Times (http://troublintimes.blogspot.com) will be featuring one Sexy Ladycat each Wednesday (remember last year's Sexy Mancats of the Blogosphere?). If you think you are a Sexy Ladycat or would like to nominate one, contact me at loca4gato at gmail dot com.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


on Monday 15/4 
It´s my 3th birthday

I have recieved a cool birthday card from Savannah :)

I´m going to have a birthday PARTY 
over at my blog with a commenthaton 
for a fund called Snuffe- Fund.
The Snuffe Fund help people in Sweden that can´t afford to pay veterinary bills for there cat´s.

A FB-book furriend Katten Enzo is very sick and although he is insured the vet-bill is getting very BIG.
His mom-person is getting help from the Snuffe Fund 
and I´m very glad there is such help to get so now I wan´t to help 
by giving green papers to the fund.

Hope to see all you Tabby Cats over at my PARTY !