Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sugar Tabby


Look at my back. Just look at it. . .  my handsome tabby pattern interrupted by the cruel buzz of a cold, uncaring set of fur clippers, leaving behind a humiliating (yet nicely symmetrical) patch of naked skin.

And why do I have a naked square on my back? It's for where the SHOTS go!

That's right. I'm Wendell. I'm 11 years old, I am ridiculously good-looking, I'm addicted to catnip, and two weeks ago, Mom found out I had feline diabetes.

I woke Mom up early on Saturday morning with my meowing, and she got up to check on me, and I was panting. Panting like a dog! (This was not my finest moment, I admit.) As it turns out, I was really stressed because I couldn't pee. Mom knew that's a really serious thing, especially for a boy kitty, so she rushed me to the vet.

I didn't have a blockage like the vet thought. In fact, when she took me into the back room for an X-Ray, and she pressed on my belly, I finally peed--all over one of the vet techs!
I DID have a bladder infection, which the vet said was weird for a boy kitty. (Mom, who is nothing if not proud, would like me to also mention that the vet said I was one of the best-behaved kitties she'd ever met. I am nothing if not charming.) She also said that she noticed my pee was "dilute" and that almost definitely meant diabetes or kidney disease. She took some of my blood to test something called my blood sugar. Normal is under 200. Mine was over 500. I thought that meant I was really, really good at playing blood sugar, but it turns out the blood sugar game is like golf--you don't want a really high score.

So now I get shots twice a day of something called insulin. I don't really notice the shots. I have that part down.

But Mom is still really worried. I'm supposed to be switching my food, but every time she tries to give me my new lower-carb food, I won't eat it. So I'm still on the high-carb stuff. And she's getting all sorts of different advice from the vet (who said not to try to test my blood) to the people on the Internets (who said she should totally test my blood) to me (who will stab her in the eye with my claw if she tries to suck my blood). So we're still learning.

And spending. After I ate a piece of plastic in 2007. and after I had to have all my fangs removed because of genetic gum disease, and after my luxating patella (AKA dislocated knee), Mom said I was her million dollar cat. Now she says I'm her billion dollar cat!

If anyone has any advice, Mom love to hear them. We already belong to the Kitty Diabetes message board but remember, Mom is human and therefore inferior in every way and needs all the advice she can get.



Fuzzy Tales said...

Wendell, we don't have any experience with feline diabetes (and we hope we never do, truth be told). But our human sure knows about conflicting info on various sites, vets versus cat owners. Our mom's experience hasn't been good with vets, so she recommends doing as much research as possible and finding what works for YOU, no matter if the vet says this or someone else says that.

Connie over at Tales of the Foster Kittens...We think she has experience with feline diabetes (human's memory is hazy). She's fostered for a long time, has a crew of her own cats too. She might have suggestions. Maybe also check with Cheri over at Cats of the Wildcat Woods. Not sure if she's ever dealt with diabetes, though she's dealt with a lot of other cat health issues.

Purrs and paws crossed for you, Wendell.

BTW, way to go, peeing all over the vet tech. Heh heh.

RedSetter said...

This is tough for you and your human Wendell as diabetes can be a tricky disease to get balanced especially at the begining until everything settles. However, if you both work at it a long and happy life beckons.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with feline diabetes and only some with the human type. I suppose they have some similarities with the exception of the fur and the risk of an eye poke with a claw.

Take care and please keep us updated as we'll be thinking of you and sending you loving get well wishes.

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

Oh my dear Wenddell I am so sorry that you had to go to the vet and have your cute fur cut, plus now having to take shots two times a day. But as much as I know you won't like the shots you need to be a good boy and let the humans give you your shots so you will have good health. The family doggie the folks had, way before I adopted them, was diabetic and she too had to have shots two times a day. They did this with her for about four years before she went to the bridge. When she went to the bridge she was almost 16 years old and without the shots she never would have made it that long. Take it easy and remember to cooperate for the humans.

Jans Funny Farm said...

We don't have any experience with diabetes, Wendell, but we're sure your mom is learning lots and she's taking good care of you.

The Florida Furkids said...

We don't have any experience with diabetes but we know that Jb's brother Armani has diabetes and his Mom has done a lot of research about diet.

Raz and The Florida Furkids

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

Well first off I has my family sending healing purrs and we all has our paws crossed that you feel better and kick this diabetes things butt.

We would say listen to your vet. As long as you take your insulin, try to improve your diet (gradually) and follow your vets instructions we don't thinks the blood testing thing would be worth the hassle. We are assuming that if anything changed (You know you start acting all weird or something) your Mom would rush you off to the vet and they could test your blood. But who would want that done everyday. ~Your Tabby Buddy, Socks & Family

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

Oh, our pal Purrfectly Parker had diabetes. She has gone to the Rainbow Bridge but her blog is still up and I am sure her family would be willing to give you advice.


Oui Oui said...

My kitty who came before, Attila, had diabetes and needed insulin. This was back in the early 90's & I'm sure things are better these days. I don't think there was home testing back then. We couldn't seem to get his dosage right, and he was pretty old, then he had a stroke.

I'm are sorry to hear you have diabetes, its a tough disease (I have it too) and I wish I could offer more help, but I am cheering you on! Exercise & weight control are important. Good luck & I'm purring for you! You can always stop by my blog if you like and I can try to help.

I do like telling the story of how I was in hard labor with my daughter, and because it took so much longer than anyone imagined, having to explain between pains to my mom how to give Attila his insulin.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Sending purrs Wendell!
That done we can say our Dad is an RN and has a lot of experience with this sugar issue. It is a bit different with cats but not as much as you would think.

The big culprit is , and you found this out already, carbs in our food. Dad learned all about this after we took in Buddy Budd. He was about 20# and was starting to limp from carrying that weight. We all had to come off the kibble. Of course Buddy Budd was the one who really hated this change. Dad even tried raw but we held our paws up at that one. It did take time but we all now eat wet food. Some of us also eat homemade chicken cat food. This was for Rumpy who has bad tubes in the back and, well, since he is a medium hair you get the nasty picture when his tubes leaked. Now he is better.

Dad has the getting off kibble info and much more on his blog.

He also DOES SUGGEST TESTING! It is the ONLY Way to make sure we are getting a correct dose but never adjust by yourself. If you check do it in the morning when no food has been eaten for the night. Sorry dood no more grazing! He also says to give insulin AFTER you eat Wendell. If you do not eat low sugar is very very dangerous.

The good part is you may revert back, many cats do, after loosing some weight. If you switch to wet you surely will. Buddy Budd is now a svelte 13 pounds. He is also an elder so this has done him a world of good.

Please drop by and ask if we can be any help at all!

Your pals Timmy T and Dad too!

Karen Jo said...

We are really sorry that you got diabetes, Wendell. We are all sending you healing purrs. Our human has no experience at all with this disease, but knows how hard it is to try to get kitties to change foods.


Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

We're sorry to hear the news and send healing purrs. Lots of good help and info is out there to manage the diabetes. Purrs from our boys :-0

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

I´m really sorry that you got diabetes, Wendell :(
I don´t have any have any experience with diabetes.
My mom co-worker have a cat with diabetes and mom say´s she test his blood and give him insuline shoots twice a day.

Donna said...

Don't be skerred. U will be okay. :)

Ellen Whyte said...

Wendell, we're not up on this issue but with your cattitude we know you're going to be get through this. Keep a firm paw on your mummy and here's hoping the condition clears up (can it?)

Angel Simba said...

Wendell, we don't have experience with diabetes in cats ourselves, but we are purring that you guys get everything worked out. Please eat your wet, low carbs food!

Milliz83 said...

Hi Wendell's mom and of course Hi Wendell!
My cat Sigge has diabetes so I know what you are going through. So here are a few tips: Always have some glucose tablets at home for emergencies (like "Dextro Energy Glucose Tablets) If Wendell's blood sugar gets to low get him to eta/drink those using a syringe (without the needle part).
Tip 2: If you want to test blood sugar, get a glucose meter that requires as small amount of blood as you can get. (I use FreeStyle Lite). I take the measurements from Sigges ear, just hold a cotton pad under for stability. (Use a lamp first to locate the blood vessels.) Sometimes you need to massage the ear to get enough blood out. Hope this helps!
Love and nose kisses from Sweden